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Gehwol mass — reconstruction of the nail

How do you repair nails that have been damaged or infected by fungus?Gehwol — air-cured nail polish remedy is excellent for this problem.Applied to the feet, it not only fills in the missing fragments but also protects the growing tissue from occupying it.The product contains curable organic substances and medicinal products that stop the growth of the fungus.See how the Nagelmasse tube can help you regain beautiful and healthy toenails!

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GEHWOL NAIL REPAIR GEL GEL for Reconstruction of Nail Plaque Pink Tube 5 ml

GEHWOL Nail Repair Gel with high and medium glucose is a polymerizing spider.The Nail Repair Gel, reinforced by UV rays, enables the simple placement of a highly flexible coating on the nails, perfectly suited to the natural nails.For the treatment of damaged, broken or damaged nails, for the...

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Gehwol — renowned footwear brand

Gehwol has a long history of pioneering the development of podiatry. One of the brand's flagship products is a specialist nail reconstruction gel in the form of a freezing plastic. Nagelmasse nail polish is manufactured in 15 ml tubes. It's designed to fill gaps and reconstruct fingernails and toenails. Used on growing, cracked, brittle nails, it also perfectly rebuilds the plaques taken over by the fungus. Moreover, when applied and developed, it also acts as a bandage to protect against the disease.

The approved product Gehwol up to 15 ml will dry in air. Under the nail repair program, you can safely apply it to your tile and paint it. It does not cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. By applying a reconstructive coating to the nail, the podiatrist simultaneously stops the fungus from growing. It contains clotrimazole, which is a fungicide. Nail repair involves removing damaged fragments of the nail and protecting the recovering plaque.

How to use nail polish?

Mass or gel for nail reconstruction it's an easy product to use. Every foot specialist uses it in the podiatry office. The Nagelmasse with a convenient tube, it's easy to apply, allowing for a clean, seamless refill of the tile. How to make the most of this product Other?

  1. Grind the tile at the site of incubation or occupation by the fungus.
  2. Apply a thin layer of the mass as a substrate.
  3. Put some lint on it.
  4. Once frozen, apply the second, final layer.
  5. Shape the nail and smooth the tile with a suitable mill.

Prearate Gehwol at the Leopard store

We have prepared for you a good offer of professional Gehwol products at a good price. The known benefits of Nagelmasse will also help your patients. In our store you will find a good deal and many other benefits for our customers. Try a reconstructive gel that's guaranteed to work perfectly.