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Paper towels made

In many situations, they prove their usefulness - the paper towels are the necessary .cosmetic salons and hairstyles.Available in different sizes, they guarantee quick and convenient use, as you can easily reach them with one hand.In combination with a good distributor, they will be able to get acquainted with the good side, both with specialized use and in a substrate situation.Check out our offer of paper towels in sheets for your facility.

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Folding paper towel - properties and uses

Should folding paper towels zz be chosen solely on the basis of low cost? No, not at all. Even single-use hygiene material should be of a decent quality when used for special purposes. Therefore, instead of choosing from commonly available products with low grammage, the high functionality of disposable products in the cosmetic or podiatric office should be considered. In the case of folding towels, this will be high-quality cellulose, above-average absorbency and resistance to accidental tearing.

A good paper towel - what kind?

Folding towels are distinguished by their practical distribution. They're easy to reach when we're busy. They can be displayed at the appropriate distributor so that each worker can easily use the next sheet. Their main advantages are:

  1. practical way of accessing - the towels are folded properly - removing one makes the next one ready to pick up
  2. a high level of hygiene through strict adherence
  3. ergonomic dimensions adapted to the task


Absorbent and resistant cellulose, a recipe for professional folding towels

What qualities should high-quality products have? It's easy enough to recognize it by its grammar and its uniform surface. High-quality products include paper towels that are more absorbent than average, but they should not quickly turn into a pile of wet cellulose. This means that the manufacture of special hygiene articles uses appropriate components that give them a compact structure. This makes the ready-to-use towel sheet also resistant to mechanical damage.

Universal use of folding paper towels

Choosing the right towel will ensure a high level of hygiene in your establishment. Folding towels at the right distributor will quickly become the most commonly used accessory for desk work. They can be used in a variety of situations:

  • for hand washing
  • for the disinfection of flat surfaces
  • for maintaining order in tools
  • for securing the treatment area
  • for use as a base for manicure or pedicure
  • for hair drying after washing
  • for the collection of excess cosmetic product

When placing folding towels, make sure you have a practical distributor. You can choose either a wall-mounted or a standing version - both make the sheets more accessible to the user.

See what dimensions will be best for your office

In our store you will find a wide selection of products in this category tailored to your needs. We offer folding towels in various sizes. At the beginning, it is advisable to put one of the products in a smaller basket (e.g. 30x40 (e.g. in the case of a vehicle). 50x70 cm) of sheet. You can then see which paper towel will work in your facility. We serve a wide range of customers on a continuous basis, and we know that they often choose different options, which allows us to optimally match the paper towel to their future needs. Smaller, more versatile products work well for cleaning and wiping, and the most important uses for larger-area cellulose and fibre sheets are pedicure pads or washing hair. Regular deliveries will lower the price of the product, so we encourage you to cooperate.

What are folding paper towels made of?

The semi-finished product used to make sheet towels is cellulose. In the case of inexpensive disposable hygiene products, the most common one is maculation, so that the price of products known to m. other. it's relatively low. However, in the case of professional applications of cellulose intended for paper towels, it must be of a much higher quality and contain additives to ensure its high strength. Our store offers folding paper towels with high parameters. Their price in relation to quality remains at an attractive level and the products themselves will work and, importantly, they can be fully recycled (cellulose is a natural material) and are therefore completely environmentally friendly.

Regular supply of folding towels

The towels in our range are sourced, without exception, from professional manufacturers of disposable hygiene products that have certificates allowing their use in the medical field. You can already opt for specialist products with regular delivery options, so that towels are always available in your facility. Please contact us by phone or by messenger or e-mail- we will be happy to advise you on the best sizes and materials for your particular activity.