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Clamps - an effective remedy for growing nails

Clamps remind what can interfere with the irregular direction of nail growth.Without a proper reaction, sooner or later, the increasing pain begins to occur on one or both sides of the nails, which is od touchable when putting the shoes or walking.Contemporary podology, however, has its way to a remarkable product - take advantage of our wealthy offer of clay clamers and accessories necessary to fix including the corrective nails.

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Patches for growing nails - an effective corrective product

Most people who come to the podiatric office are those who have just experienced nail growth and associated pain. In the standard condition - the onset of growing toenails that have just begun to pierce the wall of the nail plate - the procedure takes about 20 minutes. This includes removing the growing edge of the nail and possibly counteracting the effects of inflammation. It is important not to remove any part of the plaque yourself, as this may result in infection. In the podiatric office, this is done by a specialist who is equipped with sterile equipment and a functional product called a nail clip.

When do you need a glue clip?

Why does the nail change direction? The majority of cases involve people who do not properly trim the tile, but there are other causes of nail deformation. The most important of these are:

  • rounding during shortening
  • genetic factors
  • associated diseases

The round shape causes the corneal plate to expand radially and grow or curl into the tip of the finger. Until recently, the only solution was invasive surgery to remove the entire nail. Other, of circular cross-section they've revolutionized the market, and they've been hugely successful, both with podiatrists and with patients who know about it. The simplicity of the application, the ease of use and the excellent results other, of circular cross-section it's one of the most popular ways to get rid of growing nails. Their innovative formula is to easily attach to the nail plate with glue or gel. The kit contains a plastic or metal strap and a nail clip. In our offer we have both such sets and various accessories for fastening the belt in separate sale, such as adhesives, photo-hardening gels. We'll be happy to advise you on the type of clamp to use and if it's right glue clip. I 'm going . Add the bandage to the basket and try a modern corrective. You can also benefit from attractive discounts if you order a regular supply of clamps and fasteners.

Installation of adhesive bracket

Construction of glued clamps is as simplified as possible. Although the product may look small, it is usually developed by a team of scientists and practitioners who are eager to use space technology. The most common form is a strip of elastic plastic. If you buy the clamp alone, add the solvent to the cart. A small strip of plastic or metal, attached to the nail with an arch, gives off the tensile force and causes the edge of the plate to deviate from the nail shafts.

The effect is immediate

This not only provides immediate relief (the nail no longer irritates the pocket) but also forces the nail to grow in the right direction. The time it takes for the adhesive to harden is basically the whole process with an effective product like glue clip. I 'm going . Importantly, when choosing the right brace, a podiatrist or a beautician should consider whether the strap is the same thickness as the nail. Only then will the elastic force be effective enough to actually stop the nail from growing.

Advantages of glued clamps

Once you've added clamps to your customer basket, you can take advantage of the training provided by the manufacturer and learn how to apply the products you buy in your office. Glue pads are widely available in our catalogue. It has items of varying thickness, adapted to size and each case with individual or universal to fit the nails of many different people. Add to this any necessary accessories for attaching the brace.

With an adhesive clasp , there 's no day to day hassle

It should be stressed that, assuming other, of circular cross-section does not put the patient at risk of burdensome daily functioning (it is worn for six months). Every product we offer for nail problems becomes almost imperceptible after a few days of wearing socks, tights, shoes or just walking. Containing by weight: it almost becomes part of the nail. If you have any questions or concerns about putting on and using adhesive clamps, please call the number listed under 'Contact us'.