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Professional footwear and cosmetics. See how much choice our online store has to offer

We're one of the best equipped wholesalers - as an Internet medical shop and cosmetics to professionals and demanding individual customers. Our regular supplies are used by many specialist offices throughout Poland and Europe. As a supplier articles for the care of feet we guarantee secure purchases, deliveries and quickest access to a wide range of proven, professional underground products in Poland. We offer the equipment of the podiatric office with the necessary articles and podiatric equipment at reasonable prices. Find out what you can gain from our offer and join our happy customers!

Put your money where your mouth is. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of underground professionals

Based on the reviews of satisfied customers who keep in regular contact with us for services and decide to use the permanent supply option, we can offer a huge selection of items - from single-use cereals complex cosmetic and podiatric units for the skin of the feet and nails, recommended by professionals in the cosmetic industry. Our focus is on professionalism, which is why we work with companies that specialize in cosmetics, foot care products and accessories, leather intended for professional use only. We also invite demanding people to take special care of their personal care, hygiene and cosmetics. They're also patients and office clients who want the best results.

Our foot online store offers a wide range of treatment products and tools for foot care, it's the kind of training that modern podiatry requires. Not only are they of high quality and recognized by professionals, but they are also easy to maintain. In our range, we have surgical instruments made of steel, essential for working in any salon, which can be sterilized in an autoclave without exception. It is sufficient to maintain certain storage or access conditions. Others, made of easy-to-maintain materials, are easy to disinfect. We have a wide range of products for professional work - you can order tools for podiatrists, for example:

  • leather straps
  • machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material
  • flat rolled products
  • scalpels
  • clamps for creeping
  • other fixing appliances and footwear
  • cosmetic products for the foot

An online pedology wholesaler and pedology store. New manicure and pedicure, and much, much more... for every podiatrist

The basis of our offer is a broad-based care and styling. We also plant prophylactic products. We have equipment for both types of offices: underwear and cosmetics, but we offer products that can be used in both specialties. We also invite beauty salons and tattoo parlors, as well as all nursing, rehabilitation and medical facilities to check our online shelves. We set trends - especially for our customers, we discover new brands and recommend them to foot care, and we're putting them on our online store shelves. Regardless of the type of establishment, medical care should be taken to ensure sterility. That's why we pay special attention to sterilization equipment. Once the equipment has been used and disposed of, you can specify storage conditions and ensure that the tools are properly described - this is enough to maintain a very high level of asepticity.


Leopard invites you to check the current wholesale offer - individual products with comprehensive descriptions. Whether it's leather straps, we make sure that every customer has the opportunity to learn about the composition, function and use of a product. If necessary, please contact us and we will be happy to explain or add to the information you need to fill in your basket. Cosmetic pathology recommends disposable articles for treatments and dressings, cosmetics for the skin of the feet and articles for pedicures and cosmetics and equipment such as parts and accessories of machinery and mills. The tools are made of surgical steel and are suitable for the sterilisation of autoclaves. I 'm going . If you're new to these devices, it's not that hard. All you have to do is go through some simple training, and then you can take care of the aseptics in your living room. You can determine the storage conditions and ensure that the tools are properly described. We invite you to take a look at our offer - if you need advice before adding to your cart, please contact our experts. We also offer furniture for beauty salons. I 'm going . All recommended products have a document confirming the guarantee provided by the manufacturer, and we, for our part, supplement it by ensuring the continuity of supplies of replaceable materials. We also consider returns and complaints under consumer law.

Only products for professionals. Underwear and cosmetics must have on our shelves, cosmetics manufacturer Mavi

Modern other it's based on professional products. These are specialized cosmetic brands that make Leopard's equipment. We rely on reputable, proven, high-quality cosmetics recommended by professionals, because that's what our customers expect from us who are used to working with professional products. The brands we distribute include: Mesoboost, Sense Boost, Arkada, Camillen, Callusan, Starpil, Black which are necessary for the work of a podiatrist or a beautician. Facial, oral and body care are separate categories, which are also covered by separate sections on the shelves of Leoaprd. In addition, we offer natural cosmetics, for daily care of hands, feet, nails, body or face washing - professional series to recommend to customers or for personal use. A wide selection of shampoos, conditioners, and hair accessories all attract visitors to our beauty shop. As the owner of the Mavi brand and manufacturer of a line of cosmetics, we offer disposable products as well as manicure and pedicure products. Provide these products with proper storage or access and you are sure to create a rich collection of products for professional cosmetic and foot care.

What's that? You can order anything you need for leather...

Products for the care of the skin of the feet, hands, footwear, nails, professional cosmetics, cosmetic underwear - this offer for pedologists it can also be useful in a beauty parlor. In addition to high-quality products and products for growing and correcting toenails, most of the products are suitable for both industries. That is why our online shop is visited by both subsoil engineering, as well as cosmetic. After all, all the tools included in the offer: leather pads, nail polishes, milling machines or cosmetics to soften rotted skin are useful here and here. We're happy to work with you on an ongoing basis. It guarantees that every product will be in your shopping cart quickly and that you'll get free shipping. Information on this can be found in the online shop menu.

Check our offer - find out about the complete range of underground equipment in our online warehouse

To complement the store's offer, we also included disposable toiletries and hygiene products used in every beauty salon. In order to obtain the services, please contact our specialists in advance under the contact number in the "contact" box. and an email address. See also our extensive collection of disinfecting and sterilization equipment, essential for every podiatrist.

Hygiene measures, the products we offer are used in every beauty salon. Our online store offers online cosmetics of well-known brands at a great price, and they will be shipped exactly to your address. Look for the best opportunities- we'll equip your facility with numerous promotions. In the case of a large order or a regular delivery option, delivery is usually free. Delivery to an ATM is also possible. You can define this form of transfer of goods, which is used by more and more people who operate and buy from us. We also care about our customers' time - see how quickly we can deliver an order from the moment it is placed in the web browser. You also have a choice of payment options - thanks to the online wholesaler, all of Poland can constantly enjoy high-quality cosmetics, equipment and parts and accessories of footwear and cosmetics. You can also benefit from the unique expertise of the warehouse workers. Call our number. or email us - we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and clarify any doubts you may have. you will find answers to your questions about the proper use of professional equipment.

Put our excellent products in the basket, floor grinders, abrasive caps or antifungals

Ordered from us other articles of apparel and clothing accessories, foot care products and many other products are guaranteed to be effective. Both single-use toilet articles, for aseptic purposes, equipment (for example milling machines) and accessories (for example milling machines)cosmetic autoclaves as well as skin care products and nail treatments, nail shafts and whole feet are always sourced from the laboratories and workshops of leading manufacturers, world leaders in the foot care and cosmetics industry. Certain storage conditions or access to sterile tools are sufficient to give your foot care practice independence in this matter.

Well-stocked wholesalers and pharmacies with a favourable supply option

Maybe it's time for a change? You can find everything you need in a professional podiatric office to take care of your clients' desired skin and nail condition. We make every effort to develop a broad supply of cosmetics and personal care products and ensure the availability of podiatric products, which we will deliver to you on schedule. With us, you'll fill in the blanks, refurbish and equip your office, access a dedicated product line, and always deliver on time. Get a wider selection of proven products at affordable prices. We encourage you to make contact.

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