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Preparations after podological treatments, skin care cosmetics

Podological cabinets are enjoying increasing popularity.A professional office, equipped with high-quality equipment and preparations, effectively fights various disorders.In our offer we have numerous cosmetics used after treatment for the skin of the legs and nails.Created by recognized manufacturers show a wide range of operations and are willing to be used by specialists.Find out the suggestions of the specifics used after the podological treatments from our offer.

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Farmona PODOLOGIC HERBAL Foot peeling 500ml

Farmona PODOLOGIC HERBAL Peeling  Professional foot peeling is recommended for very dry skin. This product perfectly prepares for pedicure or subological procedure. It effectively removes the fertile scores, smoothes and turns down the microcirculation, thereby increasing the absorption of the...

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Farmona Smooth Feet Grapefruit foot scrub 690g

Farmona SMOOTH FEET Foot Peeling Smooth Feet Exotic Pedicure SPA is designed for peeling the skin of the legs and knees, for all skin types.It intensively cleans and smoothes the corneal scores, stimulates the bleeding of the skin of the legs by improving the absorption of caring active...

Price 59.00 zł

Farmona PODOLOGIC FITNESS Foot peeling with silver ions 690g


Farmona PODOLOGIC FITNESS Peeling for foot with silver ions  Salt peeling is recommended for the care of the active legs, with a tendency to rubbing the scrotum, in antibacterial prevention, as preparation for the subological procedure or pedicure. It slows the generic scores, slows and...

Price 59.00 zł

GEHWOL BEIN-VITAL Balsam to Foot and Foot Tube 125 ml

Welcome to the daily care of legs and legs. It is easily absorbed, making the skin of the legs and legs smooth and smooth (algae and vitamin E extract).Restore the vitality of the legs.It helps blood and humidify the skin, brings relief to tired legs and legs. Indicated for Diabetics The...

Price 38.00 zł

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Foot scrub 500ml

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Peeling  Strong cleaning product recommended for peeling of legs and knees. It cleans and cleans the dead spots.It stimulates the microcirculation of the blood and prepares the skin to take the active ingredients from the preparations successfully applied.   Destinationthe...

Price 48.40 zł

GEHWOL FUSSDEO-CREME highly refreshing cream for the feet 125 ml

Intensely softening foot creamIt eliminates the unpleasant foot odor all day long. It contains a care formula with jojoba oil and aloe and the active substances of manuka oil. It prevents foot fungus. Micronized zinc oxide provides antibacterial protection. Aloe inhibits the growth of bacteria...

Price 35.00 zł

GEHWOL FRISCHE-FUßBAD cooling and refreshing salt 330g

Refrigerating salt GEHWOL Fresh 330g Bath with extra granules GEHWOL Frische-Fußbad removes tired legs.The mentol contained in them eliminates burning and leaves a long-term feeling of freshness.The bath effectively eliminates the unpleasant smell and cleans it.Moisturizer and algae extracts...

Price 32.00 zł

Farmona SKIN SCRUB Extrat peer - body and foot peeling 500g

SKIN SCRUB - SKIN AND FOOT SCRUB   Cleansing sugar peel, salty to the body and fruity to the feet, containing natural peeling particles. It stimulates the microcirculation of the skin, providing it with perfect nutrition and moisture. Peeling perfectly exfoliates the rough skin on the feet,...

Price 51.90 zł

GEHWOL SOFT FEET - Peeling 125 ml

Bamboo-sugar peelingA gentle and easy peel removes dead skin cells, regenerates and smoothes the skin surface. Natural bamboo granules and jojoba wax provide a gentle massage that stimulates bleeding of the skin. The sugar crystals accelerate the exfoliation of the red skin. The skin becomes...

Price 47.00 zł

GEHWOL Balzam Normale Haut refreshing to the 125 ml

Gehwol Balsam Normale Haut it has refreshing and relaxing properties.It prevents the formation of fungus, sweating and feeding of the feet.It relieves the feeling of fatigue, reduces the discomfort associated with cold skin.It makes the skin soft and soft. The purpose:Fresh Foot Balls for Normal...

