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Professional Tools for Growing Nails - Equipment of Every Podological Office - Accessories and Tools for Podological Calmer

The problem of growing nails is an increasingly common issue with which patients report to the subologists.To help people suffering from growing nails, specialized podological tools are needed.Find out the wide offer of our store.

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ORBIS Flow A2/B2 injection 2.3g - composite for single-part implant


Composite for one-part implant in the injection ORBIS Flow – Perfect FillOrbis Flow composite for one-part implant has excellent tiksotropic properties, making it possible for easy application and good swimming in the shell.Stable consistency ensures that the product is utrined in the place of...

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Podological tools to fight ingrown nails.

Every specialist is aware of the fact that the fight against ingrown nails is usually a long-term process that requires not only skills on the part of the podiatrist, but also the supply of specialized tools to enable work. There are various pedicure tools available on the market, but from the wide range of products you should choose only those products that are intended for professional use. Not every brand selling products for ingrown nails such as clippers or clamps can be used in a professional podiatric office. When deciding to buy tools for professional pedicure, see what products are available in our store. Our offer includes only podological products intended for specialists.

Know the best podology tools for ingrown nails

Uni Brace

Thanks to Uni Brace, the specialist can create a buckle perfectly adapted to the needs of a particular patient. The possibility of making a buckle operating with two or three forces (lever force, elastic force and rotational force) is a special advantage of this tool. This allows you to tailor the selected solution to your specific problem. An even wider field of action is created by the various application possibilities of the buckles created in Uni Brace.

Thanks to this modern system, you no longer need to choose a solution that suits the problem of a particular person as well as possible – you can create a perfectly tailored solution.


  • ease of application of the buckle on the nail plate and under it
  • Comfort for the patient
  • aesthetic appearance of the applied buckle
  • education system at the highest level
  • tool life without operating costs

One-piece implant composite in ORBIS Flow syringe

Orbis Flow composite for one-piece implant has excellent thixotropic properties, thanks to which easy application and good flow in the cavity is possible. The stable consistency ensures that the product is kept in place of application. The material is characterized by low polymerization shrinkage, which reduces the risk of microleakage at the border of the filling with the tooth tissue.

Thanks to the use of Duo Shade technology, the fillings are characterized by high aesthetics. The composite naturally adapts to the tooth tissues, giving the so-called "chameleon effect". The filling contrasts in X-rays.


  • as a flow material in the reconstruction of tangential walls of class II cavities,
  • as an auxiliary liquid material in the reconstruction of cavities,
  • as a fissure meadow.


  • high aesthetics of fillings,
  • ease of use,
  • good swimming,
  • X-ray contrast.

Woodpecker LED curing lamp.D.

The Woodpecker LED D curing lamp is made of the highest quality materials, which guarantees long and trouble-free use. The lamp has an adjustment of the exposure time. The LED D lamp has a protection that guarantees the correct curing effect even after the battery charge drops. The lamp is ideal for every dental office.


  • Three operating modes - pulse, incremental, full power
  • Low power consumption - possibility of working in wired mode (power supply 230V)
  • Durable battery - 400 cycles on a single battery charge with an exposure time of 10s.
  • Programming of working time in the range: 5,10,15,20,30,35,40 seconds
  • Sterilizable fiber optic cable with sheath
  • Constant light intensity, regardless of battery charge
  • Digital time display


  • Emitted light output 850mW/cm2 - 1200 mW/cm2
  • Wireless lamp - battery operated
  • Wavelength: 420-480nm
  • Working conditions: temperature 10-40°C, relative humidity 70%≤
  • Power supply: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Fiber diameter: 8mm

Composite for one-piece implant otherwise known as Titanium brace.

The consistency of the composite is thick, which facilitates work. Composite mass is a light-curing substance that is necessary during the procedure of putting on a titanium buckle. Composite is a material used in dentistry, which contains polymerizing active dimethylacrylic resins.

One of the most liked by podiatrists, an excellent combination of quality and price. TG-Flow composite has a thick consistency that allows you to hold titanium arcs, does not spill, ideal for the "titanium buckle" technique, perfectly complements the UniBrace method and finds its application in the chain method.

Flow is modified by the manufacturer, i.e. thickened with nano particles, thanks to which we get a consistency convenient for the work of a podologist.

The metal applicator is used to press the buckle when tying the glue on the nail plate. Very handy and convenient to use. Made of stainless steel. It can be sterilized.

Arkona Flow syringe-pink 1g - composite for one-piece implant

Modern light-curing composite with unusual colors. Created especially for the youngest patients.


  • defects of classes I, II, III, IV and V. according to Black in milk teeth
  • small or shallow cavities
  • the first layer when performing fillings in situations of limited access to the cavity, e.g. very deep class II, around the edges of the molds, etc.
  • filling tunnel-type cavities
  • filling cavities in deciduous teeth developed by air abrasion
  • repair of small cavities in bridges and crowns
  • Blocking arcades
  • direct splinting of teeth (labial, lingual or palatine)
  • directly intraoral maintenance of interdental spaces
  • as an auxiliary in the direct performance of onlay, inlay works

Clippers and other mandatory tools

In our store there is also a wide range of clippers. Nail clippers available in our offer are podological products adapted to perform professional pedicure treatment. Nail clippers and clippers from our offer are made of stainless steel and these are accessories adapted for use in professional podiatry offices.

Pedicure is not only painting toenails. It's work on whole feet, and for this you need the right quality accessories made of stainless steel. Scissors, clamps, clippers and other products made of such steel, which during the pedicure procedure are used for professional cutting of cuticles, working with the surface of the nails

People who decide on a pedicure or treatment in the podiatric office, which is designed to align and properly position the plate of ingrown nails , expect the highest quality of service. For people struggling with the problems of ingrown nails, comfort and safety are extremely important. They expect results to achieve which the podiatrist will have to use such a product for foot and nail care or cutting cuticles that will quickly improve their condition. Products for feet and cuticles available in our store are a guarantee of the highest quality.

For all people running a podology office, there should be an important brand of the product that will be used for treatments. For many people, the office is a zone where products whose brand guarantees reliability should be available.

Reliable source and fast, free delivery

In our store you can easily find all the tools you need for. manicure and pedicure. So your patients' nails will be developed with the best equipment. You can easily search for any manicure or pedicure product available from us, because we have divided the categories into additional product subcategories. When deciding to order, you will see how easy it is. To meet the expectations of customers, each order over PLN 250 is free delivery. An important issue when choosing an assortment was for us the assessment by specialists. Trusting the opinion of professionals, we have selected the best products.

For many people, it is very important whether the products are available immediately and whether the delivery options will make it free or whether you can use the installment payment options.

Free delivery of your order is also a guarantee of certainty. You will receive notifications on the progress of your order on an ongoing basis. Buy the product you need, close your computer and wait until the free delivery with your order reaches its destination - to your office. We know how important convenience and speed of execution are to you, so we make every effort to ensure that the order reaches its destination as quickly as possible.

Polish supplier deserving the highest rating is a guarantee of safety.