Autoklaw Yeson – full sterilization guaranteed

Only specialized sterilization devices, such as the Yeson autoclave, will provide full asepticity in cosmetic and podological offices.Currently, the standard is the disclosure in every facility where the processing tools are used.Therefore, it is worth choosing an advanced sterilizing equipment that guarantees the achievement of excellent elasticity.Check out the brand’s suggestions, which also offers your devices for medical, dental and medical offices.

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Class B autoclave - the highest quality available on the market

The autoclave Yeson distinguishes itself by the reliability of use made possible by the company's implementation of high quality control standards. It ensures that every piece of equipment that leaves the factory is 100% efficient and guarantees the desalination effect every time. As a result, each package bears the Class B ozna marking, which in this case indicates that the highest possible requirements, strictly defined in the production and control procedures, have been met. You've just entered the most advanced product category on the market. Any model Yeson with a diverse set of functions will always include B in its specification. Whichever version you choose, you'll get a device that's easy to use and lethally effective when it comes to killing germs on surgical instruments and cabinet equipment.

How does a steam autoclave work?

The Yeson autoclave it uses the most efficient technology. The fractionated pre-vacuum removes all air from the sterilised instrument, even if it has a capillary structure. The process is then repeated several more times alternately with steam introduced. There is no question of sealing the whole system – This is ensured by a double door safety system against accidental opening, both electronic and electromagnetic. The autoclave Yeson they get a lot of positive feedback, even from users in medical and cosmetic offices. With a choice of work schedules and time controls, steam and vacuum sterilisation produces impressive results, taking microbiological safety to a higher level. Especially the latest steam autoclave, the 3PV series model for complete sterilisation, performs most of the procedures that in traditional versions belonged to the operator.

Guarantee of temperature maintenance for the next cycle

Each Class B steam autoclave has a temperature maintenance function for the next cycle. The technical passport of the device lists this as a key option, as maintaining constant conditions between cycles is essential for high steriliser performance. Even single survivable forms of microbes could reverse the entire process, which is why devices of every class - from E to 3PV - are prepared to control the constant conditions inside the chamber. The autoclave Yeson the new generation is also compulsorily equipped with a bacteriological filter, a safety valve and a vacuum test (as well as the Bowie-Dick test) for multi-level process validation. Each Class B unit, whether it has a capacity of 8 litres or 22 litres, comes with a 24-hour warranty.

Built-in thermal printer - a practical solution

Sterilisation procedures require a detailed description of the sterile tools. The Yeson autoclave you may be surprised by the built-in thermal printer, which allows the description of the packaging with the lancets, pliers or pliers to appear as soon as the process is complete. A special programme will ensure that the expiry date of the sterilised tool is included on the sticker. Class B is a must - even some models with a small capacity of 8 litres have the option of a printer in the kit.

Check the dimensions of the chamber and the number of shelves in your model

We propose other in one of the company series: 3PV, E and YS. The best models are equipped with a range of functional facilities. By the way, check their specifications. 3PV series autoclaves are distinguished by, inter alia:

  • a length of not more than 30 mm,
  • for use in the manufacture of products falling within heading 8528 [1],
  • the safety valve,
  • a bacteriological filter,
  • 5 completed work programmes,
  • sterilisation of packaged and unpackaged tools,
  • time control option,
  • the test programmes: the Bowie & Dick test, the Helix test, the vacuum test,
  • temperature maintenance for the next cycle,
  • the European CE certificate,
  • a technical passport with a review.

Choose a Yeson autoclave with a proven patent for removing microorganisms

We got you yeson sterilisers of varying capacity and level of sophistication. It is advisable to get equipment that has as many functions as possible, both peeling and checking. Good equipment sterilizes packaged tools and unsecured tool kits. Depending on the number of tools used in your workshop, choose products with a suitable capacity, taking into account the dimensions of the steel chamber and the number of autoclave shelves. 8 liters is the smallest size, and it already allows you to keep hand tools sterile in a small beauty, hair, or podiatry office. The Yeson autoclave of the 3PV series o a minimum chamber width of 320 mm will be an appropriate choice for a 1-2 seat establishment. It keeps the tools sterile and ready to use. The larger capacities and dimensions are equally good quality and the choice of Yeson autoclave for daily sterilisation should depend mainly on the planned number of cosmetic and therapeutic treatments.

Yeson equipment in online wholesale for professionals

Class B provides sterilisation equipment with the highest safety performance parameters. Large selection, includingif the applicant is not able to demonstrate compliance with the requirements set out in this Regulation, the applicant shall provide a declaration of compliance, can be found in the catalog of the iLeopard cosmetic and podiatric department store. Check the description, ask for the autoclave specification and order products tailored to your business. Every Yeson model has a European CE certificate. When you order an autoclave, it's free shipping. If you have any questions, our specialists will be happy to present you with a suitable autoclave.