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Tests for autoclave - necessary tool sterility control

If you decide to buy your own sterilization device in a cosmetic or podological office, autoclave tests will also be needed.With the control materials you can get a hundred percent certainty whether any antigen remains on the tools.Removal in the autoclave is intended to remove disputes - surviving forms of infections.Tests from the device show whether the antiseptic procedure was effective.In our offer you will find reliable sterilization tests in a large selection.

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SteriMed One Bowie-Dick Test 134°C/3.5min 1 pc/box

Type 2 simulation test for daily checking of the correct operation of steam sterilizers. - Disposable, ready-to-use test pack - Controls steam penetration, removal of air, non-condensable gases, excessive humidity, steam overheating - Chemical indicator placed between the barrier (sheets of...

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Sporal "A" Chemical Test 1 pc.

Biological indicator of control of the steam-formaldehyde sterilization process DS-100   STOCK AND PROPERTY:   The indicator is shaped in the form of a bubble tape saturated with a bacillus stearothemophilus ATCC 7953 (for Form) and Bacillus Atrophaeus ATCC 9372 in one special paper packaging...

Price 8.50 zł
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Pathogen testing - compulsory procedure for sterilisation

The sterilisation of tools in a beauty parlour is now a legal requirement. The correct tooling process shall include:

  1. washing with detergent
  2. bath inside for disinfection
  3. sterilisation in specialised equipment

Facilities that adhere to high hygiene standards use their own autoclaves to disinfect sharp tools. Unfortunately, even a very thorough disinfection is not enough - tools must be inserted into a machine that sterilizes with steam at very high temperatures. After disinfecting the tools, large amounts remain - a persistent form that will be completely removed in 15 minutes. the sterilisation process. How do you know if a tool is 100 percent sterile before it goes into a specially marked package?

How does the autoclave test work?

Proper sterilisation of the tools requires a special chemical or biological test strip to be placed inside and placed under sterile conditions and closely monitored after removal of the tools. Depending on the test, a corresponding change in colour or marking may indicate that the instruments are not sterile. The indication depends on the chemical reaction or the development of spores that are developing into active forms of the pathogen. If all spores have been removed during autoclave sterilization, they will also not be present in the test. If not, they will also settle on the strap and be detected, which means that the positive batch must be sterilised again.

What kind of autoclave test? Whatever you choose, we have the best products for you

We offer autoclave tests with a guarantee of reliable control, manufactured by specialized laboratories. Our products are large sets of single, disposable tests in a single package. Each indicator in our range provides a reliable reading during steam sterilization. When used as directed, it shall indicate whether the active substance has remained on the cosmetic product, as in the case of the indicator. On our website, you will find proposals for a package of indicators, each containing 200 to 300 items. and enough for a very long time.

Biological test for the autoclave

After water vapour sterilisation at 121°C. In about a quarter of an hour, it should be 100% liquidated. forms of pathogens. The biological test consists of:

  • in order to reduce the risk of infection, it is recommended that a small dose of a solution containing a small amount of spores is placed in a controlled container.
  • the insertion of a strap into a special feed that allows the cultivation of the active form of the spore pathogens

If the process fails, within 48 hours the markers in the special food may show the growth of microorganisms or viruses by changing color. A biological test gives complete certainty of pathogens after a few days.

Chemical test for autoclave

Chemical autoclave tests are also excellent for testing the steam sterilization process. It's a different way of doing the biological counterpart, which is a slightly different way of reading. Instead of interpreting a change in colour, the presence of spores in the decontaminated tools confirms a shift of the substance to the appropriate indicator field. Chemical tests allow for faster detection of abnormalities in the entire autoclave procedure. It is sufficient to place the test strip in a sterile package and, after removal, confirm the correctness of the procedure or the need for re-exfoliation.

Good price and bigger packaging in our offer

Our store offers proven biological and chemical tests necessary for the sterilization process. We prefer packages that contain a large number of single-use test strips - then their price is the best. Larger boxes also mean that proper decontamination of the plant can be carried out on a regular basis without fear of missing a sterile indicator. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about sterility testing.