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Dental polymerizing lamp

In the dentist's office, the polymerizing lamp to the composite plays an important role.This is an equipment for the strengthening of various dental fillings.In our store you will find polymerizing lamps of the well-known Woodpecker brand and other specialized products.Dental equipment and accessories with the company’s logo are well-known among dentists and dentists.Check what specialized products in this category are in the Leopard store range.

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Polymerisation lamps for composites

Other, of circular cross-section is essential equipment for dental offices. It is also used in podiatric offices. Woodpecker lamps do not have a negative effect on humans, although they must be used skillfully. The composite hardener produces UV radiation. Waves change the structure in the filler material. The whole bonding process takes a few seconds. A polymerisation lamp consists of three components:

  • body of the device,
  • lED bulbs with a high power per area (over 1000 mW/cm2)
  • the optical fiber.

Other, of circular cross-section it emits a powerful dose of UV to harden the composite. In modern machinery, the power has been maximized to reduce the time taken for a single solidification. It used to take 20 seconds to bind a composite, but now it's five. Proper polymerization requires skills and knowledge of plastic shrinkage. The soft start function helps. Machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material for use in the manufacture of products falling within heading 8528 they emit less radiation in the first few seconds. Only then does a powerful pulse of light bind composite. I 'm going . Professional dental products from our catalog can make the procedure easier and more patient-friendly.

The composite polymerization lamp in our offer

Polymerisation lamps our products are not only reliable but also convenient to use. The advantages of Woodpecker products are their compact size and convenient wireless operation. Machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material of our offer are equipped with docking stations with a charger function. You can set them anywhere so they don't interfere with your work. Other, of circular cross-section polymerisation lamps Woodpeckers are not inferior to large stationary devices. They can be used on a variety of dental composites and fillings, regardless of the material. The Woodpecker brand is one of the leading manufacturers of equipment and manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product. I 'm going . As part of the DTE Group, it is globally known. Try our polymer lamps and other products in your dental office.

Composite lamp - what to look for

The market for composite dental devices is very broad. How do you choose the right office equipment? In the case of Woodpecker machines it is worth paying attention to ergonomics and excellent polymerisation effects. In the case of this brand of equipment, the hardening of the composite is rapid and efficient. Small size for use in the manufacture of products falling within heading 8528 they make it easier to use. The devices are equipped with several specialised modes. This allows dentists to have more clinical schedules. On the hull lED lamps there are convenient buttons to activate the individual modes (up, full power, pulse). Another asset woodpecker dental products these are different time cycles, from five to 40 seconds. Using the buttons is intuitive and very convenient. A practical function is the off signal - the lamp sounds like an audible signal and goes to sleep. In case of unloading"empty" the device also signals the need for power.

When choosing for use in the manufacture of motor vehicles this is also something to consider. Batteries and accumulators Woodpecker once charged, they are sufficient for 500 cycles of an average duration of 10 s. The unused device is ready for operation for 70 days. More choice for the dentist also applies to the material and fill category - Woodpecker can handle any composite. Importantly, the end of the fiber optic is pinched and can be sterilized in an autoclave in the dentist's office.

Dental and footwear hardening materials

Polymerization lamp hardening fillers in dentistry and podiatry. Currently, composites are used for polymerization. However, the first composites from the 1960s were chemotherapeutic. Hybrid materials are also used to make the filling more durable. The new type of filling does not require significant intervention in the tooth tissue. Increasingly better materials also require efficient polymerization lamps. They should go as deep as possible. It is assumed that after lamp curing the polymerisation takes place to approx. two to three millimeters. Below this layer, the material may remain unbound, which weakens the seal.

The thickness of the composite layer accepted for safety purposes is 3 mm. Regardless of these findings, the polymerised lamp must penetrate the tooth structure very deeply with UV radiation. The lamps in our shop can handle any material category. Try the all-purpose, wireless bulbs to harden the fill.

Dental products and appliances at the Leopard store

Composites at the Leopard store are available at a good price. They can handle any filler and they'll last a long time. We also have other Woodpecker dental products and accessories for you. The polymer lamp in the warehouse will be delivered in instalments in a convenient, proven system from our offer. We also offer express shipping and free delivery! Dental accessories, products and materials may be ordered on a permanent basis for mutual benefit. For our regular partners, we have catalogs with news and promotions. Join our partners and order a tried and tested Woodpecker polymer lamp. Please contact us! Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about polymer lamps for podiatrists and dentists.