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The hybrid revolution made new brands and collections come to professional stylists.PB Nails Hybrid Lakes are one of the most interesting styling products in recent years.The brand plays on well-composed collections of specifics for manicure and pedicure.There are both lakes and gels, as well as bases and tops.Choose the PB Nails Gellaxy lakes and enjoy the perfect look of your hands and feet with hybrid manicure.

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Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product they're perfect for anyone who expects easy application and excellent results. The formula of the cosmetic contains special additives so that it has properties that correct minor irregularities in the nail plate. The coating also adheres very tightly to its surface. This keeps it in good condition for a long time. Products of PB Nails Gellaxy they make your nails strong and beautiful again. Furthermore, PB hybrid paint after curing also has physical protective properties. When combined with a top, base, or building block, it can create an unforgettable creation. Just a few bottles of PB to create a little nail salon. PB hybrid varnishes are best cured with a branded lamp. See the small 5 ml and 10 ml bottles of PB Gellaxy nail polish in attractive colours. They're handy and long-lasting, and they look great on your nails.

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Manufacture from materials of any heading polymers of vinyl chloride nails not only do they cover perfectly and form a durable coating. With a rich color palette, even the most amazing decorative ideas can be realized nails. I 'm going . Colors from the PB collection captivate with their variety of shades and an unusual effect on the nails. They're available in 5ml and 10ml packs, so you can collect a larger range of shades. It is best to use the original top and base of the same brand for PB hybrid varnishes. This purchase will ensure that the layers of the hybrids are continuously styled. Our warehouse is staffed by professionals. It is now available to beginners in the art of UV curing. PB Nails Gellaxy hybrid varnish is an excellent choice - it spreads evenly and does not water the skin. Try it on at your next opportunity.

PB Nails - hybrid lacquers from the professional collection

The innovative PB brand has constantly improved its hybrid lacquers by collaborating with creative designers. Gellaxy cosmetics are tested both in its own network of practices and by stylists active in the network. The experts' comments enrich the collections with new colors and improve the parameters of the varnishes. Better consistency or self-leveling comes from working closely with the environment. PB Nails Gellaxy products are recognized by nail artists. Both the aesthetic value and the durability of the products were decisive. Now you too can join this gang!

Perfectly concealing PB hybrid coatings

The name Gellaxy stands for galactic quality nail styling products. PB offers, for example, smart gels with shape memory. Complemented with varnish from the Gellaxy collection in any colour, they will help to create delightful nail decorations. Don't forget the decorative accessories and special effects. Polyethylene glycol it is best to put it on a transparent base and finish the decoration with a top. Even after a single application, the PB lacquer will not glow, although it is best to use two layers to be sure. It is essential to use a PB base before applying a nail coating or gel coating. It keeps all the layers from sticking together. Such a manicure or pedicure will last much longer and give your nails a vivid color. See which PB 5ml and 10ml collection of nail polishes will best suit your ideas.

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At the Leopard online and in-store beauty shop, we have a full line of PB products. They're among them nail polishes PB Gellaxy with a UV lamp. You must try them if you want to see your nails in new, even more vivid colors. Order the 5 ml or 10 ml packs of your choice. You can also choose one of the ready-made sets in a similar color tone. The colours of Gelaxy they are among the most diverse. They give your nails a unique look and feel.

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Ordering regular PB nail polish from a wide range of colors can be even cheaper! We offer our regular partners a wide range of benefits. These include:

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PB is a trusted partner. He supplies us with products from the line Gelaxy with a guarantee of excellent quality and an attractive price. Now you too can benefit from the excellent quality lacquers of an innovative manufacturer.