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Pedicure Footwear - The Essential Supplement in the Cosmetic Salon

Do you want to change the face of your salon?Do you not know what elements to put on to add elegance to the interior of your office?What to do to stylish the living room and not bankrupt?In this article, we will tell you what equipment elements are the "waves" of customers, and at the same time they become an inseparable, very useful item in everyday work.Confirm yourself.

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Clinic Silicone foot support

Hygienic solution for collecting waste from pedicure.Easy to use is made of silicone, making it flexible, rolled and non-fake.The material is always warm, which provides comfort to your customers.

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What should you look for when buying a pedicure foot?

The little things are very important, as you can see in almost every area of life. Often we do not realize the importance of the things we do not value in our daily life. Without which certain activities would not be possible. One of the things that should be in every professional beauty parlor is a pedicure foot.

When we go shopping, we often make suggestions about how an item looks. As it turns out, it's not insignificant. Visual attributes attract the eye and are an incentive for customers to decide whether to use the service in their office. However, this is not the only factor to consider when buying. At this point it should be emphasised how important the possibility of regulating this aid is. This makes pedicures and other procedures much easier. Foot care is a time-consuming process, so adjusting the height of your feet during the procedure is very important, especially for your spine. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that the sole is fitted with a height adjustment mechanism.

In addition, when choosing the right model, it is also good to consider the appearance mentioned earlier. Visual matters are very important. Usually, though, it's the soles of the feet, specifically the material the soles are made of. Quality of workmanship, material and easy cleaning of the foot, especially the cushion on which the client's feet rest during the procedure, are priorities. These are elements indicating how long the assistant can be used, as well as a statement on hygiene in the salon. A high level of cleanliness guarantees the safety of the treatment not only for the client but also for the employee. Moreover, every client who comes to an exclusive location hopes to have the procedure performed in sterile conditions, and care must be taken.

Another important factor when choosing a pedicure foot is price. This is often crucial when the models have the same functions and are visually similar.

Pedicure footstool - variety of models, attractive price

We offer a wide range of pedicure footwear. We've selected products based solely on those from reputable manufacturers to make your choice easier. These are the models that are indispensable in every podiatric and foot care salon. They are distinguished by features that facilitate the adjustment of the appropriate foot height to the needs of the treatments being performed.

On our online shelves, we have incredibly aesthetic, durable, high-quality pedicure soles. And among the proposals are:

  • Footwear with outer soles of rubber

it's a model that's adjustable vertically. In addition, the angle of inclination of the pillow can be adjusted by adjusting the angle of inclination of the pillow, which is very convenient not only for all pedicures. In addition, it is worth noting that it also has a large profile upholstery. It's an element that holds the legs well. A wide sole works in any beauty salon.

  • Pedicure foot white bell

this product is very practical. It is adjustable in height, so that it can be helpful during any procedure, especially a pedicure. It's very popular with peds. Elegant design and very high-quality material characterize this white pedicure bell. The ideal folding pedicure sole works on the entire length of the foot - from the toenails to the heels. The white bell sole is available immediately. And the price is competitive compared to other models of similar quality.

  • Pedicure footstool for armchair white

it's a particularly useful cosmetic footstool for podiatrists and pedicurists. With such a device, it is easy to perform a pedicure. It is made of polyurethane foam, making it durable, easy to clean and maintain. It should also be noted that this model is manufactured using antibacterial technology, which prevents the spread of fungi and bacteria. It's incredibly relevant in a beauty parlor that does pedicures. The price of the foot is extremely attractive.

  • A wide PDP-20 pedicure foot

this model has adjustable height and support angle. These are very important elements to ensure comfort during all procedures, and especially when performing foot care.

  • Other footwear with outer soles of rubber

this is another pedicure stand that has adjustable height and angle of support. Additionally, it has a movable footrest that makes it easy to change the foot position during the procedure.

A pedicure pedestal is an essential piece of office equipment, but what else is worth remembering?

In our online store you can find a very large selection of pedicure soles, but not only. We're trying to help out with the full-service spa, beauty, cosmetic and podiatry. We offer professional cosmetic furniture, including not only cosmetic chairs with exceptional durability and unique design, but also a pedestal with different parameters and functions, a cosmetic stool or chair. We make sure that not only the quality of the products, but also other parameters such as reputation, manufacturer or price are carefully selected for you. All these factors play a huge role in the selection of the product and ensure that the care is of the highest standard.

How do you lure a customer into the salon? Pedicure - What You Need to Know?

I'm sure you're aware that the first impression is the most important factor in a customer's decision to use a salon. Stylish cosmetic furniture, elegant and fragrant interiors, professional furnishings, and order and harmony at the beauty parlour inspire confidence among potential clients. And it is these elements that should be suggested when designing a cosmetic space, which should serve not only as a treatment facility but also as a place for relaxation and rest.

If you want the interior decoration of the salon to emphasize the professionalism of the cosmetic services provided, and you also want to create a unique atmosphere and create suitable working conditions, we definitely encourage you to reach for modern cosmetic furniture, among which you can find not only numerous models of aesthetic pedicure soles, but also comfortable beards, comfortable cosmetic chairs, cosmetic chairs with practical seats. We also have professional equipment on our online shelves, reputable equipment for a variety of procedures. Popular manicure products and beauty accessories are also available. Taking care of such a well-equipped salon will be a real pleasure. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer. We also offer the option of delivering to every salon.