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Autoclave – the necessary tool for sterilization

Every professional cosmetic office should respect above all the highest standards in terms of not only the quality of customer service but also the purity and sterility.This sterilizer for cosmetic equipment and medical equipment is needed to properly carry out the disinfection process of all used tools and any accessories in each beauty office.

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Autoclave what is it?

The device for sterilization should be characterized by high quality workmanship and must meet the highest standards set by, among others, sanitary authorities. It is worth adding that autoclaves, are one of the best and most convenient methods of disinfection to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of tools. Sterilization is a process that is not too time-consuming. The time depends on the mode selected and is usually a quarter or two quarters of an hour.

Cosmetic autoclaves belong to the group of steam sterilizers. With the help of high temperature and steam, sterilization of equipment, tools and cosmetic accessories takes place. All microorganisms are quickly removed. Therefore, its application is quite wide. In addition, the price is of great importance. The price of the devices offered by our store is very competitive. In addition, the class of the product is the highest offered on the market. It should be borne in mind that in order for the entire purification process to proceed properly, and for the tools removed from the autoclave to be sterilized and to be stored for a long time in cabinets, they must be properly packed in special packages.

It is worth adding that autoclaves are used in the work of cosmetologists, makeup artists, as well as doctors or in the pharmaceutical industry. For this purpose, companies are increasingly choosing to purchase these devices for reasons of work safety, as well as the quick ability to remove all contaminants and microorganisms in a safe manner. Accessories, instruments and disinfected products are subjected to thermal treatment preserving their properties. The sterilizer is safe for stainless steel products.

Which autoclave for a beauty salon?

Our store offers a wide range of autoclaves. They differ in capacity, functions or options for built-in printers, and prices depend on these elements. The price range is varied. Therefore, you can easily match the equipment to your needs in any practice. As for the capacity of autoclaves, too, there are a number of dependencies. The first ones have a small capacity. They are ideal for small instruments and a few pieces, while the others were created with large offices in mind. The device ensures the maintenance of an appropriate level of cleanliness of the items used during treatments, which demonstrates the highest quality of services provided and the safety provided by the office. In addition, cleaning with an autoclave is an indispensable process for the proper performance of subsequent treatments with reusable tools and accessories.

The offer of our wholesaler has been tailored to the needs of customers who intend to purchase a functional autoclave for a cosmetic or medical salon. One of the highly appreciated is the Lafomed Premium Line autoclave with printer. This device is characterized by an easy level of operation. It allows you to choose one of eight automatic programs controlled by a touch panel with a friendly interface in Polish. Its operation is very intuitive and use is very simple. The chamber's capacity is 8 liters. It contains a high-quality bacterial filter.

Thanks to the device, every professional beauty salon, hairdressing salon, SPA, dental or medical office, and even tattoo studio is able to ensure 100% safety for its clients. It provides protection against infection with ringworm, HIV, hepatitis, hepatitis.

Sterilization in an autoclave - how does the process work?

Autoclave sterilization is used to sterilize equipment, instruments and materials intended for reusable and temperature-stable use. This form of removing microorganisms with saturated steam under pressure is the most effective and safest method. Damage to microorganisms is an irreversible process and safe for further use of tools. Moreover, in this case modern does not at all mean complicated. On the contrary, the devices show incredible ease of use. The commissioning process is extremely simple. The use of the cassette as a sterilization chamber also gives additional possibilities.

The sterilization process is divided into four phases inside the device:

  1. emptying, this is the time to vent the autoclave. At this point, air will be eliminated from the interior and replaced by saturated steam under high pressure.
  2. equilibration - this is the phase when the correct temperature is reached
  3. sterilization - the duration of disinfection depends on the microbial load and the temperature used for this process. The standard method during this stage is disinfection in an autoclave for a quarter of an hour at 121°C. Inactivation or destruction of prions require at least a time of 30 minutes at 132-134°C and a pressure of 3 bar.
  4. cooling - in this part of the whole process the drying and cooling of the instruments takes place. This stage completes the sterilization process.

