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Waste Heaters in Roll 100ml, Waste Heaters for Waste Waste

Before depilation, the wax must be heated.Therefore, for each type of procedure, a device for the flow of this substance is necessary.This can be a heater for a granulated stainless wax or a special stick with a deposit.Do you use wheels for wireless depilation or their soft version?Regardless of the type of material, it must have an ideal temperature.Check which heater is best preparing traditional, azulene, or IT WAX wax for processing.

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Hair removal materials — how to use them?

The beauty parlor offers two types of hair removal. Other preparations are used for stripless wax. In turn wax in a 100 ml roll has a semi-liquid form obtained by heating in a special device. It's shaped like a roll-on deodorant. Preparations for hair removal are fixed or semi-fixed. Prepping them for surgery requires raising their temperature. Manufacturers of equipment and hair removal products offer special heaters for each type and application of wax. Their functions allow it to be made ready to use by hand. The optimum temperature and consistency ensure successful waxing. You can talk about it whenever clients leave the office without any hair or redness. He will accompany them with a smile and great satisfaction.

Strip and stripless hair removal

Heaters vary depending on the type of hair removal. In the beauty parlor, they use both. Therefore, strapless and striped waxing machines are essential in every salon. Why do you need different shaving equipment? Check the differences between the two types of hair removal and compare the equipment needed.

What types of waxes are used on different parts of the body?

For the first one, you use wax of a less consistent consistency. You apply it, you put on a strap of fizzin and you pull the hair off the skin with a violent movement. This type applies to larger areas such as limbs, back or torso. The advantage strip removal it is possible to quickly remove hair from larger areas. The semi-liquid adheres tightly to the skin. It is felt by the client, so special soothing cosmetics are used after the procedure. The important thing is to heat the wax to the optimum temperature and not cause additional irritation. Containing by weight: (Italwax, Starpil) removes hair from sensitive areas of the bikini, face or armpit. Strip-free hair removal products are used. It's hard wax in granules or cubes that dissolves to a thick honey consistency. As it coagulates, it forms a band-aid. This type of wax doesn't stick to the skin, only the hair. With stripless hair removal the hair is removed regardless of the direction of growth. With strip waxing it is necessary to remove the pulley in the opposite direction.

Stripless hard wax heater and its consistency

Each strip and stripless wax should be heated before use. In the case of strapless wax, this is a semi-solid product. Packages of 1 kg with granules or cubes must be turned into ready-made cosmetics. It is best to do this in heater with temperature control. I 'm going . This guarantees 100% safety of the procedure:

  • the specified temperature will bring the wax to the desired consistency,
  • at the same time remain under control and do not lead to burns,
  • heating of flammable components shall be carried out without an open fire.

Hard wax is usually available in larger packages, e.g. 1 kg. The container heater it makes it easy to measure the quantity you need and quickly turns the mixture into a finished cosmetic. In our offer you will find professional hair removal machines with strapless wax of the best brands, e.g. Starpil or Italwax. I 'm going . It is specialized service equipment that is durable and can last for many years. Make sure it's properly operated and use your heater for your next treatments!

Strip waxes in rolls with heating option

It's best to use a heater with a built-in pin for the strip wax. This solution makes it convenient to use hair removal cosmetics. I 'm going . How does it work? Place the wax in a 100 ml cylinder in the heater and wait for it to reach the correct temperature. The device shall also allow the contents of the cartridge to reach a suitable consistency. When the contents of the pin become hot, use it as an applicator. Its structure is similar to a deodorant in a pin with a roller. Liquid belt wax is applied to the calves, arms or other body parts directly from the device. The strap waxer may be connected directly to the power supply or charged to a special base. In our offer you will find different models machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material. I 'm going . We recommend professional models with two or three heaters. Individual devices may also be combined into stations of up to 10 units. Wax pins and heaters are efficient and quick. Just wait about 20 minutes. Then cover the area vigorously with a cosmetic, apply a fizelin strip, and remove. Both laying and plucking should be done in the opposite direction of hair growth. Remember, a slight stretch of the skin should minimize pain. Be sure to get your hands on oil after waxing for the relief of irritation. Then you can apply a special wax. It's a cosmetic that delays hair growth. It's a softener on the hair residue. It will be easier to remove during the next wax.

Strapless wax heater at a good price

In the iLeopard catalogue you will find professional heaters for the beltless version. These are all products intended for professional use. Thanks to the constant service of beauty salons in Poland, we can always count on favorable prices from the manufacturer. Starpil and ActiveShop offer strapless wax heaters with a guarantee of durability and reliability. In version Quickepil you can put more than one container in a heater. Wax is an excellent storage material. Regardless of when you're planning to get your hair done, it's a good idea to have a 1kg pack of cubes or pellets on hand. With reliable equipment, you can always be sure that the wax will melt to the desired temperature. You can choose between compact devices or models with a removable metal container.

Strip and stripless hair removal with iLeopard heaters

Products in a 100 ml cylinder are heated at 40 W. Dissolving waxes in an open container requires slightly more power. Heaters for hard preparations of the iLeopard range have a temperature control function up to 90 ̊C. To prepare the wax for the procedure, it is dissolved at 60-70 ̊C. Then reduce the heat to 40 ̊C on the thermostat and start the application with a spatula. A 1 kg package contains 20 cubes. For a one-time waxing of the underarm, mustache or bikini area, it takes approximately. three to four, so the average wax will last four to five treatments. In our catalogue you will also find parts and accessories of machinery, hard wax and a spatula to apply. You can also use stripe wax kits. You'll find heating pads in them in rolls of 40 W with pins and a set of fizzines.

Find your waxing equipment in our online store!

On the Leopard Web site, we have something for you heaters and hair removal cosmetics. I 'm going . The wide selection of items available to professionals makes it easy to get started. The quality and simplicity of its operation impress even those who fear it. Whichever method you use with iLeopard equipment, you'll be able to deal with excess hair. Our catalogue includes both heating appliances, as well as a diverse range of medicines. Cosmetics in pin, granules or cubes of 1 kg are ready for use in functional equipment. They'll help you feel free to try an effective wax.