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Mobile podiatry — podiatry office on the move!

Fixed equipment office that's not all! Your patients they're waiting for subject you can also do this at home or in a medical facility. At Leopard, you'll find everything you need to reach people in need of urgent care foot. I 'm going . Finish yours mobile system with milling machines, tackles, lamps. Also, don't forget to bring special bags and trolleys for transporting equipment. We particularly recommend Ruck mobile systems with solutions for disinfection and sterilization.

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What is mobile underground?

A modern podiatrist can even more easily reach the patient. I 'm going . If you want to bring a complete podiatric office, you'll need a special set of tools and equipment. There is no substitute for kits adapted for rapid movement. Special sacks and bags it's perfect for on-demand trips. To of mobile pathology transport trolleys are also recommended on wheels, as well as treatment kits. A podiatrist so equipped need not fear the challenges of outpatient treatment.

Mobile podiatric office — see how home visits can be done

All you have to do is provide the right equipment and you can reach those in need. With mobile accessories, you'll be wherever they're waiting for medical assistance. It is also a significant expansion of activities and an opportunity to acquire new of patients. I 'm going . Specially designed manufacture from materials of any heading this will allow you to get to your foot treatment appointment quickly and efficiently. Ergonomic tools make it much easier to perform tests and procedures. In this way, renowned manufacturers have prepared everything that can be incorporated mobile system for the floor:

  • footrests and chairs,
  • suitcases and bags, for use in the manufacture of motor vehicles,
  • transport systems,
  • the accessories,
  • equipment and means of disinfection,
  • ready manufacture from materials of any heading.

Well-designed kits tools for feet you can do even more complicated procedures at home. Reconstruction of the nail plate or treatment for severe diabetic foot can be done in the patient's home. This is especially important when we are dealing with a person who is sick, helpless, and in need of immediate help. Eliminating painful complaints improves comfort and general well-being. It also allows for greater independence.

Home treatment kits for podiatrists

Especially commendable are ready parts and accessories for home treatments. A set of tools with a milling machine and a magnifying lamp in a special Ruck backpack is the optimal solution for a professional. Footwear may also be used for hygienic, medical or cosmetic pedicures.

The heart of the mobile system is a body made of strong ABS and aluminium. The rigid frame, integrated into the backpack, has a number of important functions. Backpacks are not just for storage and transportation machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material. I 'm going . The multifunctional base has many ergonomic features. That 's one thing . other, not further worked than hot-rolled manufacture from materials of any heading. I 'm going . A typical out-of-office Ruck kit shall include at least:

  • a milling machine with a dust collector,
  • a lamp with magnifying glass,
  • place on tools to sterilisation.

The unit weight is usually more than 10 kg. If you add a wheelbarrow, you can do home visits and renovation services foot. I 'm going . We also offer other transport solutions, e.g. sacks and bags and backpacks on wheels.

How to Prepare for a Patient Visit

Standard of equipment mobile system the doctor's office is governed by a special document. The Polish Podiatric Society has harmonised the requirements for equipment used during home visits. This should ensure that services are provided at the highest level at all times. The range of activities outside the office should not be different from inpatient treatments. That's why subject he should have all the basic equipment on him. We recommend the kits Ruck, in which no element is missing.

Why does mobile foot care equipment need to be complete?

Home care services are mainly used by patients with severe mobility problems who cannot visit the facility regularly. Among them are those requiring cyclical interventions. In case of worsening of the foot in advanced diabetes, the patient should be monitored continuously. Because of PTP regulation, the pathologist arrives at the site with a fully equipped mobile office. The place of visit should include:. The following:

  • a seat in a portable version,
  • the sole,
  • a bath,
  • a refrigerator (e.g. cooler bag) with preparations and cosmetics,
  • a set of hand tools in sterile packages,
  • disinfectants,
  • foil bags for transferring used equipment to sterilisation.

How can we solve the problem of disinfection and sterilization?

The podiatrist should come to the surgery site with the tools packed. A variety of conditions can occur, so in addition to sterilization, disinfection of the patient's interior is important. The washing and disinfection process is analogous to what is done in the office. The only difference is a stockpile of foil packaging to provide extra protection for the ejected packages during transport. The described closure bags are also a way of preparing used equipment for re-sterilization. Therefore, each mobile cabinet should be equipped with appropriate procedures for maintaining tool sterility. In most cases, an autoclave sterilisation system used by a podiatrist in an office setting is sufficient. If he uses the kits exclusively for home visits, he must sign a contract and outsource the service.

Discover the benefits of mobile work with Leopard!

In our podiatric supply store, you'll find a wide selection of mobile solutions to secure a patient visit. Taking care of growing nails and treating skin lesions outside the office is much easier with the Ruck kit. The magnifying lamp, the milling machine, the sterilisation packaging and the practical arrangement of the equipment are the main advantages of the transport units. We have for you both large Ruck kits and small accessories to complement the transport equipment. We recommend nail care products and comfortable devices for all conditions. We offer great prices and free shipping for regular customers. See how you can expand possibilities Your office for a patient visit.