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Podological scalp - a simple and effective tool in cosmetics and podology

When performing foot corrective procedures and with advanced pedicure, the optimal tool will be the cosmetic scalp.Precision removal of unwanted parts of the spine requires a sharp and effective tool, which at the same time allows you to operate with sensation.Unique products of the highest quality from our offer have reliable stainless steel surgical bricks.Now you can try scalpers from technologically advanced manufacturers available on this site.

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Footwear with outer soles of rubber or plastics - be sure to put them on your list of essential purchases

When working on the skin, the nail shafts or even more so during foot treatments, there must be a tested scalpel. I 'm going . The precision tool shall be marked:
  • high density material
  • a perfect blade
  • sterility due to tight packaging
Our website is not just a source of shopping. We advise our customers on all products in the catalogue, but if other, of circular cross-section we'll get right to the bottom line: it's not worth buying equipment of unknown origin for microscopic savings, without a guarantee of complete sterility. We use only reliable, tested scalps that strictly adhere to the manufacturing and packaging procedures for blades under 100% sterile conditions. We like to get feedback from users of the tools we sell, so we're confident that the blade of the scalpel you buy from us will quickly, accurately and sterilely solve any problem you may have during a procedure or an advanced pedicure.

Scalpel for pedicure. I 'm going . You can trust the equipment manufacturers in our catalogue

In the case of other, of circular cross-section not only the way they are used but also the storage conditions will be important. Keeping them away from steam and moisture in a dry, breezy place will keep them viable for a very long time. They can be opened and used without fear of being sterile. Today, aseptic issues are quite prominent in cosmetic and podiatric practices, so it is worth focusing on solutions that ensure that the principles of protection against pathogens and the possibility of infection during manicure and pedicure are taken seriously. According to these indications, the best option remains a constant supply from one source. We'd be delighted if our website and online store became a supplier of aseptic tools for your facility.

A range of modern products can be found in our online store

For years, we've been supplying cosmetic and podiatric offices with reliable equipment and the means to provide professional services. Scalpels they are also ideal for removing skin wrinkles or leveling the plate. Now you can join our group of contractors. First batch delivery scalpels or other single-use products will provide you with a set of products - as the name suggests - for permanent replenishment. Ordering the delivery of products to a podiatric office or beauty salon is also a guarantee of discounts and a reduction in the cost of equipping the necessary accessories. As a result, at a very reasonable price, you will get sterile, ready-to-use disposable tools that should be handy during cosmetic or podiatric procedures.

Disposable foot scalpel for special purposes

The edge scalpel it has to be thin, hard and extremely sharp. For this last reason it is better to stock up on other, of circular cross-section. I 'm going . This is to achieve guaranteed sterility. Tools must be sterile, and placing extremely delicate equipment in the autoclave several times may result in pronounced dullness. Therefore, sterility is best achieved by single use. Special, safe packaging with the right environment inside ensures that new scalpel in the event of an allergic reaction to the product used during the procedure it will be safe in terms of sterility. Therefore, the following instructions should be followed when using the scalpel as intended:
  1. Store in a sealed container.
  2. Once removed, do not grab the blade to preserve sterility and avoid cutting.
  3. Do not remove sterile samples and reuse under any circumstances.
  4. Discard immediately after use.
It is sufficient to provide adequate storage conditions and disinfected, pathogen-free stainless steel handles to make all operations at the cosmetic or podiatric site 100% safe. Constant access to safe and reliable treatment tools will ensure a regular supply of professional medical products. We 'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the safe scalpels - to do so by e-mail or by telephone.