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Palu Hybrid Lakers - New Generation

Among the modern cosmetics for nail styling it is worth distinguishing Palu - hybrid lakes.This innovative brand by the Polish company 4Mass SA convinces you with a careful selection of colors and excellent effect on your hands.Products with this logo always guarantee high quality styling.Palu Lakers are performed in professional cosmetic offices and manicure salons.Try them during the nearest painting and check how they appear on your nails after a professional application.

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Palu Cosmetics is a guarantee of the highest quality

Modern make-up requires full professionalism. And that's how we came up with hybrid lacquer, which is a relatively recent invention. However, nail polishes permanently cured in a UV lamp have made their way into the workplace. Increasingly, they are also used in the home. And in both places, Palu's guests - the next generation of hybrid lacquer in 11ml bottles. Available in a variety of colors, proven nail cosmetics are one of the most frequently ordered items in our offer - always reliable products are accompanied by the same price of PLN 32.00. Palu's catalogue includes not only the hybrid varnish, but also the other products necessary for a full, professional manicure or pedicure: hybrid 11 ml bases and tops and accessories for nail treatment and preparation. When you order milling machines and milling machines or a professional UV LED lamp to harden your manicure, don't forget your nail polish kit. The contents of Palu's basket will provide you with the kit to perform an exciting manicure and pedicure, both in the beauty parlor and within your own four walls.

Put Palu's line of perfect hybrid lacquers in your basket. Check the bases, the tops and the UV gels.

The company 4Mass SA created the Palu line (hybrid lacquer, top, base) of attractive hybrid manicure products in fashionable colors. In addition, products bearing this logo (priced at PLN 32.00) impress with their excellent covering properties and the durability of the nail plate coating. You can expect no surprises during the application. The Palu Cosmetics basket includes all kinds of specifications necessary to perform a professional manicure cured in a UV LED lamp.

Choose Palu - Hybrid Varnish in a 11 ml bottle

The distinctive Palu 11 ml packaging, with a black label and a silver inscription, represents modern hybrid varnishes, the colour of which is visible in the form of a small strip at the bottom of the bottle. A similar 11ml packaging is available with a silver label and black writing - in this series we can find bases and tops for laying the appropriate layers under Palu - hybrid lacquer and on top of the styling. Each one comes with the same price - 32.00 PLN.

Palu 11 ml hybrid varnishes are particularly easy to apply. Remember to:

  • Modeling the nail plate, polishing the edges, working the skin,
  • Make the surface opaque
  • Apply a basis that eliminates and complements inequality

It is worth remembering that the purpose of the varnish layer is to complete the decoration, so any modeling should be done before applying it. Palu's modern 11ml products are also ideal for application to a layer of hardened UV LED gel, which is used to build and lengthen the nail plate.

Winter Collection hybrid paints from Palu Cosmetics in 11ml packages

The homepage of Palu Cosmetics features a wealth of products - hybrid varnishes, bases, tops, nail polishes and nail extensions make up the Palu basket, essential for professional manicure and pedicure attempts. You can order them in full or fill in the blanks. In our warehouse you can add to the basket of Palu all the consumable materials for styling: milling caps, diamond stone mills, polishers, and in addition to the most popular base, tops and lacquers 11ml in any number of pieces. - all signed with the Palu Cosmetics logo. Palu's hybrid varnish is a cosmetic that will soon fill the national beauty parlours.

All the cities of Palu - hybrid paint with soul. The price is $32.00.

In addition to the standard colors from Palu's basket, the brand's hybrid lacquer is also available in special series and editions. Up to five. palu's extraordinary collection is the Winter Collection hybrid lacquer, of course in 11 ml packages. The unique hues that hybrid lacquer provides, often in unusual shades, will create an extraordinary effect at a time not only for the winter months and carnival frenzy:

  1. Palu Bombay - powdered rose
  2. Palu Cannes is a fine graphite
  3. Palu Madrid R12 - the sensual burgundy
  4. Palu Madrid R3 - the red one
  5. Palu Rio de Janeiro - A Vitally Important Olive

The "world" series of Palu Cosmetics lacquers with a capacity of 11 ml is complemented by two American bottles: Palu Las Vegas - 5 pieces. with brocade and Palu New York in black and white. Each Palu product (hybrid lacquer is no exception) has been carefully designed, both in terms of chemical properties and the final nail effect. That's why it's worth adding Palu to your basket, no matter what your manicure accessory is. We invite you to read the offer - all 11ml lacquers with the characteristic logo and the price of 32.00 PLN are available in our cosmetics wholesale. Also, remember to get a good UV LED lamp at our store that will harden the hybrid paint properly.

Free delivery is available to wholesalers or those ordering more goods. All you have to do is place an order in our store for the equivalent of mines. 250 pln and free delivery to the address indicated.