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UV Sterilizer in the Beauty Salon

In the time of the Covid 19 pandemic, the UV sterilizer is the elementary equipment of the cosmetic and underlying office.Desinfection is currently in place in almost every workplace.Where procedures are performed, the sterility of the tools should also be cared for.Meet our UV sterilizers, ultrasonic washers or ball sterilizers – this is a convenient option for people careing for aseptics in the cosmetic and podological industry.

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Advanced UV sterilisation in the cosmetic and podiatry office

Regardless of the current risks associated with Sars Cov 2, the use of drills, milling machines and chisels without exfoliation always carries a risk of infection. It's still easy to get one of the jaundice strains or a variety of skin infections. That's why no one today is arguing the necessity sterilisation surface of cosmetic or hairdresser's reusable tools. Moreover, it is required by the Health Inspectorate. In addition to traditional disinfection methods, such as bathing in high-alcohol liquids, we now have high-tech autoclaves and manufacture from materials of any heading, until recently, they were only used in medical procedures. They exploit the biocidal properties of light (ultraviolet (UVC)) or high temperature. Using them in enclosed devices is not harmful to humans - provided, of course, that the simple panel is handled properly. Regardless of the type of disinfection chosen, it is best to rely on technologically advanced and above all effective solutions.

UVC - ultraviolet with biocidal properties

Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product using UV radiation emit ultraviolet rays within a strictly defined range. The different properties of ultraviolet are used in many areas of life and science. We know five wavelengths of radiation:

  • a width of not more than 30 mm,
  • for use in the manufacture of products falling within headings 8521 to 8528 [1],
  • for the purposes of this regulation, the following definitions shall apply:OTHER),
  • a width of not more than 50 mm,
  • For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply:.

The light shall exhibit biocidal properties at each episode of radiation above 200 nm. During sterilisation it is harmful to living organisms (including humans - if we look at a light source for a long time, it can cause acute conjunctivitis, for example). Fortunately, in its natural state, it is trapped in the upper atmosphere and does not reach the earth's surface. That is why it is rarely used to disinfect a room - if anything, it must be free of living organisms. UV-C, on the other hand, is ideal for bleaching tool surfaces. Interestingly, they can't be covered by glass or paper because UVC doesn't penetrate deep into the structure. However, this is sufficient (with a dedicated device) to remove active and persistent forms of viruses, fungi or bacteria from the tools by irradiation.

Use UV radiation for the health of employees and customers

Applying these properties is more than disinfecting. Depending on the type of equipment, the appropriate wavelength and enclosed UVC equipment will remove all bacteria and viruses, including Sars Cov 2. Special UV-C lamps keep people safe from any harmful germs. When UVC comes in contact with bacteria, DNA damage occurs. In the case of viruses, we are also dealing with their total destruction. The effectiveness of the fight depends largely on the quality of the equipment. Regardless of their performance, each of them must ensure a closed circuit with regard to UV C radiation. The safe use of UV sterilizers is not particularly complicated - just a short training and following procedures during use.

UVC radiation and sterilisation equipment

Our range includes cost-effective non-UVC sterilization devices that demonstrate high efficacy and antibacterial and anti-viral properties. Although COVID-19 is mainly transmitted by drip, it can also be introduced by hand contact with an infected area. That's why disinfecting the skin of your hands and palms plus sterilizing your tools is the best combination to fight infection. With the help of specialised UVC equipment of appropriate wavelength pow. at 200 nanometers, all the bacteria and viruses on the surface of the instruments will be gone. At iLeopard, we also offer solutions that use UVC to disinfect rooms. One of the most popular is a special lamp to remove germs from the air.

UV-C bactericidal lamp - safe for people and premises

A practical and effective UV-C bactericidal lamp with an ozone generator keeps indoor air sterile. Used in clinics, hospitals, and operating theaters, it's also great for cosmetic and podiatry. The use of a lamp is an excellent solution at the end of the working day for interiors up to 60 m2. It is also safe to use indoors. However, this can only be done when there are no humans or animals inside.

