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A few functions in one device.Combined multifunctional cosmetic

Is it worth investing in multifunctional cosmetics?Many of our customers have already decided to use this equipment.There are a lot of “yes” voices.In the beauty salon, a cosmetic combination replaces other devices.Its purchase enrichs the offer of services and definitely facilitates the work.In our offer you will find both stable products and mobile cosmetic combinations.Check out what tools to facilitate the work in the cosmetic office we have prepared for you in our store.

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What can a harvester do?

What cosmetic devices are necessary in a well-equipped office? Many treatments require separate equipment. Therefore, cosmetic harvesters are a good solution - an economical and functional solution. They are used in offices that focus on development. The cosmetic harvester not only looks professional. It is an investment that will enrich every offer!

Cosmetic devices - several in one. Lower price, more options

Regardless of size, cosmetic harvesters take up less space. These are classic "several in one" devices. You do not need to have equipment in the office for each of these functions separately. As a result, a cosmetic harvester costs less than all treatment equipment purchased separately. And if there is an additional promotion, by choosing several harvesters, you can fully equip your office. In the Leopard store we offer a large selection of these devices in different price variants.

Variants of combining multiple devices into one are practically unlimited. Therefore, every owner of a cosmetic establishment should first create his own function toolbox. Only then will he choose apparatus with a set of useful procedures. It is important that these are proven products for specialists. This is not so obvious, especially in the case of small cosmetic harvesters for private use or mobile offices. Small devices such as "3 in 1" are also available in chain drugstores or supermarkets. It is worth buying this equipment in a large online wholesaler with supplies for professional cosmetic establishments.

Stationary cosmetic harvester for the office

Beauty salons with a wide catalog of treatments need a multifunctional device. In our offer you will find truly multitasking products. The largest of them can replace as many as 19 different devices. These are comfortable machines with a columnar structure. They are ergonomic and easy to move thanks to the wheels. However, each of the functions is characterized by uncompromising quality. Smaller cosmetic harvesters are conceived as cosmetic devices for one group of treatments. For example, the camera from Beauty System is marked as 6in1 Micro+Mezo+Peel+Hot-Cold+Lift+Photon BN-E6. Let's decipher these abbreviations. It turns out that each of them means a different treatment, although the base of performance is quite similar. With BN-E6 you can offer your clients:

  1. Micro - diamond microdermabrasion from Beauty System, i.e. smoothing the skin with sterile diamond blades. It is used before using deep-penetrating regenerating and rejuvenating dermocosmetics.
  2. Meso - mesotherapy, transport into the skin of active substances, for which ultrasound is used. It is used to reduce scars, reduce cellulite, sagging skin and stretch marks, as well as to smooth wrinkles.
  3. Peel - cavitation peeling for skin regeneration and care. The treatment consists in cleansing the skin by ultrasonic waves. It extracts excess sebum and eliminates keratinized epidermis, blackheads and microorganisms.
  4. Hot-Cold - hot-cold head. An alternative to laser. The hot version is used before the procedure. This dilates the blood vessels to transport nutrients deeper into the epidermis faster. The cooling head calms the nerve endings, eliminates irritation and redness and closes pores.
  5. Lift - non-invasive face modeling. Modern apparatus for the face, neck and cleavage consists of probes with microcurrents. Stimulates cell regeneration. They stimulate the reconstruction of collagen and elastin fibers. They smooth the skin, increase the contractility of muscle fibers, excrete toxins with excess water.
  6. Photon - skin regeneration using waves corresponding to color bands. Original Beauty System equipment.

Mobile Cosmetic Harvester

In the Leopard cosmetics store you will also find solid mini products. They combine 3-4 treatments. This is a very convenient way to perform treatments at home. The advantage of such solutions is a lower price. For example, another cosmetic device Beauty System 3in1 Micro + Hot Cold + Sono BR-1891 allows you to perform microdermabrasion, Hot&Cold treatment and ultrasonophoresis. How to prepare for the use of peeling equipment, lasers or mesotherapy in the office? All you have to do is find another cosmetic harvester that combines these products. We have for you a large selection of devices "3in1" or "4in1" of the best brands, designed for professional use. Always at a good price and from reliable manufacturers such as Beauty System, Azzurro, Biomak or ActiveShop. Larger cosmetic harvesters with five or more functions can successfully enrich the offer of treatments. At the same time, it is an excellent option to equip a mobile cosmetic bag with excellent products and devices. Thanks to miniaturization and ergonomic designs, many treatments have become more accessible, at a lower price. Mesotherapy, cavitation peeling or microdermabrasion are at your fingertips. More expensive individual cosmetic devices can be replaced by