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Stone Fresh - Add to the basket

For a serious correction of the shape of the nails, scores and eyelids, choose a strong stone freez.In addition to excellent corrective properties, its greatest advantage is the ability to work dry or wet.Therefore, it applies both with a professional manicure with a greater correction of scores and valves, as well as with subological procedures.This is especially useful in processing that restores the natural shape of the nails and prevents serious distortions in the future

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Stone mills - What are they made of?

Aluminium oxide is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in most manufacture from materials of any heading is made from a synthetic variety. Their price remains relatively low. Among the many shapes used for grinding is corundum, with which even steel can be machined. An important feature is that it does not overheat, so it can reach up to 3,000 rpm. The hardness of the corundum is almost equal to that of a diamond. Manufacture from materials of any heading it is obtained by slow treatment of corundum at very high temperatures, giving it its characteristic fine-grained and extremely durable structure. The raw material thus prepared is processed into grinding tools according to their intended purpose.

Our shop has a large selection of stone mills for you

The higher price is characterised by tools made of natural raw materials with high thinning properties. They are most commonly found in natural white. It is distinguished by its long shelf life and the fact that its properties remain unchanged for a long time, although a high-quality synthetic corundum product that is properly preserved also has an increased shelf life. In the case of milling machines, the technology used by the manufacturer is very important. Visit our store and choose unique products for pedicure and manicure, whose strength is increased durability and a good price.

Use of stone mills in cosmetics

Manufacture from materials of any heading they're strong and delicate at the same time, which is why they're often used in beauty parlours. Its excellent results and relatively low cost make it one of the most widely used solutions for basic nail treatment. I should add manufacture from materials of any heading and there's another reason why they're so versatile. In a manicure and pedicure salon, they're applied to both the nails and the skin. That 's why it 's a good idea to put together a few sets . , which will enable the following activities to be carried out effectively:

  • nail shortening
  • modelling of nail shape
  • skin development
  • modelling of the nail shaft
  • blurring of the nail or the gel or acrylic surface

Stone mills in our offer - a large selection of products and a favorable price

Due to the delicate structure of the thorny surface and at the same time high machining efficiency (you can use the same mill for nails, acrylic and gel), stone tips of different shapes are a frequent choice of our customers. Their popularity is also due to the high quality of our products. We offer a large selection of milling machines in some of the most popular shapes to guarantee efficient operation. When adding to the basket, it is worth remembering the colour, which in the case of stone mills contains valuable information:

  1. pink means synthetic stone - flour, meal and flakes is a lighter and gentler solution for beginners or for particularly sensitive nails.
  2. the blue colour indicates a more demanding plastic used for modelling a nail plate that requires more adjustment.
  3. The bright, natural color indicates the natural origin of the stone

Stone milling in underground mining

In addition to the deep corrections in the shape of the tile manufacture from materials of any heading in podiatry, it is mainly used to dull the nails before applying or applying staples on growing nails. You can also use them to model your skin. The effectiveness and versatility of this tool means that milling machines in a set of more than a dozen pieces can be used in a variety of ways. they should always be on hand in a specialist office. They come in several basic forms:

  • other, of circular cross-section
  • cones
  • cut cone
  • the bullet,
  • the shield
  • tear

The cone basket or the roller? How to Choose the Right Mill Shape

It 's good milling in skilled hands, it can quickly become an effective cosmetic or podiatric tool. The choice of shape and hardness is up to the person performing the treatment, so it is important to find out the properties before adding the product to the basket. However, it is best to test the mill by trial and error, so order several at once. they come in all shapes. If frequent cleaning and sterilization are not overlooked, a good product will last a very long time - making it even more affordable. If you need further information before placing an order, our consultants will be happy to answer any questions. Subscribe to our newsletter to have regular access to new products in our offer.