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Use Farmon masks for your hands, legs and body!

Specialist series of cosmetics, a guarantee of good prices - this is how it is presented in our Farmona online store.Good price and - with larger or permanent orders - free delivery of masks and masks for targeted skin renewal this can be a shot to a dozen.Farmona masks for hands, legs and body, available to beauty salon owners and cosmetic offices, are now at your disposal.Check out what we have prepared in this category.

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Farmona NIVELAZIONE softening foot mask 500ml

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Foot Mask  Cream mask intensely moisturizing the legs, designed for very dry and thin skin. It has a nutrient and moisturizing effect.Reduces excess rotating, smoothes and prevents the formation of patterns and printings.   Active ingredients The : urine, lanolin, honey...

Price 52.80 zł

Farmona VELVET HANDS Cream-mask for hands 500ml

Farmona VELVET HANDS Hand Mask  Cream with light and acamite consistency with a mask rich in active ingredients. Suitable for dry skin, with signs of aging and loss of strength. It expressly feeds and moisturizes the skin, negating the effect of dryness and thickness. It protects against aging...

Price 53.90 zł

Farmona Anti-cellulite body butter 500ml

Farmona Body Butter 500ml Guarana Slim Anti-Cellulite Body Butter was Created for Skin affected by cellulitewater and fat.Active ingredients contained in the product such as: L-carnitine, extract from guarana and imbiru they guarantee strengthening of the skin, improving its solidity and...

Price 58.00 zł

Farmona Vitamin lotion - mask for hands, nails and cuticles 280ml

Farmona HANDS & NAILS ARTIST Vitamin Balsam - Mask for hands, nails and scores  Farmona Professional Hands & Nails Artist is a product for the comprehensive care of the hands, nails and scores. The formula of the preparation is based on the liposomic vitamin complex has been developed so that it...

Price 35.20 zł

Farmona HANDS REPAIR Moisturizing hand mask 300ml

Farmona Hands Repair Hand Mask  A cream consistency mask, intensely hydrates the skin for a long time. It strengthens the protective barrier of the skin.It is especially recommended for dry, scary, damaged by the detergent effect of atmospheric factors.   Active ingredients: Noni fruit extract,...

Price 46.20 zł

Farmona EXOTIC MANICURE Regenerating cream for hands and nails 500ml

Farmona EXOTIC MANICURE Regenerating Cream for Hands and Nails  Strongly regenerating cream with smooth consistency, recommended for dehydrated skin, even in the case of dry and broken nails. It intensely moisturizes, regenerates and feeds, improves the smoothness and elasticity of the skin....

Price 45.10 zł

Farmona EXOTIC MANICURE Regenerating hand mask 300ml

Farmona EXOTIC MANICURE Regenerating hand mask  The product with a creamy consistency, with an intensive regenerating effect, intended for dehydrated skin and brittle and brittle nails. Thanks to its active ingredients, it moisturizes, softens the skin, regenerates nails and protects the...

Price 44.00 zł
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Farmona's innovative cosmetics - body masks

Body masks it's a good method for dealing with all kinds of imperfections in areas of the body that are prone to stretching, thinning and cellulite. All you have to do is apply cosmetics with special properties all over your thighs, hips or abdomen and allow the ingredients collected in a special composition by Farmona specialists to work.

Guarana Slim body mask with L-carnitine and ginger

Looking for a way to get cellulite? Your way of reducing your orange peel order online. Does Farmon cosmetics include free delivery? It is possible! Shop, buy and pay with us safely - you don't have to pay for shipping for larger orders or regular delivery options. Guarana Slim anti-cellulite mask for the body has been shown to be effective in reducing the unwanted tissue layer.

Farmona - foot and hand masks for professional offices

Taking care of your feet requires the use of effective cosmetics. Beautiful legs are the result of wearing masks dedicated to this part of the body. A Krakow-based manufacturer of natural cosmetics has developed a set of long-acting products that make heels smooth, skin firm and well-nourished, and nails fragile and fragile. Footwear with outer soles of rubber or plastics may have antibacterial and antifungal effects, thus reducing the risk of one of the unpleasant diseases, Masks for the hand it's also something to consider. They'll nourish your skin, improve your nails, prepare you perfectly for a professional manicure.

Softener for the feet Farmon Podologic

The Farmona Podologic series consists of cosmetics and preparations intended for podiatric use. Therefore, you can be sure that a softener will be very effective. It's a great way to keep your feet looking good longer. Regular application of the preparation will prepare the feet for a real rejuvenation program. The softening of the skin and the elimination of rough wrinkles on the heels are just two of the many benefits you can expect when you incorporate this mask into your cosmetic rituals.

Online wholesale for professionals - safely low cosmetics prices on iLeopard

Thanks to the mask's formula, the ingredients are gradually released into the tissue. Regularly repeated treatments should produce a noticeable effect, depending on the extent of the problem. It is best to start using the mask at the first signs and small changes – the mask will not only smooth the skin but also act as a preventative. In our online store you can count on the best products at great prices, which will allow you to use professional cosmetics regularly.

What should be the price level of cosmetics? A guarantee of good deals in our store. Check this out!

Choose the benefits of online shopping. Professional cosmetics don't have to be very expensive! Take advantage of a special offer for cosmetic and podiatric specialists. Now you can start your hand, foot and body beautification program in the comfort of your own home.

Pay safely, low prices all the time...

And all this doesn't have to cost a fortune! The online cosmetics wholesaler Professional offers a catalogue full of good prices. Choose your cosmetics - masks and full-body masks (usually you won't get them at an online pharmacy) at extremely low prices. Moreover, with frequent orders, you can count on free delivery.

Low cosmetics prices guarantee fast delivery

When you order professional cosmetics from us, you're guaranteed the best product, you'll pay less than a high-end drugstore, and you'll get your order to your destination quickly. Our online wholesaler offers you a large selection of Farmona cosmetics, which are characterized by their effective action and a large selection of dedicated solutions. Don't miss this opportunity! Find your way to a beautiful body by taking advantage of our offer.