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Undercover - product of first need also in the cosmetic office

Reliable and accurate - the subological probe must always be at hand, ready to solve the painful problems of the legs.The accurate performance of this specialized surgical steel tool is the foundation of success in the struggle for healthy and aesthetically looks nail.Before it comes time to styling your nails, you should cope with deformations and diseases associated with the nail plate.Complete the necessary set of conclusions from the real event necessary in the office.

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Sub-contracted operations as part of manufacturing of steel

Contrary to popular belief, nail care is more than just trimming. This is well known to podiatrists and their patients who have plaque deformities or other problems that prevent them from functioning normally. The problem of growing nails, areas infected with fungus, deformities from injury and injury - most of these require precision equipment. With precision foot instruments, you can weigh and expose any part of the plaque or reach into the deeper layers of the nail pocket. Different activities require special ends, so there can be no one universal tool. Except for the interesting solution, which is two-sided probe, in a well-equipped cabinet there should be a set of

  • determining the trajectory of nail growth
  • disposal of permanent dirt under the nail
  • shaping and buffing
  • removing wrinkles around the nail

Look only for a product with a medical certificate - we have for you underwater probes from the best manufacturers

Regardless of the type, each end - hook, ball or appropriately profiled wide edge - should be made of the highest quality stainless steel. Our offer is limited to a set of medical products. Made of steel alloys with high resistance to overload and corrosion (surgical steel), they will pass the test for effectiveness in nail wound treatments. Each product in our catalogue guarantees long-term use without reducing the quality of work. All you have to do is follow the decontamination procedures and the mandatory autoclave sterilization so that the handheld kit is ready for the next foot patient every day. Parts and accessories they should also be on the equipment of beauty salons. She should be here at least two-sided probe, which is certainly useful in the initial phase of a professional pedicure, when the shape of the nail plate needs to be properly profiled. Often, this involves reaching for hidden fragments in the nail bed - in the hands of a skilled stylist, the probe will make it much easier to give your nails the optimal line. Using a probe and softener is the easiest way to remove the nail polish without invasive surgery.

Hook for tamponade - product for the patient

One of the most common foot procedures performed is braces for growing nails. It is usually done after sharp, improperly developed pieces of the nail have been removed from the skin. They can be uncovered by a probe that reveals the growths. Once the source of pain has been removed and a corrective brace has been applied, use the hooked probes to the tampon. Not just after the procedure - the success of the procedure depends on changing the dressing applied to the nail pocket every day. Therefore, the appropriate product, the tamponade hook (preferably after sterilisation), should reach the patient. If the procedure takes place in your office, you can offer a set of daily dressings for the price of the procedure. Our store offers good quality tamponade hooks from a reputable manufacturer. The probe is made of stainless steel and, as a high-quality product, can be used for a long time, provided it is regularly disinfected.

Underwater probe - rules for disinfection and sterilisation

Parts and accessories we're not just sterilizing in the podiatry room. This is an obvious procedure after removing the growing plaque and applying a brace to the nail, but it should also be done after each contact with a sensitive area where the nail touches the epidermis. Surgery with the probe is delicate, but it often involves tissue damage, which always increases the risk of infection. Even using a probe to place a tamponade carries potential risks. Therefore, after each treatment, the bathing probe should be placed in a vessel with a strong disinfectant concentration of at least 70%. Then you have to wash it under a stream of running water with the addition of a biocide. After disinfection and washing, the tools should dry - they must be sterilised in an autoclave.

A two-way probe? Order a versatile tool for various treatments

Footprints are used to penetrate where the nail plate meets the epidermis. Different endpoints are used for each run.

  1. A hook with a thin tip is used to drain the nail pocket, e.g. to plasticise a tile or to apply a bandage.
  2. The bullet at the end of the probe is useful for treating particularly painful areas.
  3. Flat hook with a wide handle. The product is used to remove wrinkles from the edges of the nail plate.

We offer probes in many shapes. Take advantage of the opportunity to order two products for the price of one. How is that even possible? Two-sided probe it's nothing but a little foot kit where two different tools have been placed on one handle. This gives you a versatile product that, with proper disinfection and sterilization, will last a long time. The two-sided probe, made of durable material, can be used in a variety of situations - a pointed hook to remove nail or skin residue, and a wide tip to clean the shaft of wrinkles. It's an ideal choice for a beauty salon where styling also requires effort and precision. Please consult information before purchasing. Our qualified staff will tailor each product to your needs. In the case of fixed orders, we will offer attractive prices for underground probes. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns by phone or e-mail.