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We give them the greatest revolution in cosmetics and a real boom on nail accessories.Hybrid lakes are responsible for the fact that hand styling has gained almost unlimited opportunities when it comes to the choice of colors, decorations or artistic manicure creations.Thanks to this technology, nail decoration gained a truly artistic dimension and became one of the most interesting arts.Today, the foundation of wrapping the hands in cosmetic offices is a wide selection of lakes and accessories of the best brands.

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Mavi Glass Glass For Henna

A glass vessel for dispensing and mixing cosmetic liquids. Every beautician needs. It will be used for mixing varnishes, gels, acrylic, henna, etc. Made of transparent glass. Henna dish Wołomin

Price 2.00 zł

Mavi Rubber Carrier 10 mm

Rubber mandrel for rounded pedicure abrasive caps - universal, suitable for all gradations. Diameter 10mm  

Price 9.00 zł

Mavi Tipsy In A Box 100 Milk

Professional tips made of flexible material. They perfectly match the natural nail, have a large pocket, which makes it easier to attach the tips. Tips are flexible and resistant to mechanical damage. Perfectly profiled, with a universal shape

Price 9.99 zł

Staleks Clippers for ingrown nails PODO 30 18 mm

KEY CHEQUES   straight edges without swelling; the part of the spine without a spine; a special compressed and thin part of the work to thoroughly remove the growing nails; manual multi-level screening that ensures the instrument’s long-lasting accuracy; comfortable, reliable handheld with a...

Price 160.00 zł

Mavi Medical Plastic Kidney Bag 28 Cm (1000ml)

It is useful when washing henna, treating on the face. Disinfection and sterilization: the product can be sterilized in the atmosphere of dry air130 °C, and in autoclave in the atmosphere of a compressed water pair at a temperature of 126 °C.It can be washed anddisinfect the methods commonly...

Price 9.00 zł