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Equipment for Kawitation.Which coating peeling device will best work?

The quick and pleasant cleaning of the skin provides the procedure performed with the help of ultrasounds - cavitation peeling.It successfully replaces traditional chemical peeling and other methods to get rid of the dead spider and sebum.Easy to use, it appears more and more often in cosmetic offices as an entrance to more advanced procedures.Coating peeling equipment should be effective and reliable.Try the skin rewitalizer +kHz from our catalogue.

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Effective cavitation peeling. What does this procedure involve?

Cavitation uses ultrasound that penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermis. Thanks to the +kHz devices for cavitation peeling, it is possible to penetrate the internal structure of the tissue. This is not possible with traditional ways of exfoliating and removing impurities from the skin. Cavitation peeling not only thoroughly cleanses the epidermis, but also nourishes and regenerates it. This is due to the stimulation of blood and lymph flow. In this way, the skin naturally oxygenates and rebuilds. Cavitation peeling creates quite a large list of effects:

  • cleanses pores of excess sebum,
  • unblocks the sebaceous glands,
  • oxygenates and regenerates the skin,
  • facilitates deep hydration and absorption of dermocosmetics,
  • eliminates blackheads,
  • It illuminates the complexion and raises the oval of the face.

Another effect of using the +kHz device for cavitation peeling is the natural sterilization of tissue. The treatment removes bacteria and prevents their multiplication. Thanks to this, a person after the procedure is less susceptible to the development of bacterial and fungal diseases. After undergoing ultrasound , you can breathe a sigh of relief and look calmly in the mirror. Regular cleansing will prevent the formation of new breakouts.

We choose a device for cavitation

Cavitation equipment consists of apparatus for producing sound waves and a tip with a wide, gentle edge. It is she who is responsible for collecting impurities and a gentle facial massage. A good cosmetic product for cavitation should be dermatologically tested. In our offer you will find only devices and accessories for professional use. This means that Biomak, ActiveShop or Beauty System products have been properly inspected. According to the opinions of our regular customers, they work in practice and bring visible results of use. Order and try one of them in practice!

Ultrasound better than cosmetic means?

Traditional peeling requires covering the surface of the epidermis with an exfoliating specific. The most popular sugar scrub brings sebum, blackheads to the surface and removes exfoliated tissue. Why does cavitation displace traditional methods? The +kHz device for cavitation peeling works on a different principle. It uses the phenomenon of the rapid appearance and disappearance of small bubbles in the liquid. They are created by ultrasound through the induction of a cavitation wave. Thanks to this, the effect is identical to organic peeling. In addition, sound waves stimulate cell metabolism, break calcifications and strengthen tissue. Cell membranes increase permeability, which contributes to better absorption of nutrients. That is why cavitation peeling is often used before other treatments. This helps to reach the deeper layers of the skin or support the action of dermocosmetics.

Is it possible to use +kHz devices for cavitation peeling at home?

Cavitation peeling products are available in different sizes. Models for beauty salons are most often combined with other options in equipment such as a combine. Do you want to use professional equipment on your own? Reach for the handy +kHz device for cavitation peeling from our catalog. Performing the procedure is simple. It is a type of skin massage, during which the face, neck or cleavage is cleansed. All you need is saline and a handy camera with a wide tip. Thanks to it, you can cope with blackheads, acne or scarring of the skin. The Leopard store guarantees high quality products for ultrasonic peeling. Get to know the positive opinions about Biomak or ActiveShop devices from our offer and enjoy refurbished leather!

A device for smooth and luminous skin. Indications for the procedure

Cavitation peeling treatment is not the only option to rejuvenate and cleanse the skin. It does not require expensive technologies or a very complicated procedure. +kHz devices for cavitation peeling are relatively inexpensive. They should not be missing in the service catalog of every beauty salon. This is the easiest way to quickly and effectively regenerate the skin. See how many indications for the use of the cleansing treatment are on this list:

  • Discoloration
  • blackheads and blackheads,
  • excessive secretion of sebum,
  • enlarged pores,
  • tired, gray complexion,
  • juvenile acne,
  • skin affected by excess sun,
  • fine wrinkles,
  • The skin was flabby and dry.

This is a real cosmetic panacea for various facial skin problems. Interestingly, it counteracts several problems at the same time. And yet you know that the complexion can often provide its owners with many problems at once. Choose effective +kHz devices for cavitation peeling from our catalog, Offer your customers even better solutions!

All the benefits of cavitation

Cavitation peeling equipment allows you to spend care on the face and neck area. Do Biomak or Beauty System devices have any weaknesses? For sure they are universal - in our catalog you can find a camera for a beauty salon and for home. The treatment can be applied to any skin, even dermatologically sensitive or couperose. Cavitation has a sterilizing effect and ensures the restoration of bacterial balance of the skin (and not only). It stimulates the skin to renew the top layer, and at the same time does not irritate it. With the help of a product that emits sound waves, you gain a way to oxygenate and hydrate the face. Cavitation peeling revitalizes the skin, smoothes wrinkles, brightens and renews the epidermis. After a session with this device, you can always count on improving your current condition! In addition, in beauty salons, cavitation peeling products are used to prepare the customer for the right treatments.

Ultrasound on the offensive. When is the best time to reach for the +kHz device for cavitation peeling?

Cavitation peeling equipment can be used at many different times. Sometimes it is enough to tire the skin, which you can feel and see at the same time. This is when the skin is gray and earthy, and unnaturally dry. Clients will be happy to benefit from comprehensive cleansing when they suffer from acne, excess sebum or blackheads. Or maybe you want to smooth wrinkles? Or are you just getting ready for a bigger party and want to charm with a naturally radiant complexion? At the same time, cavitation peeling is a perfect solution when you want to treat yourself to a relaxing massage with a beautifying effect. Under the +kHz device for cavitation peeling can hit: face, neck, as well as cleavage or back. Intervals between treatments should not be less than 5-6 weeks. In a beauty salon, cavitation peeling should be an easily accessible and inexpensive service. It can also be attached to other treatments as a preparatory element.

Cavitation peeling treatment with equipment from the Leopard store

Ultrasonic peeling products bring a quick and visible effect. In our online store with supplies for professionals you will find a large selection when it comes to such devices. They are effective, dermatologically safe and enjoy a good reputation of users. In the opinion of specialists who use them in offices, accessories from the Leopard catalog work well in practice. We attach a manufacturer's warranty to each product and the certainty that after the first use you will feel a clear difference. This applies not only to well-being, but also to appearance. Brighter, vital skin from the first treatment? Find the right product for you and enjoy looking good for a long time!