Top to the hybrid without swimming - a real revolution in manicure

Remember the moment when among the cosmetics for manicure appeared the top for hybrid no wipe?The specification marked by this name does not form a dispersive layer, which previously had to be removed before the styling was completed.This is a great facility and a guarantee that when the top is placed, it is sufficient to harden in the UV/LED lamp.Today, the set of tops without the need to wash has expanded significantly.Currently, this is a mandatory hybrid bag — check what products you will find in our catalogue.

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Why is there a top no wipe without a dispersion layer?

Modern top to hybrid no wipe it completely changed the style. In an ordinary preparation, a dispersive layer is formed on the last layer of the nail. Removing it requires the use of a cleaner. Now top no wipe is the standard by which hybrid lacquers they're easier to use. Also known as a dry top, the new design leaves no wet layer when finished. It had to be removed sooner, especially if it had accumulated pollutants. Interestingly, the dispersion layer is not a side effect of experimenting with a new manicure. It's a sticky membrane that forms at each step, even after applying primer or varnish. It's supposed to be a bond between layers. Top coat it is the last to appear, so the naturally formed dispersion layer must be washed away. Unless you're using an innovative, unpretentious washing for hybrid lacquers...

Instant top for hybrid without washing

A new chemical formula gave birth to the category "no wipe — does not require washing"It's not. Necessity is the mother of invention, so the new product is very popular. It is appreciated by professional manicurists and people who use hybrid varnishes and UV/LED lamps for their own use. For both, we've prepared a large selection of no-wipe cosmetics for hybrid varnishes. In our catalogue you will find a large selection of cosmetics to finish Sunone, Makear and Palu Cosmetics. Try no wipe - top for hybrid no wipe unwashed one of those brands.

Neonail Dry Top and other branded solutions

Leading manufacturers have found their way to unpretentious cosmetics washing for hybrid varnishes. Top no wipe for a UV/LED lamp is more convenient to use than a conventional product. Therefore, Neonail dry top coats have found counterparts from other major manufacturers. Opinions on the appearance of styling without removing the dispersion layer from the top are unambiguous. Our proposals are solutions ready to be implemented at the next manicure. Try the makeup to finish with wow! Makear, PALU and many other iLeopard brands.

Hybrid lacquer top, ready to finish styling

Modern no-wipe tops don't need washing. These are finished products that, as soon as they are solidified in a UV/LED lamp, create the final effect. You can choose between gloss and matte finish. In our offer, we have top coats no wipe no special effects, but more. Many products provide additional ideas for a unique toenail look. In our catalogue you will find, among others:. makear top coats with effect:

  • the depth of moonlight,
  • top Dots Black or White
  • the gold and silver brocade (TWS Gold, Silver).

We also have neutral no-wipe tops for you. Each one creates a specific manicure finish. Therefore, opinions on the final outcome may differ. Each cosmetic should be tried separately and the final styling effect checked.

Does not require washing, for hybrid coatings cured in UV/LED lamp

Why created by Neonail dry top no wipe without exaggeration can be called a revolution in manicure? The new drug not only saved us a lot of time. It also brought new possibilities for finishing styling. A hybrid top without the need for washing has several important advantages:

  1. It protects the hybrid coating.
  2. It extracts additional effects from color.
  3. There is no dispersion layer.
  4. In the glossy version, it creates a so-called gloss effect. i have a wet nail.
  5. The rare consistency makes it easy to apply.

Choose a hybrid top without finishing in iLeopard

Hybrid varnishes need to be secured with a top hardened in a lamp. The reviews of no-wipe tops without laundry can be described as enthusiastic. This is emphasized by professional manicurists and amateur hybrids. In our online beauty store you will find a large selection of cosmetics to finish your manicure. Top no wipe is one of the most visited categories. We serve the world's largest beauty salons and offer only professional products designed for professional use. We're inviting other parties to cooperate. As part of our ongoing service, we offer favorable delivery terms and additional promotions. You'll be able to order cosmetics that don't require washing to hybrid varnishes from the best manufacturers. Find your favorite outfit and take your styling to the next level!