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Freezed carbon.Carbide Fresh for Manicure and Not Only

Both in nail styling and during subological procedures, a different size carbide freez can provide us with unprecedented services.The light and enduring structure of coal swallowed in the ends with deep stretches is characterized by high efficiency among the modeling of the nails, the removal of the hybrid layer or the removal of the hardening skin from the edges and surroundings of the nails.Are you starting your adventure with a manicure?Try the universal carbide frees from our offer.

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Mavi-Go Fresh from Roasted Carbon WS/C 08

Professional Mavi-Go grill made from charcoal Manufacture in which the value of all the materials used does not exceed 40% of the ex-works price of the product THE NAME AND ADDRESS OF THE MANUFACTURER High-quality charcoal mills are used for shaping, smoothing or removing gel, hybrid, acrylic...

Price 64.90 zł

Mavi-Go Milling from Roasted Carbon WS/N 01

Flat-rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel, of a width of >= 600 mm, hot-rolled or cold-rolled "cold-reduced  High-quality charcoal mills are used for shaping, smoothing or removing gel, hybrid, acrylic from nail plates.   Frez is ideal for pedicure procedures to treat wrinkles,...

Price 64.90 zł
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Mavi-Go Carbide Cutter WS/C 04 - rounded cone

Professional Mavi-Go Frez of Coal WS/C-04 WS/C-04 WS/C-04 WS/C-04High-quality freezed coal is used to shape, smooth or remove the type of material: gel, hybrid, acrylic from the nail plate.Frez will perfectly work in pedicure procedures for the development of scratches, scratches, disease...

Price 64.90 zł
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Mavi-Go Fresh from Roasted Carbon WS/C 07

Professional Mavi-Go grill made from charcoal   Manufacture in which the value of all the materials used does not exceed 40% of the ex-works price of the productHigh-quality charcoal mills are used for shaping, smoothing or removing gel, hybrid, acrylic from nail plates. Frez is ideal for...

Price 64.90 zł
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Efficient milling of charcoal - high efficiency, low cost

Multiple shapes that fit carbide milling machines, making it a versatile tool for manicure and pedicure. Each can help you deal with a different problem. That's why when you're putting together a set of milling machines, you can't limit yourself to one piece. Only a few shapes at hand will allow you to take advantage of the wealth of new possibilities. The most popular shapes containing by weight: are responsible for:
  • cone - removes old coatings and helps develop gels or acrylics
  • tear - it is intended for both the epidermis and the nail plate (levels impressions and thickening, shapes raised nail shafts and moulds the skin, walls the nail plate in case of curvature of the feet)
  • ball - serves to penetrate more deeply into the fingerprints, allowing the skin on the hands and feet to be processed, creating an aesthetic transition between the finger and the nail plate
  • roller - removes gel, acrylic, hybrid (as well as thick skin on the heels) and allows you to develop the shape of elongated nails (ideal for home use)
  • spike - for deep intervention in cases of crooked nails, roughness and raised nail shafts on the hands and feet, this mill can also be used for heel care

Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product

Flat rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel is widely considered to be one of the best ways to remove the old coating of hybrid paint. The characteristic transverse grooves of a good product ensure that in the hands of an experienced stylist, the carbide milling machine will do the job quickly. Many customers are discouraged from using hybrid varnish precisely because of their inability to dispose of residues of previous styling. That's why it's worth trying something that works- carbide milling it'll do it in minutes, without waiting for the chemicals to work. In addition, the charcoal tip will also pass the test for nail modeling and, because of its lightweight structure, it can also be used for skin work. The construction and properties of the material machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material is considered to be extremely user-friendly - you can start the milling machine without worrying that the nail styling will get out of hand.

The best way to start is with a charcoal grinder

This is not the only application of carbonated solutions in manicures and pedicures. Lightweight and durable ends carbide milling machines they can also be used for many other applications. It's an excellent product to start your own nail modeling adventure. It's best to find your own shape and type of mill, but it's hard to do it any other way than by trying. The low price of the products in our store is an excellent opportunity to source high quality carbide mills with a variety of fates. We offer a large selection of products made of charcoal from renowned manufacturers, always with a guarantee of a favorable price. Properly maintained and sterilized ends will last quite a long time, but it is worth replacing used milling machines from time to time. We invite you to use the permanent supply option, which is used by many beauty salons and podiatric offices.

What are the best heel grinders?

Carbide milling it's not just for removing old nail polish. It's also a reliable way to get rid of wrinkled skin on your heels. Beautiful and well-groomed feet with the products in our offer are an effect on the reach of the hand! Check it out yourself with a milling machine and a carbide roller to remove unsightly wrinkles on your heels. The wide, thorny surface pulls back the old layers quickly and, importantly, evenly, without damaging the skin. This will help your feet get back into shape quickly, and you can try other uses carbide milling machines. I 'm going . The user reviews leave no illusions. Carbon milling with its excellent cutting design, it's a great support for your feet. The cost of the milling machine, which is slowly becoming a cosmetic must-have, allows for an increasingly widespread use of versatile tips with different properties. Don't miss this change and keep an eye out for new products.

Universal carbide mills - for nails, heels and skins

Of all the carbide milling machines it has a wealth of shapes and uses. A description of every bit of the milling machine isn't everything. It is worth trying out the properties of each product for yourself. A cone, roller, or teardrop - any of these nail products and more can be indispensable in your cosmetic arsenal. Contacting our specialists is the first step to a small revolution - all we need is the name of the product to advise you on which milling machine to fit your needs and expectations. Get in touch and take advantage of all the opportunities offered by modern cosmetic solutions.