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Cosmetics – must have!

Completely equipped beauty salon is one of the important factors of success.Thanks to good logistics, processes are carried out smoothly and with good results.Sometimes even a little bit, such as a pipe, an applikator or leather washing plate (and actually their lack) can affect the pace and quality of work at the position in a cosmetic plant.How can we ensure constant access to the necessary items so that the facility can function properly?Check out our offer for the necessary cosmetic accessories.

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Mavi Double-sided slant brush for Henna with a brush

HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA HENNA A professional pipe with high-quality synthetic hair with a very flexible structure. The perfectly profiled wooden brick with ergonomic shape will make the work with the brick efficient and very convenient.The cut hair is a guarantee of accurately...

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Cosmetic appliances and accessories to have on hand

Experts estimate that a full range of cosmetic and cosmetic procedures (as well as podiatric, tattoo, and other procedures) uses more than 50 different tiny gadgets a month. You know that feeling when you reach into a nearby tray of utensils or materials for another cereal, spatula, or film - and find nothing? This shows how much good results and smooth operation depend on these little things! That's why it's a good idea to think about it beforehand and plan your shopping so that you can ensure that your cosmetic change is delivered directly to your office.

Specialist cosmetics - only in the Professional line!

All products in our online store are designed with the work of professionals in mind. This means that we provide you not only with high-quality items, but above all with professional results. Almost all of the products are not available in a regular drugstore or supermarket. You'll find it here a large selection of accessories from leading brands, which market articles labeled Professional. To improve the quality of your services, make sure that only products bearing this mark enter your salon. Our offer also includes assistance in completing a kit suitable for your card.

Manicure and pedicure only with professional equipment

All of them cosmetic articles they're of proven quality, which is why we also recommend them to people who are trying to achieve a captivating effect of make-up and manicure at home. Professional facial cleansing spoons or eye massagers are something that can help you take care of your skin at a higher level. The same is true of a statistical product for nail care and styling. If you've decided to buy bigger and already have a sizeable hybrid manicure kit, be sure to consider supplementing it with other accessories. You can order them as a set or order them separately - our shop has a package of benefits for people who opt for regular deliveries. To receive promotions and newsletters, subscribe and receive regular updates from iLeopard.

What besides varnishes and gels and lamps?

Manufacture from materials of any heading for manicure and make-up is the basis of most cosmetic procedures. Each procedure involves the use of additional protective equipment, small appliances, and equipment to clean the skin or nails. In the case of pedicures, too, several accessories that are known for the quality they present as professional pedicure products are useful. Laxatives or hybrid gels and lamps are the basis, primers and dressings complete the set, but you will also need various details: tools and materials for nail styling. Perfect makeup also requires cleansing and preparation of the skin or other parts of the body, so the cosmetic base needs to be expanded with necessary details. The online shop for professionals recommends, among other things:

  • lozenge spoons for cleaning the face of curls and blackheads,
  • for use in the manufacture of products falling within heading 8521,
  • massagers,
  • for use in the manufacture of products falling within heading 8528 [1],
  • if you are unable to do so, please contact your doctor.

Manufacturer + innovation = recommended accessories

Consider the benefits of purchasing a product from a catalog of a reputable manufacturer. We only recommend professional brands that produce high standards of professional cosmetics and accessories. It is worth shopping in our store because of the manufacturers who guarantee the reliability and quality of their branded appliances, betting on:

  1. ensuring uncompromising quality - the product cannot fail in the beauty shop,
  2. innovation - most often new accessories are created in the workshops of professional brands.

Over the years, we've been painstakingly assessing our offerings. That is why we appreciate good contact and feedback from customers, which allows us to constantly check the proposed product range. Interestingly, the premium product does not have to be more expensive than the average drugstore product - the advantageous price is due in large part to the fact that we source directly from the manufacturers, without intermediaries, margins and commissions. With us, you can get the quality that a professional manufacturer provides, at no extra cost, and even with a free delivery option.

What kind of cosmetics are you ordering for iLeopard?

We're all about customer satisfaction, which is why you'll find articles of apparel and clothing accessories and body care and nail styling that will work in heavy use. Our store offers a product that is not widely available because we serve professionals in the Health & Beauty industry. Prepare yourself for successful purchases that focus on quality, satisfaction, and a good price (which may not be too different from the price list in a regular drugstore).

Good price, fast shipping, free delivery

Our online cosmetics wholesaler offers ongoing cooperation - to simplify delivery and optimize billing. Shopping at our store can be even cheaper if you order regularly or buy more accessories or cosmetics at once. Every product for care, makeup or nail styling is hand-delivered, so you can expect it to reach you in a very short time. Order useful accessories and enjoy professional styling in the comfort of your own home!