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Preparation of cosmetic paraffins

Paraphine is still a favorite treatment on the face or legs for many people.Paraffin wax provides the skin with a protective layer, which prevents the formation of acne and other skin problems.The heat from the application of the paraffin wax heats the muscles causing their relaxation, reducing wrinkles and small lines.However, for effective and secure use, paraffinery and other special products are still needed.What accessories are needed to perform the paraffin procedure?

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STARPIL Paraphine Orange - Peach - orange 500g

The paraffin procedure affects the deep humidification of the skin, feeds and regenerates. Paraffin orange it is rich in carotene and provides exceptional protection against free parents. Ideal for mature skin and dry .Gives the feeling food and humidifying the skin.To hands and feet.   Method of...

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Cosmetic paraffin is not everything. What else is needed for the procedure?

Benefits paraffin waxes there's more. A paraffin bath is an effective method of improving skin condition. It's done by creating a hydrolysis surface. This allows not only to reactivate the structure and function of the epidermis. Deep penetration occurs beneath the natural coating. To the right for the purposes of subheadings 2901 to 2904 you need more than high-quality cosmetic paraffin. The kit also requires particle board - a device to safely dissolve the product to the required temperature. It's a kind of heater that melts and heats up cosmetic paraffin to a usable form. Two features are particularly important:

  • dissolved in manufacture from materials of any heading away from the open fire,
  • maintaining proper temperature (particularly important for sensitive feet).

High-quality ready-to-use products

Parts and accessories for cosmetic paraffin wax they're essential for all kinds of treatments. Paraffin wax is a popular method of removing unwanted hair. Applying paraffin increases circulation in areas at risk of anaemia and related skin problems. Paraffin treatments can also help remove bacteria, dead skin cells, and dead hair. Paraffin therapy strengthens nails hands and foot.Waxing manufacture from materials of any heading it's my favorite facial. Paraffin wax provides a protective layer on the skin, preventing acne and other skin problems. Heat from waxing of paraffin wax warms up the muscles, causing them to relax, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. To enhance the effects of hands and foot use special socks and frotte gloves. Cosmetic paraffin wax it also requires a separate brush to apply. You can just put it in basket of the setThe following: particle board + paraffin wax + manufacture from materials of any heading on the hand + socks on the feet + brushes.

Perform paraffin treatment of the face or feet using aids

Paraphrasing it 's popular a cosmetic procedure which can be used as a pedicure or manicure. It helps to quickly soften, moisturize and exfoliate the dead skin before use nail styling. I 'm going . This moisturization promotes hyperkeratosis and reduces wrinkles in the hands and feet. Order the accessories to support this procedure: a paraffin wax, socks and manufacture from materials of any heading and special brushes for application. Hand and foot creams with special properties can also be used after a facelift or nail styling. You can choose single manufacture from materials of any heading or decide to set other, of circular cross-section cosmetic paraffin wax. I 'm going . We invite you after information through the contact form on our website.