Professional cosmetics - essential products in the cosmetic office

In the beauty salon a key role plays not only the appropriate equipment and tools - you should also take care of the necessary professional cosmetics.The lines for the specialists performing the treatments differ from the usual products from the drug to the body.The basic criterion of selection should be effective action and a natural, safe for the skin composition.The catalogue of cosmetics available in our wholesale guarantees excellent effects in advanced cosmetic processes.Check out our offer.

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Mavi Glass Glass For Henna

A glass vessel for dispensing and mixing cosmetic liquids. Every beautician needs. It will be used for mixing varnishes, gels, acrylic, henna, etc. Made of transparent glass. Henna dish Wołomin

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Refectocil Henna Natural Brown 15 Ml No 3.0

Professional jelly henna for scratches and scratches by RefectoCil.It serves to restore the color of wrinkles and brushes.It does not leave traces on the skin and does not irritate it.

Price 22.99 zł

Quickepil Honey roll-on wax 110g

The honey wax, also called the natural wax in the applicator, is the most popular type of wax.The roll-on wasting system provides excellent results.Although the roll-on wax is more warm than the low-temperature warming wax, as it is placed on the skin with a very thin layer, it is immediately...

Price 7.00 zł

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Mineral foot bath salt 1500g

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Mineral salt for foot bath  The foot bath with the addition of sea salt perfectly prepares the skin for pedicure. It gentles the scores, making it easier to remove patterns and printings. It works disinfecting, refreshing and neglecting the smell of sweat.   Purpose:...

Price 49.50 zł

Mavi henna pads 100 pcs waterproof eye protection

Panking plaques in the eyesIn the offer of brand products Mavi henna 100 s.they are made of a durable, waterproof plate.Thanks to this application, plastics do not dust and do not leave fiber.They also do not dissolve fluids and pollutants, allowing the hygienic and clean execution of the...

Price 8.00 zł

STARPIL Roll on Azulen

Soft wave to depilate sensitive places Starpil he has a great choice in his offer wosk to depilation.They are adapted to depilation of different parts of the body: legs, hands, smell, bikini or face.This is due to a special composition and appropriate width rolls it can be adapted to a specific...

Price 12.00 zł

STARPIL Wosk roll-on Azul depilation, smell, bikini

Starpil Azul will deal with the most problematic depilation places Depilation a face without irritation?As much as possible!You just need to choose the right wosk applicator with the right finish.This is because of the type roll-on we will reach the most difficult, difficult or narrow...

Price 12.00 zł

Farmona EXOTIC MANICURE Sugar peeling for hands 300g

Farmona EXOTIC MANICURE Sugar Peeling  Peeling with cleaning properties for dry and dehydrated skin. It cleans, cleans the skin. It stimulates the microcirculation of the blood and prepares the skin to take the active ingredients of the successively applied cosmetic preparations.   Active...

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Farmona PODOLOGIC HERBAL Foot peeling 500ml

Farmona PODOLOGIC HERBAL Peeling  Professional foot peeling is recommended for very dry skin. This product perfectly prepares for pedicure or subological procedure. It effectively removes the fertile scores, smoothes and turns down the microcirculation, thereby increasing the absorption of the...

Price 57.20 zł

Farmona Smooth Feet Grapefruit foot scrub 690g

Farmona SMOOTH FEET Foot Peeling Smooth Feet Exotic Pedicure SPA is designed for peeling the skin of the legs and knees, for all skin types.It intensively cleans and smoothes the corneal scores, stimulates the bleeding of the skin of the legs by improving the absorption of caring active...

Price 59.00 zł

Mavi Double-sided slant brush for Henna with a brush

HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA A professional pipe with high-quality synthetic hair with a very flexible structure. The perfectly profiled wooden brick with ergonomic shape will make the work with the brick efficient and very convenient.The cut hair is a guarantee of accurately...

