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Preparations used during procedures in podiatric offices

Treatments performed in podiatric offices require expertise and appropriate equipment. Therefore, it is worth investing in professional products that are used to help, support, and even cure. Our online store specializes in selling specialized products that are enjoyed by pedestrians. They're branded cosmetics with valuable properties. It's a good idea to use them during each procedure.

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GEHWOL SOFT FEET - Peeling 125 ml

Bamboo-sugar peelingA gentle and easy peel removes dead skin cells, regenerates and smoothes the skin surface. Natural bamboo granules and jojoba wax provide a gentle massage that stimulates bleeding of the skin. The sugar crystals accelerate the exfoliation of the red skin. The skin becomes...

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GEHWOL NAGELWEICHER Smoothing Skin Flask 15ml

Fluid that Softs Nails and SkinThe preparation prevents nails.It relieves the pain caused by the pressure and swelling of the nails into the skin.Fluid contains potassium hydroxide and ricin oil – these substances have a milder effect on the nails and skin.With the systematic use of the liquid,...

Price 33.00 zł

GEHWOL PERLMUTT-PEELING Peeling 125ml Peeling container

Nursing peeling of sprosked pearl mass, sugar crystals and wheat drops, has an intense destroying effect.It removes the dead parts of the skin, making the skin smooth and compressive.Bisabolol causes irritation, and pantenol relieves them and acts anti-inflammatory.   Method of Use: peeling to...

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Camillen cosmetics used as an adjunct to treatments

There are many foot cosmetics on the market, yet new ones keep coming. In your podiatric office, you should have only experienced and professional podiatrists to ensure that each procedure produces satisfactory results for both parties. We recommend Camillen products to help fight the most common foot skin ailments. They have a broad spectrum of activity and the chamomile they contain has additional soothing properties. In our store you can find many cosmetics of this brand. They're very versatile, very popular with podiatrists. Proper disinfection of the feet is essential during treatment. To that end, Camillen developed Wash Eau De Cologne, which provides a quick skin cleanser. It also has a refreshing and cooling effect due to its menthol content. A large 1000 ml container is very efficient, but the preparation is also available in smaller bottles, allowing it to be sold to clients in the practice. We also have other cosmetics from this company in our store. Camillen brand products are subject to distribution controls, so by ordering from us, you're guaranteed permanent access to this line at attractive prices.

Other cosmetics to be used during foot surgery

In addition to the Camillen brand, there are other companies that are well known and respected in the foot care industry. Orbis has created a unique orange Kalte Spray for freezing sponge applicators and cooling compressors. It's an essential preparation in every podiatric office. It's available as a spray, which makes it much easier to use. Prontoman's spray, on the other hand, has a triple effect, which is why it's so often used in different treatments. Cosmetics are effective at disinfecting, softening and protecting the skin of the feet. In addition, it neutralizes unpleasant odors and promotes wound healing or irritation. It doesn't dry out the skin, so it can be used by diabetics and allergy sufferers, which is a huge advantage. It's also great for everyday foot care.

We invite you to view the full offer and place your order. We offer a wide range of essential cosmetics for all types of foot care. Using our services, you can be sure that every order will be processed quickly and efficiently.