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Farmona - cosmetics with the guarantee of the perfect effect

From 1997 on the market are available Farmona products - cosmetics developed with a specialized laboratory in order to provide solutions to every challenge related to beauty and body health.For years, the Krakow company has built a position of expert in the production of preparations for skin, hair and nails.Professional care products marked by this brand will be appreciated by users - see the offer of natural cosmetics on our sites.

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Farmona Dermaacne Pear face wash gel 500ml

Farmona DERMAACNE+ Grush Gel to Wash the Face A mild gel created with the intention of a fat, mixed, acne, with a predisposition to scratch and excessive brightness and with extended times. Effectively cleans, thoroughly washing makeup, any pollution and excess sebum from the skin surface. Thanks...

Price 39.60 zł

Farmona PURE ICON Moisturizing toner 500ml

Farmona PURE ICON Tonic  Alcohol-free care tonic recommended for normal, dry and dehydrated pear. It helps to maintain the right hydration level and restores the optimal pH to the skin. Thanks to the content of the alg extract adds its vitality.A discomfort of dragging.   The active mixers: algae...

Price 36.30 zł

Farmona PURE ICON Soothing face toner 500ml

Farmona PURE ICON Tonic  Exceptionally delicate tonic designed for the care of the vascular, sensitive, predisposed to irritation and redness. It refreshes and restores the optimal pH, relieves irritation and redness, brings a relief to the sensitive brush.   Active ingredients: SEPICALM TM VG,...

Price 36.30 zł

Farmona DERMAACNE+ Antibacterial tonic 500ml

Farmona DERMAACNE+ Antibacterial Tonic  A professional tonic destined to clean the fat, mixed, acne, with a tendency to shine. It perfectly refreshing and at the same time regulates the seed secretion while compromising the pores of the skin which reduces their visibility. It restores the proper...

Price 39.60 zł

Innovative brand - Farmona

Lines farmon cosmetics they're designed to address the specific challenges that beauty professionals face every day. The manufacturer of these advanced personal care products is committed to scientific precision and the use of natural ingredients. The result is advanced bioactive products with regenerative and strengthening properties. Tonic, balsam, serum or farmon cream the original formula are always subjected to comprehensive studies confirming their efficacy before being placed on the market.

Polish producer of fine cosmetics

Farmon is based in Krakow. It's a Polish company that was built from the ground up. The company's roots go back to a private beauty parlour, and its mission is to create tools to help solve common skin and hair problems. In every product, you'll find an original patent for wrinkles, discoloration or acne. All this is created in our country and reaches many foreign audiences.

This is Farmon's lab. Cosmetics for special purposes

In the catalogue farmona cosmetics you'll find professional facial and body care lines. All products of this brand have been designed in such a way as to guarantee noticeable effects. Regular application to the face, body and hair, as directed on the label, produces noticeable effects, as confirmed by numerous satisfied users. Extremely effective hair loss treatments and facial skin conditioners are a proven way to heal anyone.

First choice in beauty salons and spas

The Farmona brand is very popular with institutional clients. Beauty salons, beauty salons and spas often order kits from the Krakow-based company, using them for advanced treatments. We are an online wholesaler for professionals, so we know how often professionals use our services and order dermo-cosmetics and regenerative preparations from Farmna. Now you can try products from a combination of nature and biochemistry in the comfort of your own home.

The Farmona brand - an accessible solution to cosmetic problems

Particular cosmetics from the Farmona range are ready-made solutions to the most common problems that customers come to beauty salons and podiatric offices with. Most products contain unique formulas and solutions developed in the Krakow laboratory. Every Farmon cream, liquid or tonic creates the perfect environment to enhance your appearance by regenerating your skin's texture deep inside. Find out what cosmetics brand Farmona prepared in response to your needs and expectations. In our catalog, you can search for ready-made patents for specific imperfections your hair or skin is struggling with.

What kind of Farmon cosmetics can you find at our online store?

We've been working with Farmona for years, so we can't help but have a wide range of natural cosmetics for every skin type. They are distinguished by an attractive price and favorable delivery conditions - by ordering any Farmon product from a large online shop for professionals, you benefit from low margins and promotional deliveries from the head office. We have a large selection of preparations of every type, specific to each line, which the Farmona brand has prepared for the most demanding customers.

For facial and body care - Farmon cosmetics

Farmona is an innovative anti-aging product that actively regenerates the deep layers of the skin. For a specialist rehabilitation programme, which is best carried out under the supervision of a specialist, you can choose, for example:

  • skin Genic is a rejuvenating cream,
  • Anti-AGE hormone, peptide anti-glycation cream,
  • The active dermo-lifting concentrate.

Farmona is a brand that has also prepared proposals ideal for use in the comfort of home. For cosmetics designed for a specific type of problem, it is best to choose the brand's active skin care concentrates from the Farmona line in small packages:

  • DermaAcne+,
  • This is Amber Lavi,
  • The Hydra Quest,
  • The scalpel,
  • The Dermacos.

Farmon cosmetics for hair loss

In our range, you will also find suitable products for damaged and thinning hair. Using natural methods to strengthen the onions, using Farmona shampoos increases hair volume and strengthens the scalp. The brand offers cosmetics for all hair types: dry, brittle and prone to greasing. Use Farmon's products to deal with your hair problem once and for all.

Pedologic line for advanced foot care

Especially for foot professionals, Farmona has developed the Pedologic line of cosmetics and parapharmaceuticals for the foot. The product receives excellent reviews and is becoming a staple of office equipment not only in Poland. The Podologic series is not only foams and fluids based on urine to reduce stiffness of the heel skin, but also precision conditioners to maintain beautiful, firm skin and smooth soles. Take advantage of the offer and try some of the advanced, specialized preparations.

Huge selection of products - complete catalog of the manufacturer from Krakow on our website

We've got over a hundred Farmon-signed items for the price that will put you in a great mood. Thanks to the beauty salon offer, you can use cosmetics from an innovative company with proven effects. Every product of this brand is recommended! Do you need skin cream? Or a foot lotion or shampoo that says "stop hair loss"? Use the suggestions in Farmon's catalogue and enjoy the beneficial effects of the excellent products on your skin, hair, and nails.

Creams, gels, shampoos - find your own set of Farmona cosmetics

You don't have to stick to one genre or line! Farmon she's packed you in smaller packages. That way, every product is within reach. Try it and choose the best one for you. Both specialized anti-aging dermo-cosmetics and everyday products have passed the test in style. Trust a trusted brand - buy shampoos, foams and blisters with the Farmon brand.

Professional Farmon cosmetics on sale from iLeopard!

We invite you to see the details of our offer for individuals and beauty salons. In the case of institutional customers, we have provided numerous bonuses for those who opt for a fixed supply option. Every Farmon product is available at an affordable price through direct wholesale supplies from the manufacturer. Now, at iLeopard, you get a full-featured professional cosmetic rejection program at the price of a pharmacy product. By the way, cosmetic, footwear and hairdressing companies that regularly work with us can count on additional discounts, bonuses and completely free shipping.

Your Farmona product is waiting in our online store

Farmona is the leading brand in the cosmetics industry, so you should not miss the best opportunity to try the entire range of personal care products. In the rich catalogue of our innovative lab, you'll find something that addresses the challenges facing your skin. With Farmona, you'll have healthy skin, which will greatly affect the final outcome of the treatments. The manufacturer has something for both professional beauty salons and people looking for a new look in the comfort of home. Try yours farmon cosmetics and start rebuilding your uniqueness.