Price 8.99 zł

STARPIL Roll-on Aloe Vera 110g

Fruit of Aloe with roll-on applikator. Recommended to dry skin, sensitive, tend to irritation.Enriched with aloe extract relief action.  It shows strong regenerating properties.It protects the skin from loss of elasticity and dehydration.Wosk serves to depilation.It has a pearl color.  Contains...

Price 12.00 zł

Farmona Dermaacne Pear face wash gel 500ml

Farmona DERMAACNE+ Grush Gel to Wash the Face A mild gel created with the intention of a fat, mixed, acne, with a predisposition to scratch and excessive brightness and with extended times. Effectively cleans, thoroughly washing makeup, any pollution and excess sebum from the skin surface. Thanks...

Price 39.60 zł

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Light intensively moisturizing foot cream 150ml

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Light Foot Moisturizing Cream  A light cream in the form of a pineapple.It quickly absorbs and penetrates into the deep layers of the skin. It brings immediate moisture and relief for tired legs, without an unnecessary feeling of skin smoothness and fat.   Active ingredients:...

Price 36.30 zł

Specialised cosmetics for cosmetic and beauty offices

When choosing a line of cosmetics for your own beauty salon, it is worth paying attention to their composition. Unique, innovative formulations of professional cosmetic products ensure effective care. The best specs from the laboratories of the biggest names in the industry mean customer satisfaction and the reputation of your firm. Many of the products on our website are based on natural ingredients and active ingredients, which make them skin-friendly and have no side effects. Our website and online store offer a large selection of professional cosmetics. For more information, contact our advisors or subscribe to our newsletter.

Wholesale trade services of professional cosmetics - facial and body care

Cosmetic surgeons are for women who care about their health and beauty. The other side of the coin is troubling changes and skin problems that don't require dermatological intervention. A list of treatments at a professional beauty salon and products that promote a healthy and beautiful appearance can enhance the aesthetics of the skin. In our wholesale range of personal care cosmetics, there are products dedicated to various skin problems, such as:

  • acne,
  • discoloration,
  • loss of firmness,
  • wrinkles,
  • hypersensitivity of the skin,
  • harmful effects of pollutants,
  • numbness and graying of the skin,
  • the eczema.

Bielenda Professional, Farmona, Apis - add branded products to your cart

We have a wide selection of cosmetics for skin with different sensitivities or susceptible to diseases, such as acne, oily or mixed. For the face, we also recommend products for sensitive skin, vascular, atopic and other types. Properly selected creams, masks, and lotions also have excellent effects on the particularly sensitive skin of the hands and feet, which require slightly different treatments. We invite you to read the details of the range of products from professional manufacturers: Bielenda Professional, Farmona Professional or Apis. The tried-and-tested compositions of ingredients used in beauty salons remove discoloration, smooth out wrinkles, and moisturize the skin, making it firm and supple. That's what your customers are looking for - top-of-the-line, professional cosmetics designed to protect against aging, with properties that effectively keep the body functioning. Full information on the composition and use of cosmetics can be found in our online shop. Please also contact our staff, who will be happy to answer your questions and clarify any doubts you may have.

Add to basket - professional cosmetics for the skin of the face, hands, feet and other body parts

The range also includes professional cosmetics for the face and other areas of the body - designed to help get rid of unsightly skin changes. Renowned manufacturers offer specialized products for acne, discoloration, and ruptured vessels. You will find effective remedies here

  1. for the relief of irritation,
  2. removing excess sebum
  3. which give light and make firm,
  4. restores the natural pH of the skin after treatment.

Body-care products include moisturizing and soothing creams, aseptic toners, skin cleansers, anti-cellulite masks, anti-aging hand serums, and more.

Cosmetics for removing makeup and cleaning the face. What should guide your choice?

