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BIONICARE Pedi Pro Anti-Septic Refrigerant 250ml

BIONICARE Pedi Pro Anti-Septic Refrigerant 250ml  Indications :   Antiseptic refreshing spray for use before or after a special foot care procedure.   Action :   Thanks to the tea tree oil contained in it, it shows an antiseptic effect and protects the legs from fungal infections.Panthenol acts...

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Camillen Diamond Cuticle Cutter Art. No. Dm114

The cutter is made of the best quality stainless steel composed of many diamond layers, thanks to which it is characterized by bonding strength and especially high durability. The cylindrical shape is used for trimming and shortening hard and calloused pa plates

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Color-90 Water Decals For Nails

Acrylic, natural and hybrid water nails Number: 1 sheet (list size: 10cm x 6.5cm)  INSTRUCTIONS FOR WATER SUPPLY: Remove the protective folic from the sheet.Choose your selected pattern.Cut the shell into summer water for about 15-20 secondsRemove the finger from the carton- Use a foam to put a...

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