1. The promotion under the name “NEW SCHLEP”, further referred to as Promotion, is organized by Leopard David Smiglarski, ul.Moniuszki 10, 05-200 Volomin, further called “Organizator”
  2. The promotion will take place from 11.05.2023.from 12:00 to 15.05.2023.until 24:00.
  3. The promotion is carried out throughout the Polish Republic.
  4. Promotion is not a random game in the sense of the law of 19 November 2009.about gambling.
  5. This promotion is not associated with other promotions.
  6. The Promotion Regulations are available at the Organizator's headquarters and on the website
  7. the website www.https://sklep.ileopard.pl/en/ further referred to as “Internet Site”.


  1. The promotion applies to each order exceeding £500.
  2. Each user receives a single Arkada Serum TC16 15ml
  3. This promotion is not associated with other promotions.
  4. The customer can only use the promotion once.
  5. Only one serum is available.
  6. Participation in the promotion is voluntary and every customer can benefit from it.
  7. Promotion applies to exhaust Arkada Serum TC16 15 ml
  8. The Company reserves the right to change the promotional rules at any time without giving any reason.
  9. The promotion is in accordance with applicable law, including the Civil Code and the Personal Data Protection Act.
  10. Any disputes arising from participation in the promotion will be resolved by the court competent for the headquarters of Leopard Dawid Śmiglarski ul.Moniuski 13 05-200 Wolomin..


  1. Any complaints relating to the Promotion may only be submitted in written form within the date of 15.05.2023.until 10.06.2023.to the address provided in paragraph 1.1 (the preservation of the aforementioned deadline is determined by the date of the mail stamp, with the fact that complaints submitted to the Organizer after the date of 01.06.2023 will not be taken into account).
  2. The complaints will be treated within 14 days from the date of their submission to the Organizer and the complaint will be immediately notified of the position of the Organizer regarding the complaint.


  1. The Promotion may not be attended by the Organizator’s employees or members of their close family (maris, primary, primary, relatives, liable to the second degree and persons who remain with them in relation to training).“workers” shall also mean persons performing permanent services under a civil law agreement.
  2. Participation in the Promotion is equivalent to acceptance of this Regulation.
  3. Any disputes arising from the Promotion will be settled by the competent general court.
  4. The Principles of Promotion are specified solely in this Regulation.All promotional and advertising materials are exclusively informative