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Footwear - the necessary tool in the care of the legs

Replacement scratch, certain hold, reliability for a very long time - the scratch is the necessary tool for effective foot care.It works perfectly in the podological office, as well as it can be used in domestic cleaning.A good tool collects the fertile layers of the prostate uniformly, without violating the living tissue.With the skillful use you will avoid scratching and scratching.Put on smooth roofs with scratch and other accessories to the roofs of our catalogue.

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Footwear with outer soles of rubber or plastics

Removing dead skin from the feet is done using a milling machine and special metal tips. But there's still water other - a type of blade with a cutting edge, adapted for 'thinning' the heel layer by layer. An effective tool should provide steady steering and a good turn, and the cutting part must be extremely sharp to avoid tearing the rust layer and making deeper cuts. Heel clipper it's an essential piece of equipment in a podiatric office, but it's also a useful and handy pedicure tool.

What's a heel clipper for?

The secret to using the tool properly and safely is to cut and remove a thin layer of the crooked heels. Without it, it is difficult to remove the cracked, wrinkled layers of dead skin that block the silky smooth foot. That's the first thing you do when you get a pedicure. The stainless steel or strong plastic handle must be located in the equipment case at the counter in each cosmetic establishment. Order and test the new equipment over the next few days. We can assure you that this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Plum and other products - Professional version required

Professional product - heel clipper - features a robust material, an ergonomic shape and the ability to easily replace the blade. It is best to buy a set with a handle similar to that of a razor and a stainless steel blade in the shape of a conventional razor. The difference is that the incision into the incision is thicker and much shorter. A good product is factory sharpened and easy to replace. This is a disposable product, so you have to do this before every use. Replacement parts are easy to order when you are preparing a new delivery - just remember the description and details of the handle used.

As always, the brand counts

We've got Mavi Omega clippers for you in plastic and metal. In addition, we continually supply our customers with interchangeable blades dedicated to this proven equipment. The Omega line from Mavi to guarantee a successful pedicure. Positive reviews of the product are enough to recommend it to oil buyers. It is the evaluation and description of the activities carried out by our partners that confirms this choice.

Heel clippers and other foot products in the iLeopard catalog - good price, free shipping, smooth heels!

Heel clipper what distinguishes our offer is the excellent price and prompt delivery. We supply professionals - with us you can be sure that the products in the iLeopard catalogue, regardless of category, will be as reliable and professional as ever. See what we have in the pedicure tab and also order our articles.

How do we get the equipment? Product reviews are important

We always listen to our regular contractors, whose evaluation is particularly important to us. That's why every pedicure and manicure you order is based on your voice. Heel clipper and the other product categories that are on our sites are there because they've been praised by our partners. For those of you who are with us on a permanent basis, we have a free delivery option and a payment delay of a dozen days. Interestingly, the price of a professional tool does not differ much from the market price of the product - we import the product directly from reputable manufacturers.