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Disposable, effective protective masks

How do you protect yourself from an invisible outside threat? One of the most effective, and at the same time the easiest, is disposable protective masks. They are a natural filter that keeps out not only pollutants but also microorganisms and viruses. We recommend tried and tested disposable and reusable masks from our store at an attractive price. It's not just when you're in the office that you need to protect yourself. Protect yourself and others by wearing helmets and protective masks of various types.

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Why is it important to wear protective face masks?

Available on the market protective masks complement the set of sterile materials. In addition to disinfecting and rinsing tools, wearing face coverings is a good habit. We offer a wide range of products for such protection. In addition to FFP1 and FFP3 masks, we also have disposable masks in the store. They should be used at least during procedures involving the epidermis, such as removing growing nails. It doesn't have to be surgical mask or the most watertight type masks - FFP3. Each of the products we offer will effectively protect you from germs, dust and other contaminants.

Disposable masks — handy and effective protection in your office

Did you disposable masks security will work in your office? It's a safe and affordable way to protect employees and customers and patients. Disposable face masks can be useful not only in the autumn-winter season. It is then easy to transmit or catch an infection, which is why you should use protective masks ourselves and others. FFP1 masks they are also effective in preventing inflammation during, for example, pedicures. In a cosmetic and podiatry office, sterility is key. The use of face masks is a natural complement to indoor disinfection and tool sterilization. Regular use:

  • increases protection against infection,
  • improves working comfort,
  • protect persons using the services of the establishment.

When assessing the suitability of a product, it is useful to be guided by the quality and standards specified by the manufacturer. At Leopard, we only work with proven partners. We always verify the source of supplies. You can rest assured that your half-masks and masks will do the job.

Disposable masks from Leopard

Irrespective of the type of order protective masks you can be sure that their great asset will be favourable price. I 'm going . It is best to order large packages of 100, 200, or even 500 other. I 'm going . However, if you decide otherwise, we can fulfill your order for any number of individual masks. It'll still be an offer at a good price for the piece. We ship the products as soon as we receive the order. Choose a higher level of protection with professional masks from the Leopard catalog.

Protective masks increase safety

How to distinguish professional products from mass production FFP1 in category"protective masks"What? A good half-face mask or smog mask from our store comes from a verified source. It also has a required attestation of conformity to EN 149. More specifically, — is permeability. The filter layer in masks FFP1 to FFP3 shall be made of a high-density material. Its job is to trap particles of pollution as small as possible. This also applies to microorganisms and viruses, which are even smaller. Especially the latter require maximum leakage a protective face mask.

FFP1 mask in practice

It is advisable to use at least a half-mask FFP1 during soft tissue procedures in the podiatric office. However, it is advisable to increase the level of protection by wearing FFP2 or FFP3 masks. Regardless of the choice, each solution provides additional protection for the health of the participants. Leopard offers a variety of masks and half-masks for your own practice.

The smog mask? That's the way to go!

You can also turn on your respiratory protection with a mask from our store. This is particularly appropriate during periods of high pollution in agglomerations and industrial cities. The FFP1 masks that we offer are ideal for such protection. The anti-smog mask should capture all suspended matter and particulate matter in the air. It's also a great solution for people who suffer from allergies during plant pollination. In the catalog of our store, you will find products suitable for such protection. Order from us semi-masks and FFP1 masks, which can also be successfully used as anti-smog masks.

Surgical, protective or reusable masks

What are the differences between the different types protective masks? What ? Reusable textile masks have the lowest protection values. The comparison of the individual classes FFP1 to FFP3 concerns the permeability of particles up to 0,6 μm in diameter. Depending on the filter type and design, the maximum leakage percentage and the required protection shall be determined. For class FFP1 they shall be 25% and 80% respectively. This means that the mask passes about a quarter of the moisture in the exhaled air. On the other hand, it traps 80% of the particles in the environment. FFP1 masks and semimasks provide the ideal protection for the wearer against external threats. It works well as a smog mask or basic protection against infection in high-risk environments. For FFP2 and FFP3 thicker filters they also protect the environment from exhaled air. Leakage and protection are 11 and 94% for 'two' and 5 and 99% for 'three' respectively. Does this mean that FFP1 masks do not provide sufficient protection? They're perfect for smog masks or flu season protection. They can be bought at a good price, they're sufficient security at a basic level.

Order any number you want. or packaging at the Leopard store!

At Leopard, you can order anti-smog masks and FFP1-FFP3 protective masks with good shipping. We offer professional security with certified filters. Orders can be made in bulk or individually. The popular FFP1 masks at a competitive price will provide you with basic protection in the office. They can also be used as smoke masks or as protection against mechanical contamination. Try the products from our store and order an adequate supply of masks with instant delivery.