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The Podological.Effective first-need tool in the Podological Office

One of the tools most commonly used to intervene with problems with the legs is long-podological.It serves for profound correction with fertilizing scrotum, scrotum or screws, so it must guarantee adequate precision and durability.The exchanges on the universal catch allow you to select the width to the current needs.Good bricks should be made of high quality steel.Get acquainted with our offer of exchanged bricks and accessories in the subological rubber category

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Cosmetic wipes for general use

To deal with serious foot problems, a good podiatrist needs a reliable set of tools in addition to knowledge and skill. Milling machines of varying thicknesses are not always sufficient to remove the rough skin. Therefore, in particularly persistent cases parts and accessories with different widths of the boat blade. The primary use of a precision hammer is to remove:
  • slight creases in the sole,
  • large fingerprints from the interdigital space,
  • footprints or classic footprints
In our catalogue you will find a large selection of sterile surgical-grade products and accessories such as dowel handles. We guarantee the highest quality of steel and precision workmanship - we only offer tested products from manufacturers of professional lines of tools. Their strength is not just the price - we offer individual or complete sets of hermetically sealed products that remain sterile when placed on the handle. Ask about parts and accessories - we will make you an offer for a regular supply of floor tiling (and more), usually at an even lower price.

It's a pedicure. Meet a specialized treatment product

Operating the blade requires considerable skill, however floor coverings it must be effective in removing skin deformities and growths. Prints and abrasions require both determination and sensitivity as they should be removed with thin layers. Interfering too deeply with the dead end of the work can have the opposite effect. Therefore, support in the case of strong wrinkles and stubborn footprints is parts and accessories - specialized, precision tools, available from our online warehouse in many widths. The size and selection of the ground drill for the individual case will allow an effective intervention. A complete kit should always be on hand in the podiatry room, from narrow 1 mm blades to the widest 8 or 10 mm blades to extensive heels. The products recommended in our catalogue are made of surgical stainless steel and additionally secured in aseptic packaging. Even though floor coverings it's a disposable product that fits on a special handle, buy any quantity from us to guarantee reliability and accuracy. As with the scalpel, single-use floor mats should be disposed of. Regular, reliable deliveries and an excellent price make our engineers frequent replacement orders. Join the group and try out reliable, high-quality disposable blades - strong, precise, guaranteed to be sterile.

Disposable floor grinders - excellent price and expected effect

Blades for other, of circular cross-section made of thin, strong steel is not sterilized due to the perfectly sharpened edge. If you put it in the autoclave a few times, it would lose all its value. That's why floor coverings must be included in the list of products for which a continuous replenishment of stocks is required. Next to disposable toiletries, dressings and scalpels, this is the most common item ordered by shop owners. They can also be used in beauty salons, where it is advisable to adjust the thickness with delicate grinders. If the heels or the area around the nail shafts are hard layers of dead skin, it is best to treat the problem in a specialist's office. It's right there floor coverings find the best conditions for use. Choose your professional, disposable hammer from our warehouse's range of underground products. Not only the price will surprise you - the cutting edges, made of therapeutic steel, meet the challenges of correcting and treating the feet. Please contact us - our experts will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about any product on offer.

For the blade, use a practical foot drill handle

The interchangeable ends make floor coverings it's a friendly position for your budget. The lower price is also due to the fact that in regular deliveries you pay for the packaging of hermetically sealed, aseptic blades for precision work. You only get solid handles once, so you can prepare floor coverings get back to work. Replaceable stainless steel handles are ideal for disinfection and sterilization. In our offer, all of them, without exception, guarantee a stable grip and a secure cutting direction. What should you know before choosing a handle?
  1. The incisions and protruding elements on the body enhance ergonomics and grip reliability.
  2. The stoppers on the ends are designed for specific sizes - see which underground blades will hold.
  3. Only steel handles guarantee sterility by being able to be inserted into the autoclave.
You're welcome to check out the handles from a reliable kit. We only offer professional products to our contractors - you won't be surprised by rusty steel or loose clamps. The handles in our catalogue are fully compatible with all types of disposable floor coverings. I 'm going . We strive to constantly expand our range with new sizes and profiles, but you can rest assured that every handle and blade in our catalog will fit together.