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Vakuum freezers - untouchable for printing, folders and models

Specialized vacuum frees require experience and certain hand, but they are characterized by high efficiency.Due to the good results in removing footprints, scratches and scratches on the skin, they are used in podological procedures.The freezer ends with a characteristic long-battle shape are reliable support in eliminating the discomfort and giving a healthy appearance to the skin everywhere there has been a deformation of the pancreas, which causes pain and causes an unesthetic appearance.

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Camillen Serrated Vacuum Cutter 2287

Vacuum tooth cutter. We use it primarily for the precise and safe removal of deep roots, cores in hard and painful corns on the feet. Head diameter 1.8mm.

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Vacuum milling - high efficiency and low cost

It 's a real special ops machine . Commonly associated with fingerprint removal, it is used in numerous skin operations. This product can:

  • remove the modules
  • extract the core of the print
  • reduce redness of the skin

Vacuum mills they have a distinctive build . Most often, they resemble a roller with a sharp or serrated edge that acts like a scalpel. For this reason, their use requires model training or expertise in silicone gap filling. Sharp edges or jagged parts of the tip must not exert excessive pressure on the surface of the epidermis and the entire operation should be carried out with great sensitivity. It's a precision tool, so its price is a little bit higher when it comes to the other categories of milling machines.

Vacuum mills - fast shipping and secure delivery

Manufacture from materials of any heading, also known as trepanum, it's an essential part of a full pedicure. In addition to treating problems that prevent the feet from functioning properly, such as moles, bunions, and footprints, podiatry provides comprehensive foot care. Modeling a healthy sole means that you won't be without effective foot care tools in the office, compatible with a reliable milling machine. Without access to a large set of milling machines, including reliable surgical stainless steel trepans, it is virtually impossible to achieve a satisfactory result. Specialist offices are benefiting from improvements, which is why there is great interest in continuous supply the tips of the milling machines. Although the products in our shop come from branded manufacturers and are characterized by a long shelf life, the replacement or supplementation of the kit with another 5-8 pieces. every once in a while is just a necessity. We'll be happy to work with the podiatric clinics on a regular basis, supplying on-demand all the necessary products, including manufacture from materials of any heading.

Trepan - special purpose mill

However, there is no more effective way to address serious foot or cosmetic problems that require the removal of a painful deformity. Prolonged and increasingly painful footprints, bruises, changes in the nail shaft, wrinkles - these are just some examples of the use of powerful milling accessories. The dark side of our ailments can be stopped by a vacuum mill. Our products have a high degree of diversity, which enables them to best solve individual problems manufacture from materials of any heading for the removal of hard rubbish on large surfaces, other for the local removal of the print layer. Our website offers services that have a huge advantage in fast delivery and reasonable prices.

Vacuum mills - sterilisation and storage of products

The sterilisation and storage conditions for each vacuum product shall be the same as for surgical instruments. Please note that decontamination (washing and chemical disinfection of the blade) should be carried out after use. Then they need to be sterilized and labeled just like any other tool used in an office.

Effective fingerprint removal - smooth skin without any signs of irritation

How do the mills work to remove prints ? Vacuum mills the blades used for this procedure often have a crown-shaped blade. Due to the toothed surface of the product, the roughened or hardened layer is gradually removed and much easier to control its removal. In accordance with the rules of the art, this should be done gently so that the subject does not feel pain. The description or colour marking of each product shall indicate its properties and use. Fingerprint vacuum mills first cut the outer layer and then extract the deeper core.

By yourself or with the help of a podiatrist?

Deep core prints require more work and intuition, good gear adjustment, and a little manual skill. However, the products offered on our website are suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. Surgery with a milling machine is a difficult art, so it is better to use the services of a podiatrist in complicated cases. It is possible to install the milling machine into the milling machine socket by removing the horn layer from the heel.