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Dust absorber - the basis of your work

Provide comprehensive services and invest in specialized equipment that will make the processing easier.A freezer with an embryo in the eye will become an indispensable tool in your podological office.If you want to choose the best - choose from our rich offer.

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Podiatric milling machines - an essential tool in the practice

Smooth feet with silky, healthy skin without calluses and dead skin is the dream of every woman. Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to this topic, and no longer only in summer, when we wear uncovered feet, but also in winter and autumn we take care of their condition. Interestingly, men are also increasingly opting for foot care treatments.

Well-groomed feet are not only an aesthetic but also a health issue. By getting rid of dead skin and calluses we gain not only smooth, but above all healthy skin. Such an effect, however, is not possible if your office does not have a device with an absorber, namely a milling machine with an absorber. Taking care of feet and hands is helped by specialized equipment used in beauty salons - don't let your salon fail to meet these requirements and fall behind the competition.

The nail milling machines with absorberused today are top-class devices, made with incredible care and using modern technology. Need to equip your salon with the best equipment from reputable manufacturers? In our store you will find everything you want.

How to choose a good milling machine in the online store

By choosing the right cutters and caps, we can also perfectly work out cuticles and even do pedicures. After all, a powerful nail cutter should be able to cope with keratinized skin, among other things. What else can we count on, using a milling machine? Why is it worth buying such a device?

The basic one is to choose the right store. It is best to look for one that specializes in selling the highest quality cosmetic products and equipment. Such places are stocked by professionals.

we have milling machines with dust absor ber from reputable companies, which will make your work faster and easier

Podiatry milling machine with or without dust absorber

Working on nails and feet with a podiatric milling machine generates a very large amount of dust. It is not always visible to human eyes (especially micro dust), but it floats freely in the air and eventually enters the lungs. Some publications indicate that as much as 4 kg of dust enters the lungs of nail stylists who work for 8 hours a day without protection, annually.

Micro dust entering the human body can contribute to the development of allergies or dangerous lung diseases. We should also remember that podiatrists often work around feet with various diseases - including infectious ones. Aerosolized biological material in the air, which can contain bacteria, fungi and viruses, poses a direct threat to the podiatrist, so everything should be done to reduce the amount of dust released during the procedure.

Milling machines with built-in dust absorbers have revolutionized the podiatry industry, displacing freestanding dust absorbers that were often too noisy and impractical. In this case, micro dust is sucked up by suction turbines right at the handle of the milling machine, before going into a bag inside. An additional system of rear and side filters prevents dust from escaping back into the machine.

Nail milling machine with dust absorber - how to choose the best one?

Adevice with a dust absorber is undoubtedly one of the basic items of equipment for a podiatrist's office. Choosing the right model often causes problems. A professional nail milling machine is a device that should not be missing in any beauty salon. After all, a pedicure milling machine with an absorber makes our work easier and manicures much more pleasant. There is a wide choice available and each additional option affects the price, but no matter what, the most important thing is not the price, but that the dust does not harm and that the power meets our expectations. Needs vary depending on the type of work to be done, but many companies have begun to produce this type of equipment and each manufacturer wants the best product available from them. To be sure that the file is what we need, it is worth reaching for a list of the best milling machines to look for companies that specialize in this niche market and looking for content in descriptions and searching for data on the Internet.

  • Weight and size of the device. This is especially important for podiatrists running a mobile podiatry practice. Transporting equipment and tools between patients is taxing on the spine, so it is best to invest in a lightweight device that will fit in a mobile trunk.
  • RPMrange. RPMs of 40,000 per minute do not at all mean that a milling machine is much better than a device that offers a smaller range. For most podiatric procedures, you will only need a milling machine that runs up to 25,000 rpm.
  • Loudness. Quiet operation of a milling machine is a comfort, both for the patient and for you. Nowadays, you can find podiatric milling machines on the market that produce a sound of about 50 dB when operating, allowing you to talk freely with the patient.
  • Operating costs. Bags and filters are items that need to be replaced periodically. It is a good idea to find out in advance how much these items cost and how often a particular model requires such replacement.
  • Maintenance. The design of some pedicure cutters assumes the possibility of self-maintenance of some elements. Such activity prolongs the intervals between maintenance and servicing.

High precision and multifunctionality

A nail milling machine - a professional one in particular - also allows us to work thenail plate in a very precise way. This is because we can choose from a myriad of cutters in different sizes. The smallest heads therefore allow us to reach every nook and cranny. By the way, we can also focus on the cuticles surrounding the nails or use the equipment to make a pedicure. Having a milling machine, we therefore have almost unlimited possibilities.

No need to use acetone

Hybrid manicure is, of course, the easiest to remove with acetone. Unfortunately, this preparation is very dangerous for our plate. With prolonged use, it can even lead to irreversible damage. To remove hybrid varnish or gel with a milling machine, fortunately, we do not have to reach for such a product. Thus, in a way, we take care of our plate and protect it from numerous injuries.