A cosmetic sterilizer is an indispensable piece of equipment for every cosmetic and medical salon. The product is necessary when performing procedures.

Autoclave sterilization - use of the latest technology

Sterilization of various types of articles is carried out with the help of running steam created from water at a temperature of 121° to 134°. In addition, the process is carried out at a pressure of 1.5 to 2.5 atmospheres. These high values guarantee thorough sterilization of accessories and instruments and elimination of pathogenic microorganisms. Depending on the selection of the autoclave model, more than a dozen instruments of different sizes can be sterilized simultaneously.

It is worth adding that horizontal autoclaves are devices equipped with a programmable auto-start, which is a great convenience in use. In addition, a great advantage is the use of a hydraulic door locking system during the occurrence of overpressure in the processor chamber. In addition, the devices have an open lid sensor. The work is fast, efficient and protects even delicate tools from damage.

Cosmetic autoclave - advantages of use:

Cosmetic autoclaves definitely facilitate work in any beauty salon. The devices are straightforwardly indispensable when a salon uses sterile cosmetic, dental or hairdressing tools, and employees care about the safety of their work and the procedures performed. They ensure:

  • sterility of tools
  • clean accessories
  • guarantee of safety of procedures performed
  • speed during sterilization
  • functionality
  • quiet operation of the device
  • simple and intuitive operation
  • data archiving

We care most about customer satisfaction, so we attach great importance to the quality of the products offered. Therefore, on our online shelves you can find devices of the highest quality and at an affordable price. It should be mentioned that delicate tools do not show signs of deterioration even after several hundred sterilizations in the autoclave. The device, thanks to efficient and reliable vacuum systems, creates an innovative quality of sterilization. As a result, the disinfection process takes only a few minutes, even for instruments packed with drying.

Cosmetic autoclave device price

In our store you will find a wide range of autoclaves, in different price ranges. Autoclaves, the price of these devices depends on additional features, parameters, such as the capacity of the autoclave or the option of a built-in printer. You can purchase small autoclaves with a capacity of 2 liters. These are ideal devices that work well in small salons. They are primarily used for sterilization: clippers, scissors or spatulas. They will prove ideal for small beauty salons, where several products are subjected to the cleaning process. Larger autoclaves are 8-liter ones, which will accommodate many tools of different sizes at the same time.

An additional feature is the presence of a printer. After the sterilization process is completed, it gives us a printout summarizing the entire process. It is worth noting at this point that the highest standard of the device is met by those with class B. The class of the product is of great importance. It is it that suggests the fulfillment of the required standards by sanitary authorities for the sterilization of instruments.

In the offer of our company you can also find all the necessary accessories that can be sterilized in the autoclave. These include: pliers, metal files, scissors or tweezers. These are accessories made of high-quality stainless steel, used in the manufacture of surgical instruments.

Disinfection of any cosmetic or medical products is of great importance. It is the one that constitutes the safety of the work and the procedures performed. To protect the health of clients and patients, it is important to remember that disinfection should be carried out after each use. Items are put into the device and the sterilization process is carried out at the right temperature, for the right length of time.

Autoclaves worth paying attention to:

  1. Lafomed autoclave classic line LFSS23BA with printer 23-L cl. B medical
  2. Lafomed compact line autoclave LFSS23AC with printer23-L cl. B medical
  3. Woston autoclave Tanda 18L type C with printer, cl. B - medical

Guarantee on devices for sterilization of instruments

We encourage you to get acquainted with the range of various models offered by our store, so that everyone will be able to choose the ideal device for their office. We offer fast delivery to the indicated address. Each device has a warranty of 24 months. It is based on the door-to-door principle. In addition, please note that if you are interested in an autoclave, the price depends on the standard of the device. We offer first-class products: certified meeting the latest Sanepid requirements for sterilization.