Specific products for specialist beauty salons and hotel spa facilities also include detergents and foams. Regardless of the type of treatment you're having or the type of skin problem you have, your skin needs to be relieved. That's why we recommend professional facials for all skin types: acne, dry, oily, mature, mixed and others. Skin care products with proven efficacy should be used to prepare the facial skin before treatment. This is important both when removing the remnants of old makeup before new styling and when it is used to prepare the skin before surgery. At the same time, good cosmetics should be moisturizing, gentle, and long lasting. A guarantee of beautiful skin is always a professional product made for professionals by a reputable manufacturer. Our site offers access to a rich selection of excellent remedies. Add to your shopping cart only proven, next-generation skin cleansers, so that every treatment and styling ensures a healthy and beautiful appearance and customer satisfaction.

Choose professional cosmetic treatments for beauty salons

Choosing the right cosmetics for a professional salon is not easy. For this reason, we have prepared a selection of offers from the catalogs of leading brands, including cosmetics for various occasions, such as:.

  • skin rejuvenation therapy,
  • for sugar removal,
  • the use of micro needle mesotherapy,
  • removal of cellulite
  • eyebrow regeneration,
  • and many others.

Preparing each client for the procedure requires the use of specialized preparations. It's not just the sugar paste for hair removal or the acid that's in the specific acid boost for chemical peels, but it's also a special line to cleanse the skin before the proper treatment or to improve the hydration or other properties of the skin after it. You can also put the necessary accessories in the basket, such as ear piercing earrings.

Cosmetics for beauty salons - products for hair removal, massage, micro-needle mesotherapy

Any procedure performed in a beauty salon also requires proper preparation. Unlike skin care cosmetics, the user will not be able to use them on their own. Therefore, special treatments, such as Wosk Starpil and henna powder, are for professionals only. We offer a wide range of acids-based cosmetics, chemical peels and massage creams. Micro-needle mesotherapy, on the other hand, is an ideal treatment for mature skin that reduces wrinkles, improves the filling of skin cells, and strengthens skin elasticity. It is supported by the Mesoboost line of dedicated cosmetics, which are added to our online wholesale cart by professionals who perform the procedure in their offices. We also offer a rich line earrings for piercing ears. I 'm going . Our online store is the best way to ensure that you have constant access to cosmetics that help keep your skin in perfect condition.

Professional cosmetics and make-up art. Get the best brands

There's no shortage of beauty salons. Professional makeup should not only beautify but also protect against the effects of overly aggressive ingredients. The professional line guarantees the safety of the skin. With proper care and the use of specialized eye shadow, lipstick, or mascara, your skin, eyelashes, and eyebrows will remain in perfect condition for a long time. We also offer the best hair care products - we also invite barbers to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Online wholesaler of professional cosmetics - order your salon service on a regular basis

Another feature to look for when choosing professional cosmetics for beauty salons - products for the skin of the face, hands and feet - will be the opinion of the brand on industry discussion forums or portals. In the case of a high-profile beauty parlour, it is difficult to find the extra time to identify trends and top brands in the market. That is why we have prepared for you a carefully selected range of skincare products from renowned manufacturers. They are distinguished not only by their natural composition and innovative formula, but also by the positive reviews among specialists. Care cosmetic products, as well as accessories necessary for aesthetic and professional cosmetic procedures, include items from such brands as:

  1. This is Farmona Professional,
  2. Empire Pharma,
  4. What is it,
  5. Sense Boost
  6. Starpil,
  7. Mavi,
  8. This is Bielenda Professional,
  9. Biomak,
  10. Refectocil,
  11. Calentin,
  12. BrownHenna,
  13. Neogenesis, or,
  14. E . OTHER. T. Q. ,
  15. The Quickepil.

Our online store has specialized in supplying beauty salons for years, offering aesthetic medicine products only from proven brands that have gained good reviews in the cosmetology and aesthetic medicine industry. Please see the details of the proposal for cosmetic products for the skin of the face, hands and feet. A range of professional cosmetics will help to achieve satisfactory results and ensure that each treatment provides customers with a lot of satisfaction. Competitive prices, fast delivery by courier or delivery to an ATM, easy contact by phone or by e-mail or instant messenger, friendly service - this is what sets us apart in the market.