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Unny Tea Set - Professional Care Equipment

Screenshots and wrinkles are a problem that you can solve using a set of Unny teaspoons.These are professional surgical steel tools that easily help during the action of removing scratches and other changes on the face.Although it’s not always possible to counter skin problems by mechanical removal of changes, Lelani Unny set teaspoons are an excellent alternative to removing their nails.Try hygienic, effective finishes in the handset.

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Lelani - a kit of wool for removing blockages

Skin problems - the proliferation of blackheads - are also the result of increasingly polluted air and unwanted substances with which our skin is exposed. When pimples and acne appear on the face, many people simply squeeze them out with their fingers. This is not always a good idea, as any skin change and its treatment should be seen by a dermatologist. You 'll get much better results if you use it as a facial cleanser a professional set of five double-sided Unna spoons. This will prevent you from injuring your skin too much and spreading bacteria, which can make the problem worse.

Wool spoon - a hygienic skin cleansing kit

Hygienic stainless steel tools, which can be easily disinfected or placed in an autoclave for sterilization, are a great help for people who struggle with new facial changes every day. Specialized spoons to work with clogs and other contaminants can be used both in the beauty parlour and in the comfort of home. The use of a spoon ensures not only efficacy but also complete hygiene. To ensure hygienic cleanness, simply soak it in alcohol or wipe it with a cloth soaked in alcohol.

We've got a great set for you - 10-point Unna spoons!

Do not remove skin lesions with your fingers! It's an easy way to expose the skin to mechanical damage to the structure on the surface and deep within the tissue. If you add to that the spread of bacteria and additional infections elsewhere on the face, it can result in uncomfortable wounds and unsightly close-ups. What can you do about it? A good answer is Unny - a double-sided scoop for removing the blisters! A stainless steel device with two independent loops that help you get rid of skin lesions is your recipe for getting rid of blackheads and freckles. Just remember to be hygienic: prepare for the procedure by disinfecting the tools before and after using them, wipe them with a cloth soaked in alcohol or soak in disinfectant and leave to dry.

The procedure for removing blockages in 4 steps

How does it work? In the package you will receive professional set of 5 double-sided Lelani spoons. Unna set allows the selection of the best method for tissue-safe removal of saliva or pores. Each tip has a different shape, which is associated with different types of skin lesions. For example, the larger tips help to remove the white-tipped pimples, while the smaller ones remove the closures. Except for the spindle end unna spoons has the shape of a straight or slightly curved loop. This is an optimal method of removing nits, nits and scales.

  1. Before the procedure, simply soak the tip in a disinfectant.
  2. Before the loop is removed, the skin should be softened (i.e., using a classic steamer) or a damp, warm towel placed on the face for a few minutes to open the pores.
  3. We remove the glue by applying the appropriate flour so that the glue, the glue, is in the middle - we gently squeeze the skin, which causes the glue to be pushed up. The pin is used to prick larger changes.
  4. It's not over yet! Treat the face with an anti-irritant. After each use, the device should be disinfected with e.g. cosmetic spirit and the face washed with a non-alcoholic tonic.

Advantages of removing nettles, clogs and dust with a Unna spoon

Lelani's professional spoons unna set they are designed to work with blisters and other facial contaminants. They are particularly good at removing blackheads and pimples from inaccessible areas, such as the ear or nose. Try tools that can remove white-tipped pimples without compromising hygiene and are also great for removing blackheads, warts, and other skin lesions. Wool spoons for removing lint they don't damage the skin and they don't spread germs like they do when you're squeezing change by hand. That's why it's made by the company Folded set of wool it is recommended for anyone who cares about their appearance, especially those who have acne and other skin disorders.

Choose Lelani - the Unna kit for more hygiene in your daily procedures

Professional withset of Unna Lelani spoons this is a set of acne and acne removal tips tailored to different types of lesions. Buy them right away instead of picking out the ends individually. You should also learn how to use unna spoons for removing gaskets. Many people take shortcuts, but using them incorrectly may not produce the desired results. For example, using loops without preparing the skin. First, however, the skin needs to be softened, either by using a traditional stew or by placing a damp, warm cloth over the face for a few minutes to open the pores. This makes it easy for the epidermis to come out, and the stew allows the cosmetics you use to reach the deeper structures of your skin after the procedure. Another important point to note is the operation with a spoon. We remove the contents of the pimple by applying a loop to the inside of the pimple, gently squeezing the skin to push the pin up. Finally, treat your face with an anti-irritant (after each use!) - many people skip cleansing the skin and applying an anti-irritant after removing the warts. However, after each use, the device should be disinfected with e.g. cosmetic spirit and the face washed with a non-alcoholic tonic.

What about the biggest spots and pimples?

Why choose a set of spoons with loops to remove larger changes? Finally, caution should be exercised when cleaning the face mechanically to remove large spots and pimples. You certainly shouldn't do this without consulting a dermatologist. However, if facial hygiene requires the removal of excess oil and dirt, the Unna's loops will be the safest way to do it. If all protective measures, disinfection of the equipment and care for sterility are taken, such cleansing can bring about the expected improvement in the condition of the skin.

I-Leopard has dropped the Unna kit

The double-sided spoon remover from our kit is a guarantee of complete safety and professionalism. Why should you go for a set of Lelani loops? Buy this product, and:

  • you'll be able to deal with the problem of bedbugs, bedbugs and bedbugs,
  • you do it in a way that's safe for the skin,
  • you won't have any trouble using the spoons yourself,
  • in our warehouse you will find a good price and prompt delivery.

We invite you to take advantage of our offer for professionals - we supply renowned beauty and podiatry offices. Lelani's facial cleansing equipment is designed for professionals - join the ranks of those who have successfully dealt with their skin lesions.