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Paper towels in the roll - first aid to maintain hygiene

It’s hard to imagine a beauty salon or a hairstylist without the basic hygienic means, which is the paper towels in the roll.Single-time products are a huge ally in the efforts for hygiene and asepticity also in the podological offices and tattoo workshops.Comfortable in use, protected from pathogens and melting thanks to a tight roll, they are useful in many situations, both in planned work and in emergencies.Enjoy our offer with a wide selection of products.

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Towel Roll Cellulose Basic ECOTER 320 - Thick

The Basic ECOTER 320 cellulose wheel handheld has excellent thickness and height.Delicate in touch, enduring, efficient and untouchable.Order and make sure the quality!Universal and efficient paper towelsCellulose Roller Basic ECOTER 320 Gruby is a product made with high quality cellulose hunted...

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Paper towel in a roll - what to look for when choosing?

Contrary to appearances, finding the products that work best for your employees may require you to try a few. We're happy to suggest which paper towels will work best for a particular task, but it's also subjective. The choice should not be based on a single criterion, such as price or quantity. What is certain is that good paper towels should:

  1. have two layers
  2. show excellent liquid absorption
  3. do not tear at any time
  4. be characterised by hand-pleasing softness

These characteristics are distinguished only by professional products offered by companies specializing in the production of high-performance materials for preserving sterility and hygiene. They are designed for aseptically demanding spaces in medical, surgical or laboratory offices. Therefore, their use in cosmetic or podiatric settings will promote the highest hygiene standards. Specialised paper towels in rolls from our range, which are extremely affordable compared to other products on the market, can also be used for disinfecting surfaces or rinsing.

Basic hygiene - disposable towels in rolls

We offer paper towels of the right grammatical size that will not disperse in your hands during use. They also avoid accidental tearing and, importantly, do not dust or leave particles of cellulose on disinfected surfaces. They can be used both for the purpose of disinfecting surfaces and for maintaining order throughout the plant. For aseptic procedures, use is limited to:

  • wiping hands after washing before disinfecting or changing disposable gloves
  • wiping work surfaces sprayed with disinfectant

Using paper towels to wipe your hands before disinfecting is an additional aseptic aid. Woven towels, especially if not changed daily, can become a source of pathogens. Their disposable cellulose counterparts are clean due to their tight rolling. Single-use ensures the highest level of hygiene, and the towels themselves are made of natural cellulose, so they are disposable and completely environmentally friendly.

It is important not to use any towels after disinfecting hands or tools - they should dry naturally. On the other hand, you can wipe the countertops or the surface of the sofa or chair with a piece of towel with a suitable remedy.

Isn't a kitchen towel enough in the beauty parlour?

Many people feel that simple kitchen towels, such as those commonly found in stores, are all that is needed to keep a facility clean and hygienic. The lower price encourages it. Of course, they can be used for less demanding tasks, but such a product has the potential to tear and wear out quickly because it is made of low-gravity cellulose, often with the addition of secondary raw materials. If you are interested in a higher quality product, adequate for the desired results, you will find the right hygiene products in our specialized warehouse. Surely you will be surprised by their high productivity, which means that the price does not have to be much higher than the usual products on the market.

Tested products, great price

Hygiene and aseptic standards are uncompromising, so make sure that you have a regular supply of tried-and-tested hygiene products. They are also available in a continuous supply format, giving your office uninterrupted access to the best disposable hygiene products. If you become our permanent contractor, the price of the products will also decrease accordingly. You can decide which type of towel to choose, although most customers find application to both rolled and folded towels. For use in service stations, large, tight rollers are produced which, thanks to their absorbency, correspond to the purchase of 12-16 rolls. the usual range. Please visit our website and contact us by phone, email or messenger if you have any questions or concerns. As a long-standing supplier, we serve large networks and smaller plants, so if in doubt, we can use our experience to tailor the order to the needs of our customers.