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RefectoCil Henna - set for bricks and wrinkles

The natural color of the scratch provides a colorant with a traditional ingredient, such as henna.The set of ready-to-use preparations and accessories creates optimal conditions for successful styling.Moreover, a rich colour range in the manual box gives you several color options.Through it, you can disappoint a different eyelid every time, effective and safe for the brush and wrinkles.Try RefectoCil sets and discover rich styling possibilities.

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Henna RefectoCil - eyebrows and eyelashes in natural frames

Popular cosmetics RefectoCil, this is one of the hottest categories in our entire range. They are characterized by their harmonious composition, ease of application, and excellent staining. The range of preparations offered by this renowned brand comes in a variety of colours. The safe composition and natural fixing methods make Refectocil henna gel the best thing that can happen to your eyelashes and eyebrows. A perfectly distributed dye produces a lasting effect in the color you choose. Now you can apply henna on your eyelashes and eyebrows in several colors, plus a large set of accessories, tools, and cosmetics to use before and after coloring. Check out the new eye style - buy start kit and change the appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows according to the mood or the idea of the next look.

The RefectoCil henna kit contains everything you need for a successful styling

Classic black, always a striking brown, or something unusual and invigorating? With a set RefectoCil in one box, you can create waterproof, durable, naturally beautiful makeup every time. With the availability of a variety of colours, your eyes will shine a new light. Before your new eyebrow and eyelash color see the light of day, see how to get everything done right around the house.

How does henna work? RefectoCil for eyebrows and eyelashes in the kit creates new styling options

One of the greatest advantages of the kit is that you have everything you need to paint successfully. Remember, the dyes RefectoCil it's designed to provide professional service to salon clients. It's a guarantee that the selection of henna products from this brand allows you to create a whole new dimension of eyewear. If in doubt, I recommend going to a good beauty parlor to try out the product's benefits and various color options under the supervision of a specialist.

Cosmetic pallets and brushes

Learn the key ingredients for applying henna. A pallet is a product used to prepare a finished preparation. From the 15 ml container, you can apply a specific tint or mix different ingredients on the substrate to get the desired colour. Complementary brushes are used to mix and apply henna.


Henna gel is a safe way to dye your eyelashes and eyebrows. However, the skin around the eyes requires special care. You'll also find cosmetics for cleaning after dyeing, but the time the dye came into contact with the skin is also important. That's why protective eye patches are definitely not something to start applying henna without.

Cosmetics for cleansing and protecting the skin

Special cosmetics should be used before and after styling. Carefully remove any makeup from the eyelid before application. After applying henna, clean the eyes, eyelids and eyebrow area. Buy specific cleansers with henna or choose RefectoCil from the kit.

RefectoCil Henna - a set with a colour palette

In each the RefectoCil Henna kit you'll find products designed for dyeing. Containers of 15 ml or more contain several to a dozen shades of henna gel. You can change the look of your eyes every time. For people with a tendency to allergies, the brand has prepared suitable preparations. From the offer RefectoCil Henna and its derivatives it's been used by a lot of people in beauty parlours, and experts say the henna product in the kit is a real shot in the dark.

Oxidised water stabiliser

An H2O2-based stabiliser (water oxidised in cream) is also included. Mix it with the measured amount of henna as instructed before application. In most cases, several drops per 2 cm3 of product are sufficient. RefectoCil products they blend perfectly into a mass of uniform consistency.

Henna Refectocil - a set for eyebrows and eyelashes in the online wholesale offer for professional beauty salons

Individual henna variants or kits can be found in the iLeopard catalogue. This is a new way to regularly apply a skin- and hair-friendly eye dye. According to experts, the manufacturer and the brand guarantee the best results. Among the many offers, this one also stands out for its attractive price. Our offer includes instant shipping and a guaranteed delivery to your address. Order any product you want and enjoy a unique eye patch for a long time.