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Reliable dust absorber

The best cosmetic stores distinguish the use of professional equipment — this can be, for example, a dust absorber for installation.Integrated with the sheet, the device absorbs 100% of the remains of the sprinkled nails while performing manicure and pedicure.The cloud of dust in the air should not be encouraging views.You can create a pleasant atmosphere in your salon.Discover the unique device that takes care of the climate in the cosmetic salons.

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Vento Pro undercounter nail dust collector for built-in square grille

Dust absorber with carbon filter VENTO PRO. It is an ideal solution to allergens, dust and microorganisms The filter used in our absorber has an innovative filter layer covered by a bio-functional coating that not only stops dust but also stops the development of microorganisms. • High...

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Among many similar devices, this is distinguished by its excellent ergonomics. It's an essential piece of equipment that you need every day. It can prevent a factory worker from absorbing up to 10 pounds [4 kg] of nail debris in a year! A permanently mounted grille on the worktop completely eliminates the dust problem. How does a mechanism hidden in a beauty table change the quality of work? All you have to do is compare the office with the device installed and the location where it's not. In the latter, during intense manicures, you may notice a suspension of fine-grained particles. A distinctive white sediment is deposited on the furniture and floor. Moreover, there are many allergens and microbes in your nails and skin. Once mounted on the shelf of a kind used in motor vehicles increases service comfort and room asepticity.

Building dust collector — your workshop's strong point

After mounting in the tray other, of circular cross-section you'll immediately feel an improvement in the atmosphere at the facility. This is important when it comes to the relaxation and relaxation of the clients, which should be associated with nail decorations. It is equally important to take care of the health and well-being of everyone inside. Choose a model with a carbon filter with bioactive coatings. They not only bind the heavier fingernail fragments left over from grinding. It also thoroughly cleans the air of allergens and germs. A good filter not only attracts but also destroys pathogens. It is also responsible for removing unpleasant odors. If you use a milling machine to do nail styling, selection of absorber hiding in a desk would be the best solution.

A nail dust collector for building step by step

A good-priced building dust collector is almost ready. It also needs to be mounted underneath the surface so that there is only an aesthetic bar on the surface. Installation will be smooth and quick if done by an expert. All you need is someone with skills in carpentry and a good carpenter. The subcutaneous absorption of dust in a beauty parlour is somewhat similar to another device of the same name. In the kitchen, a traditional faucet uses a fan to draw in the floating steam. Subcutaneous use it attracts dust particles that fall down. How does he neutralize them?

Dust has no chance. Solve the problem elegantly and effectively

Experts refer to dust-absorbing devices as subcutaneous, since this version is actually mounted under a desk. The filtered versions operate in bag mode (like a vacuum cleaner) or without bags. If they have turbines installed, they usually put the collected pollutants in a special bag. Most manufacturers supply carbon or HEPA filters. They help to capture even more crust and plaque. In addition, they bind and kill microorganisms, such as fungal spores, that can be found on your fingernails. You can also choose a subcutaneous dust collector without a bag. It usually works by vacuum suction, with the filter acting as the only dust reservoir. Modern building materials are reusable. They should only be cleaned regularly.

What to look for when choosing a building absorber

In our online store, we have a large selection of models. They differ not only in technical parameters. Color and shape are also important. This applies in particular to the cage visible on the countertop. Once assembled, it becomes part of the desk. With the many versions in the catalogue, you can choose the color or material for your countertop or room design. A properly fitted device should maintain a uniform level between the grille and the table. Hiding the mechanism under the desk increases the work area, which clients and manicurists will appreciate. The grinding itself can be done just above the grating, so the pollutants do not have time to form a characteristic cloud in the air.

A building dust collector. How powerful should your device be?

Some people purify the air in the beauty parlour by using conventional fans, air conditioning, or ozone. In addition to these tried and tested methods, it is also advisable to use an efficient surface absorber. For example for use in the manufacture of motor vehicles it's an interesting choice for smaller offices. His strengths include:. The following:

  • a solid metal housing,
  • any colour to choose,
  • an effective power of 25 W,
  • a simple shape,
  • easy to install.

The dust collector for the construction of the Momo S41 white is a frequent choice for our customers. The device works well in places with an average level of styling. If you want to increase your plant's traffic, you have to put in more power. The iLeopard wholesaler recommends for use in the manufacture of motor vehicles Professional J02 white. Inside the enclosure are four 48-watt turbines. The nail treatment above the grille ensures that the dust gets into the innovative bible filter. The device may be provided with a carbon filter with a biocidal coating. This solution will remove allergens and germs, ensuring that the manicure room is always clean and comfortable.

Construction equipment offered by iLeopard

In addition to the Momo S41 fittings in our catalogue, you will find other upholstery solutions for your office. We have equipment for you in bags and models with efficient filters. They vary in power and function, but each will give you an effective air purifier. The installation version of the nail dust collectors is available in many colours. White, black, chrome, and even pink gold will allow you to match your new equipment to your interior design.

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We offer a wide range of specialist cosmetic and podiatric services. That's why we only offer products for professionals. Building dust collectors shall also fulfil this condition. We work with some of the world's leading equipment and cosmetics manufacturers to offer you great prices. We also want good service. So you can be sure that your order will be shipped within 24 hours. You can pick them up any way you like. There are courier services, InPost ATMs and points at Frog's stores. If you shop for mines. for $250, you can count on free transportation. Make sure that your order meets the conditions for free delivery. Why don't you talk to me about continuing to cooperate and the option of a regular supply? Our regular customers can count on additional bonuses and regular updates on industry news.