We show you what cosmetic (medical) pants to choose for staff

The right size and functionality - this is what we most often aim, choosing cosmetic pants to work in the beauty salon.However, working on a manicure or cosmetic processes also requires shade and style.Therefore, we propose the choice of one of the many cuts in a diverse color tone, suited to the interior design and aesthetic concept.Check out how you can combine the comfort with the colorful matching of the entire staff in your cosmetic office.

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Women's medical pants – combine quality with style

In the "clothing" category, we offer women's trousers and breeches they come in all shapes and colors. It's also the best option for a beautician. Comfortable, fitted outfits provide the best customer service. The selection of high-quality workwear ensures that products are tailored to the size and design of the room.

Women's medical and cosmetic pants. Put your money where your mouth is!

A reputable beauty salon is associated primarily with professionalism and effective procedures. However, you know that the reception of the office by the clients is also determined by the aesthetics of the interior and stylish furnishings. That's why other garments, in addition to being comfortable and functional, they are also aesthetic. First of all, it's important to make sure that they present a modern style. Together with the rest of the staff outfit, they will create a noticeable element of the beauty parlor.

Pipes, cigarettes, models with pockets? It's best to pick something stylish

Medical and cosmetic pants what you see in our online store for professionals doesn't have to look like a regular uniform. They will be tailored to the style of the interior and the people working on the stations will help create the atmosphere of the office, while allowing you to move comfortably and freely during the treatments. Bet on the uniqueness of the product and find in our offer medical joggers, cigarettes or tubes - trousers that are similar in style to the textiles available in boutiques and fashion houses, and whose price and colour options allow for quite large orders.

Excellent quality, perfect style, an even better price. How do you order medical pants with a lot of benefits?

For our regular customers, we've developed an interesting loyalty program that makes the special price and free delivery even more attractive. The stylish appearance of the product, numerous designs available in many attractive colour shades and any size to better personalize the workwear are the main arguments for the undecided. Close the stage of simple-cut aprons and get in touch with imaginative styling.

Find a color for yourself! Women's underpants and briefs

Classic white is immortal? The trousers and T-shirts for the staff available in our range show that you can easily replace it with something more eye-catching. Pastel colors (such as blue in various shades) are best in a modern living room. For traditional walls and classic wood finishes, beige and brown are best. Popular colors can be used as inspiration for interior finishes, but they can also be incorporated into clothing. What colours of trousers can you expect from our range? We have for you both classic monochrome colors (black and white) and medical clothing, it's a fashionable color. Here you will find fashionable and comfortable pants in a wide range of colors:

  • of mint,
  • of a thickness of,
  • amaranto,
  • powdered rose,
  • the blue,
  • the lily rose,
  • seafood,
  • the olive.

In our store, we focus on products that combine practical robustness with a harmonious aesthetic. That's why we offer you a wide range of cuts and colors. With us, you'll pick the right idea for what your office looks like women's or girls' trousers and breechesother, of circular cross-section, medical joggers , cigarettes or classic models. With a wide selection of shades, you will complement them with impeccable style and style.

What solutions are worth looking for? Check out our offerings!

Before you go to our store, we offer a brief overview of the most fashionable medical products - stylish trousers for the beauty staff will complement the thoughtful interior design of the salon. It should also be noted that these are work clothes that should allow freedom of movement and be made of durable material. All proposals available in our catalogue meet these conditions. At the same time, shopping on our online store guarantees that women's or girls' trousers and breeches they'll charm you with their cut, and they'll make every salon employee a walking advertisement. Well-designed clothing helps the work and creates a uniform style in the most fashionable edition. What kind of medical pants do we have on hand?

Comfortable joggers, medical pants with a strap

Medical joggers they're attracted to a neat, comfortable cut with pull-ups at the bottom of the socks. It is not only a guarantee of the freedom necessary for intensive work in a beauty salon, but also a size and cut that emphasize vitality and dynamism. Always welcomed by customers, these qualities will create an atmosphere where a lot happens. We only offer products made from certified fabrics, which are also used daily in hospitals and clinics. Our trousers are available in many fashionable pastel colors. What else makes fashion different women's trousers - medical joggers?

  • an ergonomic and flexible strap on the rubber allowing size adjustment,
  • rear and front pockets to emphasise the cut features,
  • additional pockets on the heels,
  • an ornamental band at the front,
  • a breathable fabric, comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

Flexible medical pants will provide maximum comfort and a good dose of style

Classical women's trousers and breeches they may also be relevant to your institution. Combine them in a stylish uniform with an equally attractive blouse with stocking, scarf collar or classic flap. The elastic material allows the pants to fit a slightly larger size. However, our catalogue offers a full range of sizes, so you can easily get your customized trousers. All you need is a product name and product code and an option from XS to XL to have your staff show up to work in aesthetically pleasing, trendy pants in one design and color.

What about cigarettes? That's a very interesting option!

Fashionable, comfortable and elegant. Seven-eighths-long pants with flawless heels will add a natural touch to your living room. Despite their classic design, beauty salons' cigarettes do not restrict movement and are extremely comfortable to wear. Women's or girls' trousers and breeches with an interesting style, combined with a stylish blouse and comfortable shoes, they will create an outfit that at first glance will be hard to describe as working. If you want your customers to feel more stylish in your salon, consider work uniforms that combine comfort with a stylish look. Cigarettes plus jackets and blouses, also available in the iLeopard catalogue, are a perfect fit for a stylish salon.

Find out more about the medical and cosmetic pants in our store

We offer a modern design medical clothing, it looks great, but at the same time it guarantees freedom of movement. All textile products for people working in cosmetics, podiatry and SPA facilities are made from a material that is flame-resistant and well resistant to repeated washing. Medical pants - joggers, pipes and cigarettes, available in the iLeopard catalogue, also has an attractive price. All of these categories, regardless of style, color, or size, are readily available. Take advantage of our offer for professionals and get ready to complete your work clothes in style. In our offer, you can order any number of textiles. For larger orders, we offer discounts - both the price will change and the goods will be delivered free of charge. Good luck shopping.