Price 34.34 zł

Farmona SKIN SCRUB Forest fruits - body and foot scrub 500g

SKIN SCRUB - PEELING FOR BODY AND FOOT Cleaning sugar peeling - salt to the body and feet with the smell of forest fruit, containing natural slurry drops.It stimulates the microcirculation of the skin, providing it with ideal nutrition and hydration.Peeling perfectly folds fertile scores on the...

Price 51.90 zł

GEHWOL FUSSDEO-CREME Foot Refrigerant Cream 75ml

GEHWOL FUSSDEO-CREME Foot Renewable Cream 75 ml  This is an intense deodorant cream with long-lasting action. It removes the smell of the feet throughout the day.It contains a care formula with jojoba and aloe oil and the active ingredients of manuka oil.Prevent the fungi of the legs.Micronized...

Price 32.00 zł

GEHWOL PERLMUTT-PEELING Peeling 125ml Peeling container

Nursing peeling of sprosked pearl mass, sugar crystals and wheat drops, has an intense destroying effect.It removes the dead parts of the skin, making the skin smooth and compressive.Bisabolol causes irritation, and pantenol relieves them and acts anti-inflammatory.   Method of Use: peeling to...

Price 42.44 zł

How do you apply cosmetics after your foot surgery?

Effective and patient-friendly procedures are required of the podiatric office. Therefore, a reputable facility must be equipped with high-quality equipment and cosmetics. An experienced specialist will know what preparations for undergoing foot surgery if you have any further questions, please contact your doctor. There's no question that taking care of your feet after you leave the office is a patient's job. During treatment, you may use cosmetics for personal care during subsequent visits and checks. However, in the comfort of your own home, you can use milk, lotions, urine foams, and foot peels. This should be done systematically. You have to use preparations for the skin of the feet and nails have been shown to be effective. The task subject the aim is to provide patients with knowledge about care and reliable information on specifics.

Use and recommend only tested preparations!

Products to skin of feet and nails they remove and alleviate problems. After treatment the patient feels relief, but the effects treatment they're backed by professional cosmetics. These include pain-relieving ointments and ointments that speed healing. Alene may also lack the nutritional serum for nails or you can use urine-based cosmetics to soften the placenta. If these problems are accompanied by an established fungus, a biocidal product must also be included in the treatment kit. Use only tested products verified brands, such as:

  • Gehwol,
  • Unguisan,
  • The Aryan,
  • Callusan,
  • Camille

and others available in the Leopard catalog. We only offer cosmetics for the skin of the feet and nails designed for professional use. It's a viable solution to skin and nail problems. After removal of uncomfortable lesions (fingerprints, hallucinations, growing nails, fungal lesions), use cosmetic products. Products from reputable underground companies will help normalize the condition feet and they'll help it regenerate.

Cosmetic products for the care of the feet

Both medical intervention and preventive care require foot care later in life. Cosmetics after undergoing foot-operations shall apply irrespective of the objective of the operation. Foot care requires a constant supply of nutrients. After visiting a podiatric office, it is important to familiarize the patient with the basic principles of skin and nail care. It's not just a pruning manual nails and smooth the heel. You should also help develop app habits cosmetics for personal care. I 'm going . For example, aloe vera footwear is used for deep moisturizing. Walnut oil is a softener and smoother remedy for rough heels. A lot cosmetics you can find the best after-care products in the Leopard online store.

Protective measures - How can you prevent a relapse?

Preparations to be used before a podiatric procedure their job is to prepare the skin and the nails. Problems with with feet they may come back, so special protective products must be used. It's really about continuing the treatment and protecting sensitive areas, like. the nail bed before infection. We recommend a large selection footwear have disinfectant, antibacterial and antifungal properties. After disposal of imprints or build-up nails this is necessary to maintain the effects of the treatment.

Footwear from Leopard online store

Our offer included preparations used during foot treatment and right after him. Once the changes have been eliminated, the positive effects should be maintained and the healing fragments protected with specific disinfectants. Problems skin of feet and nails it dissolves at the podiatrist. Post-operative care is usually provided outside the emergency department. Patients should therefore be made sensitive to the use of preservatives during treatment. Only professional preparations will ensure that the effects are maintained and the healing problems resolved. You'll find a good deal on skin and nail products on the Leopard website.