HENNA HANDS with Flexible Hair

Painting the brushes and scratches requires that the coloring product is properly applied, using reliable henna scratches.Your eyes will look remarkable if you ensure a uniform and accurate preparation.The final effect depends on the complexity and smoothness of the hair, so it is best to choose a product for special use.Do this with the professional RefectoCil or Brow accessories from the category "Henny Footwear" from our wholesale catalogue of beauty salons.

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Mavi Double-sided slant brush for Henna with a brush

HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA A professional pipe with high-quality synthetic hair with a very flexible structure. The perfectly profiled wooden brick with ergonomic shape will make the work with the brick efficient and very convenient.The cut hair is a guarantee of accurately...

Price 8.99 zł

How to apply henna

When applying henna, make sure that the eye area is perfectly clean. The rest depends on skillful mixing on a pallet of the dye and the stabilizer in the form of water oxidized in cream. The best brands (e.g. RefectoCil, Brow, Mavi) have all the products - means and accessories to create natural eye frames, including, other, ..whose hair can reach every italian. Eyelashes and eyebrows covered with henna with a high-quality tool mean deep coloration and durability, as individual hairs are then covered with the dye from head to toe.

Henna brush - product available in several options

Good brushes characterised by high quality hair. Branded products offer natural or synthetic hairs with properties similar to those obtained from the hair of certain animals. In the case of synthetics, the secret is usually to develop their own technologies to ensure adequate absorption and adhesion. A good product available from us:

  • facilitates the precise application of henna,
  • guarantees a precise effect
  • remains useful and valuable for a long time
  • it is easy to clean - just rinse it with running water.

Your grade is important! Before ordering and delivering, make sure that other, of circular cross-section ordered for delivery will have an ergonomic handle. If in doubt, we can help you by contacting our sales representatives, checking the important details and finding out if the product in the catalogue meets your expectations. In our store we focus on reliable customer service regardless of the catalogue item and the order size.

Henna and eyebrow paint brush

A simple henna brush it usually has a flat, short and springy tip. In addition to the function of applying the dye, it can be used to rub a strip of ink on the eyebrows to cover the full length of the hair. A good flat version of the product during operation separates and exposes each hair and allows the henna to penetrate from the sheath itself. According to experts, using this option requires experience and confidence. The shape of the tip limits the accessibility of the painting itself, so it is usually used during the procedure performed by another person.

RefectoCil or Mavi - a bent henna brush

This product profile is more suited to eyebrow movement. The stiff, thick hair cut vertically is adjusted to the hand movement during self-makeup. That's because the henna covers the eyebrows, not the entire eye area. Good quality inclined brush that's the basis of self-applying.

A henna brush is a must in a beauty parlour

Every office that uses henna should have both other, of circular cross-section, preferably in several sizes. For individual use, you can stick to the one version that best suits your eyebrows and eyelashes. We offer both categories, and if you choose to shop with us, you can be sure that you will get a good price and fast shipping, and free delivery for larger orders. The manufacturer of the accessories in our catalogue is always a company supplying specialists - RefectoCil, Brow, Mavi will make sure that other, of circular cross-section, The computer you're using gave you maximum functionality.

Choose the henna brush from iLeopard

Remember that every product available in our online wholesale range for beauty salons has been tested for professional use. We often consult our contractors, and their feedback is crucial to us. See why our website offers only a professional product, usually only available in specialist stores. Other, of circular cross-section, simple or eyelash coil - the perfect styling effect depends on them, and if you order more or use the permanent supply option, you will get an even more attractive price and free delivery.