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Gerlach milling machine with SIRIUS NT Micro lamp

Gerlach milling machine with SIRIUS NT Micro lamp

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Sirus NT Micro – Professional Office Equipment

The Sirius NT Micro freezer is a device designed to perform a specialized foot care (pedicure) procedure.With the help of rapidly turning freezes, it removes scores, footprints, and also helps to care for your nails.The device is characterized by a smooth turn regulation (2200-42 000 per minute), the possibility of changing direction, as well as the regulation of the amount of dosed fluid.Light microsilator (170g) and self-access freezing are the facilities that make the work much easier.

Modern equipment for professional processes.

The Sirus NT Micro Gerlach with the spray system allows a very accurate and at the same time fully comfortable performance of the accurate pedicure process.The spray system not only cool, but also disinfects, which improves the quality of the service and the comfort of work.The ability to regulate the speed of rotations allows you to adapt the work to your individual needs and feel the customer without worrying about lack of accuracy.The Gerlach Sirus NT freezer allows for an extremely accurate development of the legs and nails.

Technical parameters of Gerlach Sirius NT Micro
Admissible stretch diameter of the used freezes: 2.35 mm (EU market standard).German production.

volumes per minute: min.200 and max.42 000;

weight: 2.9 kg; weight of the hand: 170 g;

dimensions : 28 x 11,5 x 28 cm;

voltage: 110-240 V / 50-60 Hz;

liquid tank capacity: 500 cm3;

maximum power collection: 350 W.



Data sheet

2,9 kg
Ilość obrotów na minutę
min. 2 200, maks. 42 000
Dopuszczalna średnica
2,35 mm
28 x 11,5 x 28 cm

Gerlach milling machine...

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