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Cosmetic cheek - the necessary equipment of the cosmetic office

Among the details used in the cosmetic and hairstyles, the cosmetic cheek plays an important hygienic and aesthetic function.It is responsible for utrining the order and accuracy of the procedures performed.It is important that it is made of high-quality materials that will provide the comfort of use to customers and staff.We offer practical cheeks and bands for hair with protective purpose.Check out our excellent products and affordable prices in this category.

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Non-woven caps Clip-Med Harmonica 100 pcs hair cover with elastic band


Single protective clothes on rubber Classic Protection clip-Med Harmony 100.It is made in 100% polypropylene, which allows the flow of air and prevents swelling of the head skin. Tian and flexible gum on the circuit, it makes it easy to fit and keep the stick on its place.The chips are packed by...

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Disposable foil cap 10 pcs.

Single Folie Chip it is designed to protect your hair during hair and cosmetics.Thanks easy application and the resistant the material allows for use in professional and domestic conditions.One-time Folio has gum it is located on the coast, making it easier to perform the necessary activities....

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Other, not knitted or crocheted

Hygiene in the beauty parlour is not just an unquestionable standard. Attention to detail and order in the workplace maintain a positive image of the salon. Nonwovens, whether or not impregnated or coated it's a great solution for a beauty parlor or a spa. Any hair protection procedure can be done without worrying about the condition. This applies particularly to cosmetics:

  • the neck,
  • decolleting
  • the face,
  • henny eyebrows,
  • permanent make-up.

It's also a practical solution for salon workers when they're working in their desks. Using the product with a retractor prevents hair or scaly skin from getting into the treatment area. For even better protection, order one of the products from the online wholesaler for professionals.

Disposable diapers - supply to professional cosmetics wholesalers

We offer ccosmetic products made of fibres and plastics in several different varieties. We also have disposable headbands that keep your hair in a comfortable position while you work. They are high-quality interchangeable hygiene articles designed and constructed to make hygiene as easy as possible. Each product in our catalogue is certified as a medical device. Single-use cosmetic caps the fibers allow air to flow freely so that the scalp does not sweat during the procedure. This increases the convenience of the procedure and makes it possible to combine hygiene with ease of use. Each other articles of apparel and clothing accessories we offer a comfortable, flexible retractor, which does not irritate the skin and leaves no imprints, and allows you to attach the headgear to the head.

Fibres of a kind used for cosmetic purposes

Order a solid set of disposable hygiene products to protect your hair. In order to increase availability, you'll need a delivery of hats packed 100 at a time. The harmonious design enabled them to fit into a small package. A product like this takes up very little space in an office, and it lasts extremely long. Cosmetic headgear made of fibrous or filamentary materials and having screw-on protection against contamination. Even though you only use it once, it has to be durable and solid. In our offer, you will find an exceptionally certain product for special tasks. Unobtrusive other, not knitted or crocheted it's one of the things that keeps you clean, that makes your job easier and improves the quality of your services. one hundred . in the package, the quantity suitable for everyday use in a well-known salon.

Protect your hair! Get yourself a sturdy fiber cosmetic cap

In our online beauty, hair and footwear store, every product comes from a proven manufacturer. For our client, the owner of a beauty parlor, the opinions of his salon visitors are paramount. Take care of the details and order 100 pieces of product that meets the screwed-up standards.

In our store you buy a premium product in a large package

Cosmetic headgear of fibre used for the protection of health and quality at work must perform its function without fail. So try one of our products. Orders from regular partners are even cheaper and free of charge. We guarantee that your hat will prove to be a reliable support, even if it seems only a trifle among all the necessary equipment and hygiene materials.