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HARTMANN OMNIFIX E 10 x 10 cm - Clamps for fixing


Application To fix and cover the entire surface of the coating; ideal for fixingcells on the joints, round and cozy body frequencies;to attach measurement instruments, sonds, indicators, etc. Character Economic version of Omnifix elastic;It retains the excellent properties of the Omnifix elastic...

Price 22.00 zł

HARTMANN OMNIPLAST 2.5cm x 5m - clamp on the wheel

OMNIPLAST 2.5cm x 5m  Clamp on the wheel   Size 5 m x 12.5cm   Hypoallergenic traditional stick of viscosal fabric in body color. Covered with a coat of synthetic rubber applied with stripes; It transplants the air and the water pair, is friendly even to the sensitive skin. It is well attached,...

Price 9.99 zł

HARTMANN PEHA HAFT 4 cm x 4 cm - For all types of compresses and supplies

Indications :   To fix all kinds of compresses and supplies, especially on the joints or head.To quickly protect small injuries and scratch.   Characteristics :   Economic - it is already enough for a few stairs to safely and permanently strengthen the supply; Comfortable - single wheels don't...

Price 8.50 zł

HARTMANN PEHA HAFT 6 cm x 4 cm - For all types of compresses and supplies

PEHA-HAFT 6cm x 4m To maintain all kinds of supplies, especially on the joints, curved and round parts of the body; to maintain exhausting materials, canils, etc. Characteristics of the product: A flexible, 85% stretch and cohesive properties;Thanks to the creeped peha-haft fabric, it has a...

Price 9.80 zł

STULPA FIX size 1 - Flexible mesh sleeve for fixing finger dressings

HARTMANN STULPA FIX size 1 – the most convenient fixing of supplies. The flexible Hartmann Stulpa Fix grid gloves are used to maintain supplies of all kinds and sizes, especially on the joints, coronated and round parts of the body; to maintain the material that is exposed to pressure.Thanks to...

Price 46.00 zł