Other, not further worked than cold-formed or cold-finished

We also have a large selection of machines for you to sterilisation uVC tools. The different capacities and handling methods will allow the product to be adapted to the number of tools. You'll find a variety of equipment to kill viruses, the most effective being 254 nm radiation. When it's used, it also kills resistant forms of microbes. Disinfected and dried tools and surgical tools should be placed in the container. Another advantage is their compact size - the largest of these devices is no larger than an average microwave.

Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product

To sterilisation wavelengths and UVC lamps need not necessarily be used. High temperature also shows antibacterial properties. Until recently, the main method of exfoliating the tools used in the operating room was to boil them for a long time in a special container. This device works a little differently. Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product as the name implies, contains special balls which hold the tools in the correct position while they are subjected to thermal action. It's an excellent alternative for people who prefer other methods of disinfection. The temperature of the air inside the container will kill the bacteria in a short time, but it will not guarantee 100% sterility. But in places like beauty parlours, it's a viable alternative. Find out what manufacture from materials of any heading you can order balls from our online wholesaler with specialized supplies for beauty salons and podiatric offices.

Is it worth using UVC?

UV radiation is not entirely indifferent to humans. For example, the first types of UV lamps for hybrid manicure curing are being replaced by LED lamps. However, not all radiation has the same biocidal properties as UVC. That's why the lamps sterilisation are used in closed containers and their use is governed by special procedures. The use of UV-C radiation with strict adherence to procedures does not present any risk to humans in rooms with the device in operation. Regardless of the model and type, manufacturers use special safety measures to prevent people from being exposed to waves during work. In our offer you will find only offers of proven brands.

Use of sterilization during the coronavirus pandemic

The topic of disinfection and sterilisation it's come back particularly strong in times dominated by the coronavirus. We take care to disinfect the skin, we do not avoid disinfecting the air with ozonators or biocidal lamps with UVC radiation. Disinfecting and sterilizing tools with UV wavelengths is another way to fight dangerous germs. We're increasingly using water, soap, hand sanitizers - why not increase asepticity in places that are particularly vulnerable to SARS-CoV2? Air disinfection and sterilisation of tools this is often a prerequisite for normal functioning and work, and therefore every effort should be made to limit the spread of the virus. UV C light with a specified wavelength (range up to 280 nm and above 315 nm) has high bactericidal and viricidal properties. Especially the 254nm frequency, which breaks down cell DNA, is effective at removing microorganisms from the environment. Locked up manufacture from materials of any heading it has no effect on humans, so UV lamps are worth using as a source of biocidal power. In our catalogue, we have a large selection of devices that use UV-C emitters and lamps to disinfect and sterilize small pieces of equipment in a beauty parlour. The average device operates automatically, requiring only the application of disinfected (first with water, then with an alcohol-based liquid) contents and the start of the program.

Choose your UVC kit!

In our offer you will find effective lamps and manufacture from materials of any heading with ultraviolet light sources in the biocidal range UV C. Apart from the autoclave, this is the best way to effectively sterilise equipment in cosmetic and podiatric offices. We put together a collection of products designed for the health and beauty industry. These are compact devices of relatively small size, each of which works according to the simplest of principles and will be easy to operate. UVC sterilizers will ensure complete asepticity in the living room, which is a priority in times of COVID-19.

What lights and sterilizers? Our experts suggest

Difficult choice? Please see the details of the offer for antibacterial lamps and machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material. I 'm going . If you have any questions or doubts, our specialists use their knowledge and experience of professional devices for the cosmetic industry. We have been supplying the industry with equipment, tools, materials and tools for many years. That's why we keep abreast of technological developments and are happy to share our experience with new customers. With us, disinfection and sterilization will have no secrets for you. We also offer equipment maintenance, provided directly by the manufacturer. The available lamps and other spare parts will ensure that your equipment will serve you before the long seasons. Look what else we have prepared for your company! We're always happy to work with new contractors. With this option, our partners can count on favourable discounts, free delivery and information on new products directly from the manufacturers. Take advantage of the continuous supply programme and join the ranks of satisfied iLeopard customers.