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Accessoires for henna brushes and wrinkles - a wide selection of products for perfect eye treatment

Every woman would like to be able to praise herself with a beautiful eye care that gives the look of expression and depth.Unfortunately, nature has not all of us equipped with beautiful bricks and wrinkles - though there is nothing to give up our dreams!Henna bridges and wrinkles are a great solution here.Our store provides a wide selection of proven products for the styling of bricks and wrinkles.

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Mavi Glass Glass For Henna

A glass vessel for dispensing and mixing cosmetic liquids. Every beautician needs. It will be used for mixing varnishes, gels, acrylic, henna, etc. Made of transparent glass. Henna dish Wołomin

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Mavi henna pads 100 pcs waterproof eye protection

Panking plaques in the eyesIn the offer of brand products Mavi henna 100 s.they are made of a durable, waterproof plate.Thanks to this application, plastics do not dust and do not leave fiber.They also do not dissolve fluids and pollutants, allowing the hygienic and clean execution of the...

Price 8.00 zł

Mavi Double-sided slant brush for Henna with a brush

HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA A professional pipe with high-quality synthetic hair with a very flexible structure. The perfectly profiled wooden brick with ergonomic shape will make the work with the brick efficient and very convenient.The cut hair is a guarantee of accurately...

Price 8.99 zł

REFECTOCIL Liquid oxidant 3% 100% - water for henna

Original, new oxidant for scratching and scratching RefectoCil Oxidant 3% Creme 100mlBASIC TECHNIQUES OF THE PRODUCTOxygen Factory New, of Current ProductionHigh Quality RefectoCilExtremely efficient stabilizing cream corresponding to 3% oxidated waterVery efficient, the bottle content is average...

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Tested eyebrow and eyelash styling product

During performance eyebrow styling and colouring it is important to always choose professional products that guarantee the safety of the customer and a beautiful, natural look. Every product in our store comes from a certified manufacturer, so we can be sure that what we offer meets the highest standards.

The client deciding on the procedure henna eyebrows and eyelashes not only a lasting effect but also that the product used is safe and non-allergenic. The next step is to select the eyebrow color and shape, which is impossible without the right tools. That's why everything in your office has to be of the highest quality.

Professional accessories are an investment

A very wide range of accessories is available on the market, so it is worth choosing those that have been tested and certified to be not only safe but also resistant to wear. If you're doing henna professionally, it's important that it's the highest quality products from reputable companies. Price should reflect quality, but it should not be the only factor. There's a cosmetic product ranking that allows you to choose accessories that will 100% meet your expectations.

There is a really huge selection available and every product on the market has many advantages - the price range is also very wide. When we offer eyebrow styling products, we also focus on free and fast delivery, which guarantees the satisfaction of our customers.

Before you buy, thoroughly examine each product


A brush cut from natural hair (rabbit wash), springy and dense. Allows uniform application of lifting movements henna on eyebrows, without any cracks in the skin. This product absorbs the composition of henna perfectly, easily applying it to the skin.

Parts and accessories

Other, not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter they're made of durable, waterproof foam. By using this material, they do not dust and leave no fibers. They are also impermeable to liquids and dirt, allowing for hygienic and clean eyebrows and eyelashes. Its small thickness and specially designed shape allow it to fit well into the shape of the client's body. There are 100 in the box foam backing on the blisters.

Delicate yet durable other, not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter they're great in beauty salons and beauty parlours and in everyday wear. They'll be useful not only when performing henna treatments the eyelashes, but also other ways of colouring or nourishing and regenerating them.

Foam flakes they can also be used when applying eye make-up, so that the dry cosmetics of the moles will settle and the ink will not stain the cheeks.

The pads should be applied to the eyelashes just before treatment. Caution should be exercised as this occurs in a particularly sensitive area of the face. Thanks to their design and special profile, the flakes fit well into the shape of the face and eyes. In fact, they'll stick together and not move during the procedure. At the end of the treatment, when the skin is no longer exposed to dirt, the flakes can be carefully removed and disposed of.

The soft foam is neutral to the skin. It is non-irritating and contains no allergenic substances. Every product we sell is a guarantee of the highest quality and affordability.

Shopping convenience and safe delivery

We understand how important it is for your convenience to be able to quickly order the products and accessories you need in one place. Fast delivery will get you the product you need in a matter of days. It's also important that our free delivery is 100% safe.

Whether your criterion is a specific manufacturer or price, you are free to choose from a wide range of products.

We wanted to make sure that the website you regularly shop on met all your expectations. To make it as easy as possible for you to complete your order, we've divided the site into categories and subcategories so that you can easily find exactly what you need. You can also instantly see if the product you're looking for is available or temporarily out of stock.

Shipping and delivery are free with a limited quantity , and all offered by us manufacture from materials of any heading the eyebrows and eyelashes are properly prepared and packaged in such a way that the delivery is completely safe and that each product reaches the customer intact.

Forget about missed purchases and stores where contact is impossible and the price is too high! Now you don't have to worry about your shopping being above the store's standard. With us, you set your standards, and the delivery is always on time.