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Ultrasonic washing.Modern way of purity and disinfection

Disinfection in a cosmetic or subological office can be much simpler - ultrasonic washers are an increasingly popular standard that allows disinfection thanks to low and high frequency waves.The cleaning equipment guarantees the complete asepticity of the tools.The power of the pressure waves produced by ultrasounds effectively cleans in the smallest chambers, which cannot be reached using traditional methods.Try the power of cleaning equipment from our offer.

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High quality, powerful ultrasonic washer with a capacity of 750ml.Inside the room is a plastic basket, in which we put accessories for washing or disinfection.It has a new, smart touch panel with two touch keys for different functions and a digital display that indicates working time....

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Ultrasonic washing machines - price and quality well worth the effort

No one is surprised by the wide range of ultrasonic scrubbers in a beauty shop - they are ideal for cleaning and disinfecting cosmetic and hygienic equipment and utensils. The high-tech cavitation washing machine is an excellent solution for maintaining hygiene, especially when it comes to accessories with a complicated design that are full of hard-to-reach places. We offer high-tech products from companies that are shaping the ultrasonic dishwasher market through innovation and implementing new standards. Ultrasonic cleaning requires continuous operation at a variable frequency (this is the most efficient operation of sonic devices). Super-washing, which is as effective as chemical disinfection, is the foundation of asepticity - now the absolute standard in podiatric and cosmetic practices.

Ultrasonic cosmetic dishwasher with a guarantee to clean utensils and accessories

Ultrasonic washing in beauty salons guarantees complete disinfection and high protection against pathogenic infection. In our catalogue you will find many products with different power and frequency choices. To maintain the highest standards of antiseptics, manufacturers recommend equipment with a power of 45 to 300 watts and various ultrasound frequencies, which enhance the cavitation effect, or pressure wave production. The movement of water in the form of air bubbles and, as a result, violent microwaves, acts on dirt or other contaminants (including grease) with great force, pulling their particles off the surface of the equipment being cleaned. Each frequency produces a slightly different effect, so adjusting this parameter is an added advantage of advanced tools for cosmetic and podiatric offices. These devices make it possible to clean especially susceptible to contact with microbes and viruses interchangeable ends, such as.

  • machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material
  • machinery for making pulp
  • cosmetics and footwear

Even the most thorough atomizer disinfection will not provide the same aseptic effect as an ultrasonic scrubber. Only baths in a solution of approx. that's 70%. the alcohol. However, ultrasonic washing is much shorter and does not require additional actions such as rinsing after removal from the disinfectant tank.

Ultrasonic washing machines and dishwashers - precision aseptic control

Regardless of the degree of contamination, tools may be placed in ultrasonic baths after work has been completed. Cleaning depends on the settings - most devices have more than just an adjustable frequency of ultrasound waves. You can also set the operating time. The ultrasonic scrubber is an effective component of complete decontamination. It will make cosmetic and podiatric tools, appliances and accessories perfectly prepared for sterilisation in the autoclave, which is increasingly becoming a facility. The cleaning power and use for surface disinfection of cosmetic and hygiene equipment make it difficult to imagine a professional office without these products.

Check out our offer on the ultrasonic dishwasher. We guarantee quality, we provide service

In an office, aseptic isn't just about masks and protective clothing, disposable devices or surface disinfection. According to the procedures, the disinfection of the tools in the company can be carried out in the form provided by ultrasonic washing machines. Instead of a chemical bath, opt for an ultrasound device that guarantees some cleaning. We invite you to view our catalogue of high-performance ultrasonic equipment. To determine your needs, please read the description, and if in doubt, please contact us by telephone or e-mail. We are happy to offer options tailored to your ultrasonic cleaning needs - tank capacity, power or ultrasonic parameters should match the average amount of sterilization equipment in your salon or office. You can also stay updated on ultrasonic dishwasher news and promotions from our online shop. Simply sign up for the newsletter, which you can receive by e-mail or directly on the website (to do this, log in to your profile, guaranteed privacy policy).

What is an ultrasonic bath?

For smaller capacities (e.g. 600 ml) the term 'ultrasonic crowns' is often used. This is often the standard chosen to ensure continuity of the disinfection processes of an average cosmetic or podiatric facility. We also offer large, multilitre, 300W ultrasonic scrubbers for large beauty salons, spas, spas and wellness centres - wherever sonic's ultrasonic technology can help keep procedures safe. Their use in the facility depends on how many elements, tools, equipment parts, etc. need to be cleaned using ultrasonic washing.

Ultrasonic washing machine - large capacity choice, reliable delivery, guaranteed service

Power and capacity - these parameters of an ultrasonic washing machine determine which type will work best for a particular company. It also depends on price, service and parts available, etc. Whichever product you choose, we guarantee our customers support. Technology keeps advancing, but we always try to get parts from the manufacturer for our items. Our washing machines and ultrasonic washing machines make up a wide range, where you will find suitable (read: suitable for work intensity and disposable means) products. In the catalogue of our store we offer, among other things, sonic washing machines and ultrasonic washing machines of the brands Activeshop and EMAG with parameters (power-capacity):

  • 60W - 1,4 L
  • 150W - 3 L
  • 50W to 600ml
  • 60W to 800ml
  • 300W - 9 L
  • 300W - 6 L
  • 35W - 750 ml

Every ultrasonic washer in the Leopard warehouse comes with a guarantee of reliability. It's an excellent piece of equipment, tested by our regular customers, that will stop the problem of cleaning and disinfecting the office from making the owners sleep with their eyes closed. Ultrasonic washing machines facilitate the operation of the salon, and a new technology (albeit discovered in the 1950s) can help keep aprons, disposable gloves and masks aseptic. A properly selected sonic ultrasonic dishwasher does not generate high operating costs, and our store promotions make it possible to purchase it at a very favorable price. Read the newsletter so that you don't miss any more ultrasonic dishwasher offers.

Ultrasonic Cleaning - How Does It Work?

How does an ultrasonic dishwasher work? The sonic washing effect was accidentally encountered during an experiment at the American Radio Corporation in New Jersey. The first ultrasonic washing machines appeared in 1958. Sonic cleaning shall be carried out on a mask basis:

  1. The ultrasonic scrubber initiates its action by producing cavitation - microscopic air bubbles.
  2. Ultrasonic waves create negative pressure in the water.
  3. Then the water moves out of control - a seemingly insensitive phenomenon similar to an implosion.
  4. When the sound waves are properly controlled, thousands of these currents are generated simultaneously, reaching cleaned surfaces.
  5. The quality of the cleaning depends on the time and intensity of the waves.


Order an ultrasound cleaning for your facility

An ultrasonic dishwasher is a perfect fit for your office. You will find many interesting models in our offer - order one of them using the guaranteed delivery option. We provide warranty and post-warranty service. Each ultrasonic dishwasher in our range provides perfectly clean, disinfected tools ready for sterilization. Make sure you're aseptic, read instructions and disinfection procedures, keep yourself, your employees and your customers safe.