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Lukas Tire Cappuccino - Single Fresh Ends

Among the aforementioned ends for the freezer, Lukas' strange capture sets standards.Despite its small size, it is a technologically advanced product with excellent operating effects.Located on the universal end, capturks remain a convenient, often used in cosmetic and podological offices alternative to multi-store cave uses.Try reliable Lukas captures from our offer - they are perfectly performed when doing nail styling even in home conditions.

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Machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material

Among the interchangeable ends for the milling machine, Lukas abrasive caps set the standard. Despite its small size, it is a technologically advanced product with excellent performance. Overlapping caps on the universal end remain a convenient, often used in cosmetic and podiatric practices alternative to disposable caps. Try the reliable Lukas caps from our range - they work perfectly when styling nails even at home.

Abrasive cap with excellent parameters

Products of Lukas they have an excellent reputation among podiatrists and their patients. The company's catalogs contain compact products in two series:
  1. Delicate and precise manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product are characterised by numerous versions and by an excellent insertion of the interchangeable end on the support.
  2. Innovative other, of circular cross-section were the first on the market to be equipped with overheating alarms.

The innovative nature of the Lukas hood

The company's laboratories create technologies that set global trends in podiatry and cosmetology. Each rubber hoodit is equipped with a self-cleaning effect, so that the whole work can be done with one cap, although the abrasive caps are a disposable product. This is exactly what we see in the reviews of satisfied users: Lukas hoods can remove layers of rusty skin like a diamond blade, but thanks to the soft material: the linen jacket and the rubber supports are extremely delicate.

Self-adhesive plates, sheets, film, foil and strip, of plastics

Another quality that rubber sheaths Lukas they are distinguished from other products by the patented method of attaching the interchangeable tip to the support. Thanks to the original phenol-free resin on the surface of the carrier, the product does not rotate during operation. Interestingly, once the milling machine is turned off, it's very easy to remove the moving part from the cap. When needed, the Lukas abrasive cap will clean even large pieces of dead skin from the foot and will not require replacement before the job is done.

Order a few in our store. for testing each thickness

A manufacturer of innovative hoods is working to reduce heat during footwork in the podiatry office and during pedicures. Until the interchangeable ends are overheated, the person undergoing the footwork may treat it as a moment of relaxation. Unfortunately, when the tip of the skin overheats, it can feel painful. Lukas has already developed a technology to dissipate heat through the carrier, but the real hit is the capsules, which signal an imminent overheating by changing color. This is great news for anyone who often needs help with foot changes, such as diabetes.

Large selection of sizes and thickness of Lukas abrasive cap grains

There is much more to the product - orange and purple caps come not only in a variety of diameters but also in several varieties to suit the different needs of patients and their feet.
  • manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product on larger diameter carriers, remove the thickest layers of skin wrinkles
  • medium and fine deposits are used to finish hard skin and coarse epidermis
  • For the smallest small-diameter grains, the best effect is obtained on the fingers, especially the tips, and hard-to-reach areas of the skin.

Relentless to the rotted skin, pleasant to the treating person

Various diameters and several types of thickness make Lukas abrasive hoods a true alternative to other footwork tools. It is the surface of the hood that determines the final effect, but the tactile impressions are all described as delicate but effective. The self-cleaning effect means that a single treatment will not require a dozen or so. interchangeable ends. Although it consumes space, this small hood lasts a long time, and the choice allows it to be optimally fitted to the patient's feet. All you have to do is find a description of the product with its parameters in our offer, order a few pieces. for less than anywhere else. With more or more cooperation, the supply of products will be more profitable.