Nail milling machine - which one to choose? The most important selection criteria

There is no denying that the milling machine definitely makes working with nails easier. Therefore, it should not be missing in any salon. However, to be satisfied, it is necessary to know which nail milling machine to buy. In stores or on the Internet you will find many models, differing in parameters or price. Search results for the phrase"milling machine with dust absorber" will show us thousands of different models - unfortunately, not all equipment can cope with the remains of hybrid, gel or acrylic styling. So what aspects to pay attention to when choosing a milling machine?

The number of revolutions of the cutter per minute of a milling machine with an absorber

A good nail milling machine should first of all feature a high number of cutter revolutions per minute. The more of them, the more efficient the work becomes. Therefore, the best will be a model that provides up to 30 thousand revolutions per minute. The ability to smoothly adjust this parameter can also be a great help. This is because there are places that should be treated a little lighter. We can also not saw through the nail plate. The adjustable speed should prevent this, although we still need to continue to be very careful.

Ease of use of milling machines with an absorber

Nail milling machines should also be easy to use. Of course, with most models we will encounter a lot of dials or buttons. However, these we will master in no time. Much more important, then, is the cutter attachment system. The most popular is the so-called Twist-Lock. With its help, we will change the cutters literally with one movement. Thus, there will be no need to look for special keys or pins. Once again, we will also save a considerable amount of time.

In the case of a milling machine, especially one for home use, the shape of the head will also be of great importance. This element should lie perfectly in our hand. However, let's not be afraid of sizable milling machine bases. These can freely stand on the countertop, so the head itself will be of the greatest importance.

Adjustment of work

Nail milling machine, for beauty salon and home use, should also be equipped with a function for adjusting the direction of work. With one movement, we will change the rotation from right to left and vice versa. Why is this so important? Because it's much better to work with a tool that we can, in a way, adjust to our preferences. In addition, adjusting the direction of rotation will prove indispensable when you remove your previous nail design yourself.

Nail milling machine - what power?

A good and functional device, of course, must have the right power. How many watts should a nail milling machine have? On the market we will get many models with different parameters. However, it is best to choose equipment that consumes 35-45 watts. This is because the power is responsible for the strength of the cutter. So when it is too low, unfortunately, the removal of the previous style will become very difficult and sometimes even impossible. Too many watts, on the other hand, can cause difficulties, especially for beginners. It is then easy to accidentally damage the plate.

The power of the device, which will be used by a beginner, should not exceed the aforementioned 35 watts. This is because such a value is considered quite safe, but also sufficient to work comfortably. For beauty salons, however, slightly more powerful models are recommended, those oscillating around 45 watts. Of course, we can also find a higher number of watts, such as 75 W, but these are already very advanced devices.

How much does a milling machine with a nail absorber cost?

Speaking of specialized equipment, we must, of course, expect quite high costs. So, what is the price of a good professional nail cutter? The ranking of this type of equipment is mainly dominated by models from the top price range. For such equipment we will pay up to 1-6 thousand zlotys. However, this is an investment that will certainly pay off for us. After all, we will speed up our work this way and will thus be able to receive more clients.

Those interested in milling machines for home use should not worry. There are, of course, cheaper models available on the market. Most often they have slightly inferior parameters, but for home use they will be completely sufficient. For about 200-600 zlotys you will already buy a really good model, sometimes additionally equipped with a whole set of cutters.

Milling machine with an absorber - where to buy the best equipment?

Nail milling machines can now be bought almost everywhere. We can find a large number of models on the Internet, as well as in some drugstores. However, it is worth remembering to buy such a device in a professional store that offers high-quality equipment. Unfortunately, the web is teeming with replicas of popular and worthy brands. All the milling machines we offer are manufactured by well-known and reputable companies, so there is nothing to fear! On the other hand, the wide assortment means that the ideal model will be found for both amateur and professional.

Nail milling machine - how to use such equipment?

The use of the nail milling machine itself is quite intuitive. For it is only necessary to turn on the device, put on the cutter, set the appropriate power and speed, and begin to gently pull off the remains of the previous style. All the time, however, be careful not to file the same place all the time. It is best to make movements going from the top to the bottom of the nail. If you find something difficult, it's best to find an instructional video online on how to work properly with the device. Once you get the knack, you will quickly admit that operating the milling machine and pulling off hybrids or gels with it is child's play!

Safe and fast service

The offer of our store is addressed to all those who are interested in the highest quality tools. It includes both the most expensive and best ones and slightly cheaper ones. Such an offer allows you to choose from a long list of available products those that will satisfy you and your customer. See in the descriptions what data the product you are interested in has and whether it fits your requirements. Both power and price are important here, as well as whether it absorbs dust. Matching the product to the services you will perform allows you to choose a milling machine that is not only lightweight, but also has adjustable power and dust circulating around the salon will no longer be your bane. If you need additional information because you are still not sure which product will best suit your services, please contact us, for example, in the form of a message and we will be happy to advise you.

Offers of milling machines are really numerous - that's why our store has product categories and a filter that makes your search much easier. If you are only interested in a fez machine that has a dust absorber your search will be much easier. The filter is designed so that all the product categories are clearly and clearly arranged.Take a look at our store and see why professionals buy from us.