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Professional nails - necessary in the office and home set for styling

Professional nails are an indispensable component of cosmetic and podological cabinets.The modeling of the nails, especially on the legs, often requires a combination of strength and precision.Therefore, small sharks with a relatively high pressure force in the hands of an experienced person will best cope with hard nail plates on the feet.Made of stainless steel nails can also be found in a private hygiene set - choose with us your reliable tools.

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Staleks Clippers for ingrown nails PODO 30 18 mm

KEY CHEQUES   straight edges without swelling; the part of the spine without a spine; a special compressed and thin part of the work to thoroughly remove the growing nails; manual multi-level screening that ensures the instrument’s long-lasting accuracy; comfortable, reliable handheld with a...

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Podoland Podology Set - clamps, tamponade applicator

SUBSECTION OF PODOLAND  In the composition of the straw enters - nail shortening tube 02, mini tamponade appliquator, ligasano tamponade.   Number 02 - Strings simple, side-side with a sharp spoon.It is ideal for shortening your nails, even in home conditions.It can be used in children and...

Price 120.00 zł

Nail clips - the manufacturer matters

A professional nail tool must be precise and reliable. Toenail rope the products used in beauty salons and podiatric offices look very similar to regular pharmacy products, but they are different from them - best seen when they are used. If you're going to use a line for professionals in your office, you can't limit yourself to one, one-size-fits-all. The different profiles allow excellent results for a variety of nail plate problems. In the advanced pedicure or health care kit, other tasks have professional frontal lobes, others fall back to the lateral lobes. Regardless of the profile and application, each type of professional cushion must perform reliably. It means:

  • adequate pressure to cope with the thickest finger plate or resistant deformation
  • a smooth cutting edge which can then only be slightly polished and smoothed
  • ergonomic design and ease of use

Find out what your bows are made of

The guarantee of the quality of professional nail clippers is the right material, i.e. stainless steel with high performance and wear resistance. Thanks to her nail polishes they do not fade and are always ready for intensive use. The precision of the lever mechanism and the sharp edges also count, resulting in excellent cutting quality with relatively soft pressure. We invite you to consult our catalogue of proven cosmetic tools for cutting and styling nails. Professional equipment will ensure the best results, even if you plan to treat your nails in the comfort of your own home. Side and front straps this is the first step towards advanced care . Order a reliable pair of tweezers today and give your feet a healthy and aesthetically pleasing appearance - our store has a wide selection of toenail care products.

Toenail and hand nails - from medical procedures to home styling

Good quality tweezers are not just manicure or pedicure products. In the podiatry room, the necessary equipment is other, not further worked than hot-rolled. I 'm going . This painful condition involves the growth of an improperly cut plaque into the nail plate. In addition to growing toenails, a podiatrist often has patients with a twisted nail. Both changes are caused by an improperly protruding plate, but the main difference between the two is the mechanism of action on the nail pockets.

  1. ingrown toenail - the wrong direction of plaque growth causes soft tissue damage, inflammation, hypergranulation and pain.
  2. nail twisting - the plate curls upwards, looking like a coiled tube; pain is caused by the plate pressing on the placenta.

While it is always necessary to prepare and cut off the foreign body - the fragments of the ingrown nail - in the case of ingrown nails, it is best to visit a podiatrist to see if the stage of deformation allows the obstructive fragments of the nail to be removed. It is certainly possible to prevent such growths individually by keeping your nail plate in the right shape and direction. The problem is usually with the big toe, and professional nail polishes are sure to help. Pedologists warn that it is easy to deny the moment when it is best to toenail clipsand they ended up in the hands of a professional. After consulting a specialist, you may want to take care of your toenails yourself. Otherwise, it can result in persistent pain or even an inability to move.

The front lines - you can use them to shape the tile

Another type of nail clippers are pedicure headgear. I 'm going . You can use them without restrictions, especially if you want to profile the shape of your nail on the top. The front nail tips are characterized by a slightly rounded shape and sharp edges that leave an even trace. This is important because a nail prepared for styling must have an even edge, which is best formed with an even cut. In our shop you can find your own advanced stainless steel nail cutting tools. If you are in any doubt, please contact us by phone or e-mail - we will be happy to advise you on the product profile best suited to your styling intentions.

Side straps - designed to keep the nail growing in the right direction

These toenail clips they have to do a tough job. They are most often used to shorten overgrown nail plates. If inflammation has occurred and the patient needs to be relieved of persistent pain, they become the primary tool used in regular foot surgery. Once the pocket has been deflected at the growth site, reach for strong, wide blades to cut off the horn pieces, which can then be removed with a piece of live tissue, bringing immediate relief to the victim. Stainless steel toenails need to work quickly and effectively, especially when the patient arrives at the podiatrist at an advanced stage.

Nail polishes - our store provides excellent prices

Like all tools after contact with the skin, professional stainless steel bandages should be disinfected and then sterilised. Information on decontamination and sterilisation procedures must be clearly visible in the cabinet. Toenail clips together with other stainless steel utensils should be bathed in high concentration disinfectant. After washing and drying, they must be sterilized with the rest of the day's work to keep the office completely aseptic. If you have toenail clips for your own use, you can simply disinfect and dry them regularly. Regardless of where the tools are used, a high level of care should be maintained, including for the maintenance of their properties. All toenail clips available in our shop come with a manufacturer's warranty provided they are used, disinfected and maintained properly. They are worth ordering - one of their greatest advantages is their extremely low price.